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30 Best Places to Watch Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles and Cincinnati

Whether you're a fan of the Bengals or the Rams, these are the best places in each team's city to watch Super Bowl LVI!


    The clock on the scoreboard is ticking down until kick-off for Super Bowl LVI! The Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals are this year’s match-up, and each city cannot wait to show their team spirit with exciting events happening in each one. From star-studded Super Bowl Watch Parties in Los Angeles to waterfront extravaganzas in Cincinnati filled with bar-hopping fanfare, these are the best places in each team’s city to watch the Super Bowl.

    Los Angeles

    Football fans in Los Angeles are sure to have an awesome weekend. The entire city is abuzz with Super Bowl events, parties, appearances, and more to keep you excited until kick-off. Whether you’re lucky enough to score coveted Super Bowl tickets to SoFi Stadium or looking for a low-key spot to enjoy with faithful fans, these are some spots to check out in LA to watch the Super Bowl.

    1. SoFi Stadium

    Los Angeles sports fans get the ultimate Super Bowl experience this year! What can be better than watching the home team play in their home stadium? This Sunday, SoFi Stadium is the number one place to see the live-action of the Super Bowl and relish in the game-day excitement.

    Join crowds of more than 70,000 fans–dressed in their favorite LA Rams gear and a handful of brave Cincinnati fans brave enough to tough it out inside the stadium during the game. You’ll want to be in attendance live for it all, from the pre-game action to the highly anticipated West-coast style halftime show.

    2. Tom’s Watch Bar

    It’s all about sports in Tom’s Watch Bar, and this Sunday, the Super Bowl will be the only thing playing across the more than 150 TV screens inside the venue. Massive TVs decorate the wall from corner to corner, providing a panoramic viewing experience where you won’t miss a thing no matter where you’re seated.

    Pull up a chair at the chest-high tables and get ready to cheer on the home team. This popular sports bar will be packed with sports fanatics in Ram’s fan gear, riding all the emotions that come with watching their home team in the biggest game of the year!

    3. The Boiler Room LA

    Some of the biggest nightlife parties in LA are held at the Boiler Room. But while Snoop Dogg, a past party host at the venue, will be busy playing the halftime show in SoFi Stadium, there will be a bunch of other surprise celebrity guests in the building that makes this one of Los Angeles’ go-to places to celebrate the Super Bowl.

    You’ll almost feel like you’re part of the action with SoFi Stadium just five minutes away from The Boiler Room. Cheers from the stadium can nearly be heard after every play while you enjoy the unique viewing experience on five projection screens throughout the venue.

    4. Lucky Strike LA Live!

    LA Live! plays host to one of the biggest Super Bowl Viewing Parties in LA at Lucky Strike. Head downtown in LA to where this entertainment complex will be buzzing with excited fans checking out the bars and restaurants. But instead of just sitting down with a drink in hand, nail-biting each play, Lucky Strike has plenty of things to do to calm your nerves.

    Get ready to be active because Lucky Strike wants you to enjoy a few rounds of bowling, pool, and an overall entertaining atmosphere. The event will feature special celebrity appearances and NFL Legends stopping by during the game.

    5. Carnival Cruise Lines

    It feels like we’ve waited forever for cruising to start back up. But while a long-haul cruise to your favorite exotic destinations might still be pending on your bucket list, companies like Carnival Cruise Lines have found a way to get travelers reacclimated with the water.

    Join Carnival Cruise Lines on a special three-day Super Bowl Cruise 2022, taking former land-dwellers on an excursion along the coastline of the California Baja Peninsula. Be sure to have your favorite team’s jersey for the Saturday rally at sea before suiting up in your fan gear for the big game on Sunday, viewed from the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

    6. TradeMark Brewing

    The beautiful California weather is sure to welcome plenty of cookouts around LA. But you don’t have to break your diet to join in the festivities because TradeMark Brewing is catering this year’s party to vegan football fans.

    There is no need to feel left out from all the delicious food since everything on the menu is an option for the night. From smoked wings, vegan pork, mac & cheese, and collard greens, even your non-vegan friends will want to see what the hype is about.

    TradeMark Brewing has more than 20 beers on tap, so order a round of a new flavor with each score from the home team!

    7. Sneakertopia LA

    Sneaker and sports culture have been intertwined forever it seems, and this year, Sneakertopia is bringing fans together under one roof for one of the largest watch parties in Los Angeles.

    Sneakertopia is a contemporary sneaker museum with exclusive shoes exhibited like valuable works of art as fans navigate between the seven viewing rooms. You never know who you might see in the NFL players’ lounge! Get there early for the free food and drinks, but these aren’t the only things you could get your hands on during the event. There will also be sneaker auctions and an exclusive sneaker drop.


    8. The Hollywood Roosevelt

    Make a splash at this year’s Super Bowl viewing party hosted at the legendary Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Experience the Hollywood glitz and glamor at this pool party just steps away from the Walk of Fame.

    Grab VIP tickets for special seating around the pool or join the general admission crowd poolside or in the water. A 16 foot tall LED screen towers over the pool providing a stellar view of the game.

    Poolside bartenders mix up delicious specialty cocktails or take advantage of the beer specials. Waiters circle the pool serving plates from the specially curated poolside menu, but don’t forget to wait until the next quarter before getting back in the water.

    9. Dragonfly Hollywood

    You’ve likely been to the Dragonfly Hollywood nightclub before, famous for hosting exciting parties. But everyone will feel like a VIP this year as it transforms into a spectacular Super Bowl viewing experience.

    The dance floor, usually packed with party-goers, will now be occupied by die-hard sports fans with their eyes glued to the massive drop-down 120” TV screens. And if you’re still struggling to get a good view, there are six other TVs set up throughout the building that will all be streaming the big game.

    Grab a plate of Hibachi food and order bottle service for the table because you won’t want to miss a single second of the game!

    10. Cándela La Brea

    Stepping inside Cándela La Brea feels like entertaining a new universe. First, it successfully created a unique viewing experience for a previous event, and now, it’s taking it to the next level for this year’s Super Bowl game.

    Cándela La Brea wants to fully immerse you in the live game action with a 3D projection screen inside the venue. There’s plenty of VIP and bar seating while your attention stays affixed to the screens creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere inside the venue.

    11. Champ City Bar & Lounge

    Not every car packing the streets of Inglewood is trying to get into SoFi Stadium. Some of these cars instead have their GPS’s set to Champ City Bar & Lounge—a place where you can always count on there to be a crowd of sports fans watching the game.

    Champ City Bar is nearby SoFi Stadium. But while the tailgaters clear out to head to the game, you’ll be left with one of the best LA watch parties. Multiple screens hover above the bar and back wall playing the game. Listen out for your number because you might be the winner of one of the raffle giveaways.

    12. Sol of LA Café

    Bring your appetite to Sol of LA Café because Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect day for it to host its 1st Annual Wing Ding. Even the kids are invited to join in on this all-you-can extravaganza.

    The crowd-roaring energy of the Super Bowl is the perfect soundtrack to chowing down a plate of delicious wings. Order a round of the Crenshaw Wings, or go with the Detox sauce to add a bit of local flavor to the evening. While you finish your plate and look up to catch the latest play, you’re likely to have another batch steaming right in front of you by the time the Rams get their next down.

    13. View Music Bar

    Ticket prices to the game at SoFi Stadium are astronomical. For a fraction of the cost, you can enjoy a VIP watch party experience at the View Music Bar. This modern nightclub venue gets a game-day makeover by setting up an 18” LED TV as the centerpiece, accompanied by eight other screens throughout the venue—even on the outdoor patio!

    With a cheering crowd, high-definition viewing, and your favorite spirits in hand, it’s as close to the in-person experience that you can get.


    14. I|O Rooftop Hollywood

    During those moments in the game where you have to look away because you can’t bear to watch, views overlooking all of Hollywood will catch your gaze. I|O Rooftop Hollywood is one of the top-rated rooftop bars in Los Angeles and will be hosting an exciting viewing party.

    Head to the top floor of the Godfrey Hotel, where a humongous 70-ft projection screen welcomes you as soon as the elevator doors open. You’ll feel like you’re on the sidelines with Sean McVay, except you’ll be sipping a strong cocktail and snacking on delicious sushi.

    15. 33 Taps Silver Lake

    Arrive at 33 Taps Silver Lake early because this popular LA sports bar is sure to reach capacity on game day. The banner outside instructing to “eat, drink, sports” is the perfect motto for what newcomers are sure to expect at the neighborhood staple.

    Large flat-screen TVs circle the room providing views at any angle. Watch Matthew Stafford tossing a touchdown play while beckoning to the bartender that you need another celebratory round, or watch West Coast music brought to life during the halftime show while searching your plate for the cheesiest nacho.


    It’s been more than three decades since the Cincinnati Bengals played in the Super Bowl. So, this year, the Who-Dey nation is roaring into action with Super Bowl watch parties and events happening on game day. While there won’t be a watch party at the Paul Brown Stadium, these locations are excellent alternatives where you’ll join other fans clad in orange and black.

    16. Fountain Square

    Events are happening all week long in Fountain Square for the entire family. But on Sunday, the heart of the city will show its true pulse by hosting one of Cincinnati’s biggest watch parties.

    Toss on your puffiest Bengals jacket and wrap around your Who-Dey nation scarves because the excitement will keep you plenty warm during this outdoor viewing experience. Stand shoulder to shoulder with the entire city as you crowd in the plaza to watch the giant screen. The live music performances will rival the actual halftime show, and head over to the Container Bar for refreshments.

    17. Big Ash Brewing

    If you’ve been looking for an excuse to spend an entire day at a brewery, Super Bowl LVI is a perfect time. Big Ash Brewing invites the community out to enjoy world-class beer to accompany the world’s biggest sporting event.

    Everyone will have the best seat in the house as the Jumbo-Tron provides the ultimate viewing experience. Pour up rounds of signature craft Big Ask Brewing beer and snack on delicious slices of pizza throughout the entire game. There are food and drink specials to always keep your glasses full!

    Ideally, the Bengals will be up at halftime because Big Ash is ready to celebrate with a complimentary champagne toast!

    18. Rebel Mettle Brewery

    The industrial atmosphere inside Rebel Mettle Brewery matches the grit that your Cincinnati Bengals have endured to reach the Super Bowl. And now, you can help cheer them on at the brewery’s watch party.

    Rebel Mettle Brewery is no rookie to hosting watch parties for the Bengals. But with the Bengals reaching the big game, the brewery has also elevated its game by revealing new 4K TVs throughout the ground-floor seating area and a large wall projector upstairs. Cans of Mettle Mayhem IPL or Stubentiger Session Lager start piling up at the tables at 1 PM, so get there early to join in the festivities.

    19. The Banks

    Watching the Super Bowl against the waterfront views of the Ohio River in the shadows of Paul Brown Stadium is something you can only experience at The Banks. A sea of orange and black will fill this entertainment district as fans enjoy the tailgate atmosphere. Hop between Moerlein Lager House and Fishbowl at The Banks in search of who has the best energy to join the crowds. The Banks is a “Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area,” so you can enjoy drinks publicly in the entire space.

    20. Bridgeview Box Park

    The Cincinnati skyline stands boldly in the backdrop of the Super Bowl watch party at Bridgeview Box Park. Newport on the Levee is hosting a triple-screening inside BOXPARK Shoreditch, BOXPARK Wembley, and BOXPARK Croydon, so you’re sure to find your pack in any location.

    You’ll barely see the grassy turf floor of Bridgeview Box Park because it will be packed with Bengals fans. To add to the atmosphere, the park will accompany the game with DJ’s spinning music, reliving your college tailgating days with beer pong, and cheerleaders hyping up the attendees.

    21. Rosie’s Cocktails & Pies

    From the brightly colored pop art design to the delicious food, there are many reasons to go to Rosie’s Cocktails & Pies. But the Super Bowl this year is one more reason to visit this hotspot in the city: it will host a watch party with plenty to eat.

    There is no need to pre-game for this party because Rosie’s provides everyone with an all-you-can-eat and drink experience. Pick the international dishes with everything from Rosie’s Mozzarella Balls, Rosie’s Wings, La Cantina Taco Pack, or other specials on the limited-time Super Bowl menu.

    22. Top of the Market

    Bengals fans who want to enjoy the Super Bowl excitement but maintain social distance should consider alternatives to being in one of the main city hubs for Super Bowl Parties. Luckily, a short drive away in Dayton is the ‘Who Dey-ton’ Watch Party!

    Register fast because the elegant Top of the Market venue limits its capacity to 200 attendees. However, the large space has plenty of room to enjoy an indoor tailgate experience. Watch the game or use it as background noise while tossing bags back and forth in a competitive game of corn hole.

    23. Blind Pig

    You know it’s a party every time Blind Pig rolls up the garage and bridges the gap between its indoor and outdoor patio space. The cool February air will feel refreshing as the energy in the venue keeps the temperatures and spirits high!

    Blind Pig opens early at 11 AM for the tailgate crowd, with many people sticking around for the main event. You’ll be on the edge of your seat at the bar while peering up at the screen in anticipation of kick-off while enjoying the fan comradery inside this iconic Prohibition-themed bar.

    24. Hoppin’ Vines

    Long community-style tables and an open floor plan inside Hoppin’ Vines will turn everybody attending the watch party into best friends by the end of the game. Wipe away your beer-foam mustache after sipping the unique flavors of craft beer. Stock the table with wings, pizza, and other traditional tailgating favorites.

    Cheers will ring throughout the venue after every play shown across more than 20 TV screens.

    25. Wiedemann’s Fine Beer

    You’ve likely already heard the buzz about the Super Bowl events happening at Wiedemann’s Fine Beer all week. These events are building the buzz for the brewery’s main event: Sunday Super Bowl Bengals Bash! As part of its Orange & Black Super Brew, it will be a game-day celebration you don’t want to miss.

    Plop down and order rounds of signature flavors like Royal Amber or Pale Ale inside the taproom, which opens at 4 PM. There will be specials on all your favorites, so it’s the perfect time to indulge. Of course, an ideal night will be your favorite team winning and you winning the drawing for some new Wiedie Swag.

    26. Braxton Brewing Co

    The illuminated sign instructing you to “lift one to life” greets you as you step inside the Braxton Brewing Co. Whether it’s your first time seeing the Bengals in the Super Bowl or a long-time fan happy to relive the moment, this taproom welcomes everyone to celebrate the Bengals.

    Braxton Brewing Co makes such to keep its patrons’ mugs filled with tasty craft beer thanks to specials lasting all night. You might need some extra plates for the table to hold all the bones from the $1 Pendalo wings.

    27. Holy Grail Tavern & Grille

    The usual Cincinnati Reds crowds that fill up the Holy Grail Tavern & Grille dining room will be replaced with thunderous Bengals fans cheering after every catch by Ja’Marr Chase.

    See why the Holy Grail Tavern & Grille earns its title as ‘the home for sports in Cincinnati’ as it presents the play-by-play action on more than 30 screens. Stuff yourself with a juicy burger and a glass of Blue Moon. Strangers become friends as you toast with the table next to you and the friendly guy at the bar buys a round for everyone in a Joe Burrow jersey.

    28. Knockback Nats

    Game days in Cincinnati are always fun at Knockback Nats, so the biggest game day of them all is sure to bring out a crowd. Just steps away from the Contemporary Arts Center is this popular “dive bar” themed sports bar with vintage neon beer signs and old sports memorabilia decorating its walls.

    Wings always make the perfect complement to a Super Bowl game-watching experience, and Knockback Nats gives options like smoked wings, hot wings, and other flavors. In case you’ve already seen your favorite commercials online before the game, you can always play around on the shuffleboard to pass the time until the end of a Bengal’s timeout.

    29. Willie’s Sports Café

    Willie’s Sports Café has been a Cincinnati sports bar favorite since 1995, but it has still yet to experience a Bengals Super Bowl—until now! Cheer on the hometown at this hometown favorite to experience the watch party at ‘Cincinnati’s Original Sports Café.’

    Sit down at the square-seated bar where the TV’s overhead feels like you’re inside a stadium jumbotron, or pick a booth with a table big enough to order everything you’re craving on the Super Bowl menu specials.

    30. MVP Sports Bar & Grille

    The dim lights inside the MVP Sports Bar & Grille set everyone’s attention to TVs lining the walls front of the restaurant to the back. It’s a place for true sports fans to get together and enjoy a big game. Fans who have stuck with the Bengals through the’ 16-’20 drought and are now able to reign in the glory of potentially winning their first Super Bowl trophy.

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