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Moving From California To Georgia: Benefits, Cost & More

If you’re thinking of moving from California to Georgia, you’re not alone. Over 15,000 residents moved along this route over the last year. Georgia is a fantastic place to relocate to, with many advantages. Still, there are pros and cons to consider. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide comparing the states so you can decide if this move is right for you:

    Best Movers from California to Georgia

    Moving across the country is a major task. But it doesn’t have to be stressful. Working with an experienced and reputable team can make the process simple. Here are some of the best companies who can help you move between these two states:

    Best Full-Service Mover

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    Provider Superlative Service Model Average Cost Our Rating
    International Van Lines
    Best Full-Service Mover Full-Service Carrier, Broker $2,400 – $5,400 ★★★★☆ 4.8/5
    Allied Van Lines
    Best for Extended Storage Full-Service Carrier, Broker $4,400 – $7,400 ★★★★☆ 4.6/5
    North American Van Lines
    Best Customer Service Full-Service Carrier, Broker $4,400 – $7,400 ★★★★☆ 4.6/5
    American Van Lines
    Best Moving Add-Ons Full-Service Carrier $4,200 – $7,200 ★★★★☆ 4.5/5
    Safeway Moving Systems
    Best for Military Moves Full-Service Broker $2,700 – $5,700 ★★★★☆ 4.5/5
    Most Affordable Moving Container Service $2,100 – $3,100 ★★★★☆ 4.5/5

    * Average moving cost is based on a 2,000 mile two-bedroom move. Cost can vary significantly based on move weight and distance. Be sure to request a free quote to get an accurate estimate for your move.

    Should You Move from California to Georgia?

    Georgia presents a relatively more relaxed pace of living than does California. An extremely low unemployment rate and a lower cost of living can help to ease your financial burden. Along with that, The Peach State is far more spread out outside of its urban areas. You’ll be able to enjoy more open space here. To help you decide if moving to Georgia is right for you, here’s a breakdown of the housing costs between these states, the cost of living, employment opportunities, culture, and more:

    Housing Costs

    Whether you’re buying or renting, housing is far cheaper in Georgia than in California.

    California Georgia CA to GA
    Avg. Home Cost (source) $683,996 $245,778 -$438,218 (-64%)
    Avg. Rent (source) $2,542 $1,360 -$1,182 (-46.5%)
    Utilities (source) $401 $401 $0


    • Home Cost. California home prices sit at 139% above the national average, with median costs at $638,000. Housing in Georgia costs nearly 20% less than the national average. Median home value across the state is $245,000, which is nearly 64% less than in California. As is the case with any state, you’ll pay more to live in more populated areas.
    • Rent. You don’t have to purchase a home to save on housing costs. Renters can also enjoy significant savings in Georgia, with monthly rent nearly 46% less than in California.
    • Utilities. Monthly utility bills are virtually identical between the two states, so you won’t realize any savings here. Still, with rent and home prices significantly less, living in the Peach State can be a major benefit for your wallet.

    Cost of Living

    The overall cost of living is far lower in Georgia. Living in California costs 50% more than national averages, while Georgia costs nearly 7% less than the average. Here’s a quick breakdown of common amenities:

    Expense CA to GA
    Groceries -15.7%
    Restaurants -10.3%
    Transportation -11.4%
    Childcare -2.9%
    Entertainment -22.8%
    Clothes -5.9%
    Average Savings -11.5%


    • Food. Eating out and going to the grocery store are much more affordable in Georgia than California. You can treat yourself to a nice meal without having to feel guilty. A gallon of milk costs $3.74 in CA but only $2.97 in GA. Bread is $3.30 in CA vs $2.45 in GA. These are just a few examples of savings you can enjoy for daily necessities.
    • Entertainment. Entertainment and sports outings are 22% less expensive in Georgia. For example, a gym membership is $47/mo in CA but only $34 in GA. Ordering a beer at a bar is $1.80 cheaper in GA. A movie ticket is $1.00 cheaper on average as well.
    • Taxes. Both Georgia and California have a graduated tax rate. Anyone making over $10k per year in Georgia will owe 5.75% in state taxes. If you’re making under $69,784 in California, you can actually enjoy a lower tax rate of 4%—but those making over this will pay a rate ranging from 6-13.3%. At just 4%, sales taxes in Georgia are much lower than California’s 7.25%.

    Weather & Climate

    California has varied climate zones, from desert to alpine. Average temperatures across the state are comparable to Georgia’s, however. July highs approach 90 degrees, while January lows are in the mid-to-high 30s.

    California Georgia CA to GA
    Average Temp July 87.1 89.03 1.93
    Average Temp Jan 53.5 53.87 0.37
    Average Sunny Days 69% 61% -7%
    Average Daily Rainfall (in) 1.69 3.4 1.71


    • Summer Humidity. Extreme summer temperatures are a fact of life in each state but are accompanied by far more humidity during July and August in Georgia. This can make summers more unbearable in the Peach State.
    • Comfort Index. In the summer, Georgia has a comfort index of 5.6 compared to California’s 8.7. Hot humid summers can make GA less comfortable. Both states have comparably mild winters, with a comfort index of 7.2 in GA and 7.5 in CA.

    Job Opportunities

    Numerous job opportunities in the state’s main industries – mining, agriculture, tourism, and energy – are open to job seekers, with far more available in the cities.

    • Unemployment Rates. Georgia’s unemployment rate is currently at 4%, which is far lower than California’s 6.9%.
    • Job Growth. Overall job growth for the last year in Georgia was 2.6%, and all projections point to this trend continuing.
    • Average Salaries. Georgia has one of the lowest average salaries in the nation, at $55,075. This is 11.6% less than California’s $62,356. Of course, the savings realized in home costs and general cost of living more than make up for this difference.

    Things to Do

    Both California and Georgia offer plenty of activities for tourists and residents. California’s outdoor recreation opportunities include everything from 800 miles of coastline to inland ski mountains. Georgia, for its part, offers access to 63 state parks along with plenty of hiking, fishing, hunting, and more. The state’s capital, Atlanta, offers many tourist and cultural attractions. The Atlanta Zoo, Georgia Aquarium, and Atlanta Botanical Garden are just a few of its leading destinations.

    Lifestyle & Culture

    Georgia has always had a sharp urban/rural political and cultural divide, which has deepened in recent election cycles. This could influence where you choose to live. That said, this southern state has a deserved reputation for high quality of life. It has been one of the most moved-to states in recent years, with many attractions drawing people in. Whether you’re after a faster-paced, more cosmopolitan lifestyle in the city or would prefer more charming, quiet surroundings, Georgia has something for you.

    How Much Does It Cost to Move from California to Georgia?

    Your long-distance moving cost will be largely dictated by move distance and shipment weight. Below, we’ve listed average moving costs for 2,500-mile relocations. This is roughly the driving distance between Sacramento, CA, and Atlanta, GA.

    Average Moving Costs

    The price points we’ve outlined here are simply averages. To get a more accurate estimate for your move from California to Georgia, you should get free quotes from as many different providers as possible:

    Provider 2 BR Cost 4 BR Cost Get A Quote
    Full-Service Move International Van Lines $2,400 – $5,400 $6,200 – $9,200 Free Quote
    Allied Van Lines $4,400 – $7,400 $10,900 – $13,900 Free Quote
    Safeway Moving Systems $2,700 – $5,700 $7,800 – $10,800 Free Quote
    Moving Container U-Pack $2,100 – $3,100 $4,100 – $5,100 Free Quote
    PODS $2,200 – $3,200 $4,200 – $5,200 Free Quote
    Truck Rental National Average $2,000 – $2,700 $2,300 – $3,000 Free Quote


    Cost Factors

    There are several factors that can affect your move cost:

    • Move Distance & Shipment Weight: These are the main factors that determine long-distance moving costs. “Line-haul charges” comprise these two factors. Most long-distance movers will have standardized procedures surrounding truck weigh-ins.
    • Season: Moving season peaks during the warmer summer months. From May through September, movers are in much higher demand. If you try to book a move during this time, you could be faced with a higher rate than you would be normally.
    • Advance Booking: It serves to plan ahead. If you book a move with short-notice, there could be fees associated with last-minute scheduling.
    • Service Requirements: Add-on services such storage, car transport, piano moving and more can substantially inflate your move cost. As such, they should be discussed with your moving company representatives during estimates.

    Best Places to Live in Georgia

    If you’re still looking for a place to live in Georgia, then we highly recommend considering the following cities. Each of these communities is highly sought after and offers some of the best aspects of Georgia living:

    Johns Creek, GA

    This suburb of 82,000 is located 30 miles from Atlanta and is one of the most sought-after locations in the state. With six golf courses, an annual International Festival, and metropolitan Atlanta’s only professional symphony orchestra, there is something for everyone here. Excellent schools here contribute to the high median home values, which currently sit at $333,000.

    Find the Best Johns Creek, GA Movers

    Alpharetta, GA

    Alpharetta is another one of Atlanta’s in-demand suburbs. Multiple bus routes into the city mean that residents can choose between a convenient commute or employment at one of the many corporations headquartered here. Alpharetta also boasts top schools, with a very low crime rate, making it a great place to raise a family.

    Find the Best Alpharetta, GA Movers

    Decatur, GA

    This slightly further-removed Atlanta suburb is home to roughly 25,000 and is consistently ranked among Georgia’s top places to live. Public school spending here is among the highest in the state, which translates to excellent care and instruction for students. Unlike many similarly upscale suburbs, Decatur has relatively low rental prices. This allows those on a tighter budget to readily afford living here.

    Find the Best Decatur, GA Movers

    Athens, GA

    Athens is dominated by its universities, particularly the University of Georgia. The college town atmosphere ensures that you’ll always have an abundance of restaurants and nightlife to choose from. Purchasing or renting a home here is highly affordable for most, as are other amenities in the area.

    Find the Best Athens, GA Movers

    Kennesaw, GA

    This Cobb County town bridges the gap between a college town and a quiet suburb. The presence of Kennesaw State University, as well as the cheap housing prices, make it desirable for a number of demographics. The historic downtown and main street add to the town’s quaint appeal.

    Find the Best Kennesaw, GA Movers

    How to Choose a Moving Company

    When looking for a great company to help you move to Georgia from California, consider the following factors:

    • Service Profile: Each mover you’ll encounter will offer a slightly different range of services at different price points. At the beginning of your moving process, you should take a full inventory of your home. Write out a list of services you may need, and present them during any moving quotes you receive. Doing so will help you to evaluate a mover’s service profile.
    • Agreeable Pricing: Getting multiple quotes from different providers is the best way to ensure that you book a move at the best possible price.
    • Well-Reviewed: All moving companies heavily depend on customer reviews to land repeat business. You should evaluate such feedback from every mover you consider. Social media, Google, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau are solid platforms to consult for this.
    • FMCSA Registration: Since your California to Georgia move will take you across state lines, your mover will have to be federally licensed. The FMCSA also requires movers to carry active USDOT and MC numbers. These may be used to research a given mover’s registration status and complaint history through the FMCSA database.
    • Workers’ Compensation: All movers must carry this form of coverage, which protects you in the event of a work-related injury during your move. Without such coverage, you could be held liable for damages.
    • Released Liability Coverage: This insurance provides for a baseline level of coverage in case of loss or damage to your goods during a move. At $0.60 per pound, per item, this reimbursement is covered in your base price. You can elect to purchase additional coverage from your mover if needed.

    Start Planning Your Move Today

    You should begin planning your move around eight weeks in advance. Start by taking a full inventory of your home and researching the best movers near you. Schedule visual estimates with all movers you consider. After fully evaluating your options, you should try to have your mover selected and your move booked a month ahead of the big day. Start by getting free quotes from the best cross-country moving companies below:

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    Moving from California to Georgia FAQs

    Can I get a discount on my cross-country move?

    You’re far more likely to get a discounted rate if you book with a larger cross-country or long-distance mover. Moving companies that package multiple homes onto the same truck commonly offer discounted rates.

    Is my move price guaranteed?

    For a totally guaranteed price, you should go with a mover who explicitly advertises flat-rate pricing with binding quotes. This isn’t the norm in the industry but is more likely to be available for long-distance and interstate moves.

    Can I get a guaranteed delivery date for my cross-country move?

    The longer the move, the wider your delivery range is going to be. If your mover has packaged your belongings on a truck with other homes, then your proposed delivery date is subject to change as well. Moves of this length that have their own dedicated truck will typically come with a delivery range of no more than a couple of days.