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30+ US Cities That Will Pay You to Move There

Have you noticed many Americans are relocating from major cities to more suburban and even rural areas recently? Check out our list of 30+ cities that will pay you to move there!


    Have you noticed many Americans are relocating from major cities to more suburban and even rural areas recently? To attract new residents, several cities have started programs that will actually pay you to live there! As a result, individuals who are remote workers, new homebuyers, recent grads, and more now have even more incentive to consider the upcoming cities in the country to establish their roots.

    Take advantage of one of these programs, and you could soon be receiving a check and other perks when you relocate to these cities that pay you to do so.


    1. The Shoals

    The Shoals welcomes remote workers in true southern hospitality fashion by providing incentives to relocate with the Remote Shoals program. Full-time remote workers or self-employed contractors can set up a new base for their work-from-home business in The Shoals and get up to $10,000.

    Applicants to the program must prove they make more than $52,000 per year and have your company (or contracts) outside the county.

    Why should I move there?

    The Shoals is rich with musical heritage and has several landmarks worth exploring to immerse yourself in its legacy. Visit the FAME Recording Studio to see where Aretha Franklin laid down chart-topping hits or check out live music performances at venues catering to the thriving local creative scene.


    2. Any Alaskan city

    Thanks to the Permanent Fund Dividend, you have your pick of what city to move to, and you can get paid to live there. The fund lets Alaskans benefit from their land’s oil natural resource by paying a dividend to all residents.

    While the fund fluctuates based on profits for the year, residents can expect to earn upwards of $1,600 every year. Although you have lived in Alaska for an entire year before you begin to receive the dividend check, the good news is that it comes in perpetuity every year that you stay.

    Why should I move there?

    If you can bear a bit of cold, Alaska can be one of the most exciting states to live in! It’s a haven for outdoor lovers with Denali National Park and views of the colorful Northern Lights. As a bonus, there is no state, sales, or income tax, so you can keep more of your dividend check to splurge on yourself.


    3. Tucson

    The weather is always great in Tucson, but there’s another reason why it’s been a trendy destination for remote workers to relocate. Their recently launched program, Remote Tucson, coerces remote workers with an incentive package valued at up to $7,500.

    Only apply for the remote workers program if you’re ready to move because you’ll need to establish your new residence within six months after being accepted. The package includes cash, assistance with moving, and other benefits.

    Why should I move there?

    Tucson is a popular city in the area for young professionals looking to establish their home roots. It’s an excellent alternative to living in cities like Phoenix, which has a much higher cost of living.


    4. Northwest Arkansas Region

    The Northwest Arkansas Council believes in the region’s growth potential so much that it’s putting its money where its mouth is. Its $1 million investment will go a long way in bringing new talent in the tech and entrepreneurial fields to Northwest Arkansas.

    Line your pockets with $10,000 in cash or request it in cryptocurrency, something tech professionals and entrepreneurs can certainly get excited about. All it takes is setting up your home base in the Northwest Arkansas region.

    Why should I move there?

    Northwest Arkansas is an upcoming region, not only in the state but in the US. The relocation program helps get you acclimated to the local life with a bicycle gift useful to explore the Razorback Regional Greenway or annual membership to local museums and cultural venues.


    5. New Haven

    Consider expanding your home search to include neighborhoods in New Haven because you could be in for a deal you can’t refuse. The home buying process can be challenging if it’s your first time, but New Haven eases the stress with an incentive program for those moving there.

    New Haven will assist qualifying first-time homebuyers with a $10,000 interest-free loan. This money can help cover your down payment or closing costs. After you’re all settled in your new home, consider a few energy-saving upgrades and receive additional incentives from the city. Those looking to live long-term in New Haven can also become eligible for $40,000 of in-state college tuition for their children.

    Why should I move there?

    There’s more benefits of living in New Haven than just the fact that it’s a city that will pay you to move there. You’re likely to experience a boost in the quality of your lifestyle when living in New Haven. It’s home to Yale University and also one of the most walkable cities. You’ll have quick access to major cities like New York City and Boston.


    6. Savannah

    Moving can be a hassle, especially with unexpected fees. But what if someone graciously took care of these fees for you? Regardless of whether your employer covers relocation fees, you can now take advantage of local opportunities thanks to the Savannah Economic Development Authority.

    Savannah is a growing tech scene, and it’s attracting new talent to the city with the Savannah Technology Workforce Incentive to individuals with at least three years of experience in the industry. The Savannah Economic Development Authority will reimburse you with up to $2,000 in moving expenses after settling in your new place for at least one month.

    Why should I move there?

    Tech workers can take advantage of the new companies emerging and establishing their headquarters in Savannah. Along with the prospect of continuing to build a successful career in tech, you’ll have plenty of recreation with pedestrian-friendly areas and the nearby beach.


    7. Grafton

    If you didn’t know, there’s plenty of land available in Grafton, IL, and the city will pay you to develop it. If getting paid to build your dream house sounds too good to be true, Grafton will soon turn you into a believer.

    Grafton has several city-owned lots for sale with a price tag of $5,000. And while this sounds like a good deal for owning land in the city, you’ll actually get all of the money reimbursed if you begin building your dream home on the site within three years of buying it.

    Why should I move there?

    Grafton knows how to attract people to its city limits, which explains its high homeownership rate. You’ll also be a less than an hour drive to St. Louis to see the famous Gateway Arch or Six Flags Amusement Park.


    8. Bloomington

    A new workforce has emerged in the United States, and Bloomington wants them to choose Indiana as the place to build their careers. With an already thriving tech scene and many infrastructures supporting remote workers, it’s a great place to consider for your next home.

    Bloomington Remote is a specialized program giving remote workers and tech professionals access to many necessary resources for success in their respective fields. It created an incentive package valued at $2,200 every year, where you’ll gain access to co-working space in The Mill and other perks.

    Why should I move there?

    Aside from plunging you into a vibrant tech and entrepreneur scene, Bloomington offers plenty of things to give your eyes a break from the computer as well. It’s nearby landmarks like Hoosier National Forest, Lake Monroe, and ten parks.

    9. Grant County

    Grant County in Indiana is looking a lot more attractive as a place to live, especially if you’re considering settling down after college. So, it set up a program called the Grant for Grands, which pays new residents up to $5,000.

    To qualify for the Grant for Grads program, you have to relocate to Grant County and use the funds towards your house down payment and closing costs. The grant also invites renters interested in relocating by giving a 20% reduction on rent when you sign a 12-month lease.

    Why should I move there?

    Newcomers to Grant County can look forward to long-term benefits while living there. It has a stable housing market, increasing yearly, so your new house is a wise investment. It also has a lower-than-average unemployment market, so it’s a place full of new opportunities.

    10. West Lafayette

    Discovery Park District is one of the latest community developments by Purdue University in West Lafayette. It plans to ramp up the population and experimental collaboration community by offering up to $5,000 and a perks package.

    There is an application process that requires you to relocate to West Lafayette and live in the Discovery Park District once approved. Applicants have to be working remotely full time but will gain access to valuable perks like community events, co-working space discounts, and more.

    Why should I move there?

    Home to Purdue University, West Lafayette is one of the top-rated college towns. It’s a place buzzing with an entrepreneurial spirit and is a wonderful community to be a part of when seeking to collaborate and build your great ideas.


    11. Newton

    There’s nothing like receiving a hefty check—and it will be very timely after making a home purchase in Newton, IA. With a $10,000 cash incentive and a Get to Know Newton Welcome Package, it’s an excellent way to join the local community.

    Newton wants to attract people to move into the numerous single-family homes constructed across the city through 2023. If you’re lucky enough to get a deal on a house valued at $190,000 or more, Newton will pay you $10,000 in cash through its housing initiative.

    Why should I move there?

    Newton is a family-friendly suburb that is excellent for raising kids when you’re tired of the big city life. In addition to a welcoming community, there are plenty of things to keep your family entertained on the weekends, including race events at the Iowa Speedway and afternoon strolls in the Newton Arboretum and Botanical Garden.


    12. Topeka

    It’s not often you find incentives to move to a major city, but Choose Topeka wants to change the narrative. The capital of Kansas is making its city limits the perfect place to relocate, regardless of whether you’re a traditional employee or a remote worker.

    Choose Topeka targets both kinds of employees with tailored incentives to make it an attractive place for relocation. Traditional employees newly hired to onsite positions in the city or remote workers with their employer outside of Shawnee County can receive up to $15,000 in incentives after purchasing or renting a house.

    Why should I move there?

    Topeka is one of the largest cities in Kansas but has a surprisingly low cost of living compared to the rest of the US. It’s a place full of job opportunities and an excellent place to raise a family.


    13. Paducah

    Paducah is one of Kentucky’s hidden gems, positioning itself as the newest southern hotspot for remote workers. The Paducah Remote Workers Incentive Program has begun attracting these new-age workers and sweetening the deal with perks around town.

    Qualified remote workers who established a permanent local residence can expect to receive a package valued at approximately $6,500. The package includes various features, such as a portion designated for relocation and certain tax waivers for 12 months.

    Why should I move there?

    Paducah invites you to be active in the community with special cultural and education amenities included in its relocation package. These amenities give access to cultural venues like the Carson Center for the Performing Arts, Market House Theatre, and the Paducah Symphony Orchestra.


    14. Augusta

    Aside from the obvious benefits of attending college, living in Maine can give additional perks to having your degree. Plus, some tax relief certainly helps those with student loans to pay off.

    Augusta incentivizes post-2008 graduates to live in Maine with a tax credit equal to your Maine state taxes. The amount you will typically pay for the taxes will be sent to you as a rebate as a thank you for living in Maine and contributing to the state’s greater good.

    Why should I move there?

    One of the next best things to receiving tax credit is having overall lower taxes. Property taxes in Augusta are relatively low. Plus, who wouldn’t want to live in the state capital?


    15. Baltimore

    Baltimore is on a mission to fill up as many homes within its city limits as possible. It currently has two programs to assist future home buyers with scooping up the numerous properties around town.

    Its first program, Buying into Baltimore, will give homebuyers $5,000, delivered as a forgivable loan after five years. The Vacants to Value program also encourages people to purchase abandoned homes by giving buyers $10,000 to be used for the down payment and closing costs of the house.

    Why should I move there?

    Baltimore is one of Maryland’s major cities with easy access to Washington DC. You’ll have plenty of major sports teams to cheer on, and it’s also home to the University of Maryland and John Hopkins University.


    16. Southwest Michigan region

    Southwest Michigan is one of the most scenic regions in the state. Sandy dunes extend to the Lake Michigan coast, and several charming beach towns dot the shoreline.

    If the beauty of the region captivated you enough to purchase a home, you could receive up to $15,000 put towards your mortgage if it costs more than $200,000. The money is paid out as a forgivable grant through the Move to Michigan program. To max out your payment, you must have a child enrolled in the local public school system.

    Why should I move there?

    Michigan is home to some incredible beaches, many located along the Southwest coastline. You can be just minutes away from enjoying the picturesque lake views or exploring the unique towns nearby.

    17. St. Clair County

    Ready to call Michigan home? St. Clair County is just an hour outside of Detroit and hopes to attract new residents from the city and beyond. So, it established the Come Home Award, which will give out $15,000 to people to accept the offer to relocate to the county.

    The Come Home Award isn’t for everybody. You must have a college degree in one of the STEM fields and be on the way to building your career in the industries.

    Why should I move there?

    St. Clair County gives access to a southeast Michigan lifestyle. Join a community of over 100,000 residents with many opportunities for STEM professionals and outdoor recreation at Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair.


    18. Bemidji

    Digital nomads and remote workers will soon find themselves calling Bemidji, MN home. Thanks to the 218 Relocation Package, it’s now an attractive place to work, regardless of whether you run your own business or are employed remotely.

    Workers must go through an application process to receive up to $2,500 to help cover their moving expenses while relocating. In addition to helping you get set up in your home, you’ll also have access to a free co-working space and resources to grow your business through the Community Concierge Program.

    Why should I move there?

    When arriving in Bemidji, the first things you’ll see are the famous Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox statues. These fictitious characters helped form the local identity. And you’ll stay productive with the fast wifi in many locations around town.

    19. Harmony

    There’s never been a better time to start building your new house, and Harmony, MN, is sweetening the deal by paying you a rebate once you begin construction. You can receive up to $12,000, which can help get your new life started.

    Harmony wants to encourage new residents to build their dream house. If your house plans reach an estimated value of $125,000-$150,000, you’ll get a check for $5,000, but houses worth over $250,000 can qualify for a $12,000 rebate.

    Why should I move there?

    As the name suggests, living in Harmony gives you a peaceful way of life to enjoy in a friendly community. It’s only a two-hour drive to Minneapolis and is considered the ‘the Biggest Little Town in Southeast Minnesota.’


    20. Natchez

    As more jobs become remote, Natchez is opening its community to remote workers seeking better cost of living while maintaining their productivity at work. If this sounds like you, you might be the perfect candidate for the Shift South program.

    Shift South is a small program with only 30 available slots but is one of the best programs that literally pays you to live there. Not only does it cover $2,500 in moving expenses, but it will also give you a $300 stipend every month for an entire year. To qualify, you must have purchased and lived in your new residence for at least a year. The house must also be valued at a minimum of $150,000.

    Why should I move there?

    Natchez is one of Mississippi’s most charming historical cities. Driving around town is always scenic as you pass by historical antebellum homes or see the historical structures preserved in the Natchez National Historical Park.


    21. North Platte

    Although the WorkNP.com program in North Platte was scheduled to end in 2021, it’s been extended since there are still slots available for companies to take advantage. If you’re applying to a local job in North Platte, you can get an added incentive bonus of $5,000.

    WorkNP.com sweetens job offers from local companies by providing matching funds. The increased incentive package can now help provide funds to pay off student loan debts, put a down payment on your new home, or special training for your job.

    Why should I move there?

    North Platte has lots of jobs available for people currently on the job search. Landing a job here places you in one of the region’s historical railroad towns. Its local heritage is preserved at attractions like the Union Pacific Railroad Bailey Yard and the Cody Park Railroad Museum.


    22. Hamilton

    Recent college graduates are a talented pool that companies try to attract into their organizations. Hamilton, OH, gives local companies a helping hand by offering relocating graduates up to $10,000.

    Hamilton Community Foundation introduced a Talent Acquisition Program to help provide recent college graduates with funds to pay off student loans. For every month that you live and work in Hamilton, you’ll get $300 every month.

    Why should I move there?

    There are lots of things to discover around town on your days off from your new job. Art lovers will enjoy exploring the numerous murals and sculptures located downtown. And if you’re relocating with a family, your kids will be on board when you mention that the largest amusement park in the Midwest, Kings Island, is less than a 30-minute drive from Hamilton.


    23. Tulsa

    In recognition of the lifestyle flexibility that digital nomads have, Tulsa is one of the latest cities incentivizing them to relocate locally. With $10,000 and a perks package through Tulsa Remote, it’s an excellent place to consider.

    Request the $10,000 grant as a lump sum to put down on your new house in Tulsa or spread it out into monthly payments to feel like you have an extra income to ease some of the relocation stress. In addition, remote workers have access to free desk space and join networking events.

    Why should I move there?

    Tulsa has a growing community of digital nomads and remote workers to connect with during the local networking events. You’ll meet tons of new friends to explore world-class cultural venues like the Philbrook Museum of Art or discover the historical Greenwood “Black Wall Street” District.

    24. Stillwater

    Not far from Tulsa is another city hoping to drive the remote worker force into its lovely community. Stillwater is another place that might be a better fit when looking for places to live in Oklahoma. And with a $5,000 incentive to live there, why not consider it?

    Stillwater’s initiative wants to pay remote workers who buy a home in the local community. You’ll be welcomed by the Stillwater Chamber with gifts and also a year’s worth of free coffee at Aspen Coffee.

    Why should I move there?

    Enjoy the small community atmosphere in Stillwater, where everybody feels like a familiar face. The town is kept lively thanks to the Oklahoma State University, and you’re only an hour’s drive from Tulsa or Oklahoma City.


    25. Ontario

    Since 2017, homeowners have taken advantage of the City of Ontario Housing Incentive Program. The program continues to run and promote homeownership throughout the city with a large $10,000 cash incentive.

    In case you can’t find the perfect home on the market, the Housing Incentive Program is an excellent reason to start a new construction project. Funds are dispersed as soon as you receive your certificate of occupancy.

    Why should I move there?

    Ontario is a small town with an excellent cost of living compared to major cities. Therefore, it’s an excellent option for people who work remotely and want to find a better living solution or people who prefer a small-town community atmosphere.


    26. Johnstown

    If you’ve ever thought about living in Pennsylvania, now is the perfect time because the state is dishing out cash payments to remote workers who decide to live there. With up to $5,000, which includes cash and incentives, it’s very convincing to get a head start on setting up your new life.

    Johnstown established this new initiative to inspire remote workers to pick up their lives and relocate to the local community. Once you’re settled in Johnstown, you could soon be receiving a check for $2,500 in cash and additional value provided via local benefits.

    Why should I move there?

    Johnstown is a friendly community to live in and raise a family. It has easy access to enjoying the outdoors year-round, such as hiking in Laurel Mountains or skiing at Blue Knob.


    27. Chattanooga

    Back in high school, it was frowned upon to be called a ‘geek.’ But for those adults willing to own up to the title can soon get over $12,000 to live in Chattanooga, TN. The funds come as a $10,000 forgivable mortgage, and the program also provides $1,250 to assist with relocating.

    Chattanooga is ramping up its talent pool of computer programmers and developers. It established the Geek Move Program looking for ‘geeks’ already in careers in the field to relocate and help foster a tech community.

    Why should I move there?

    Tech is a booming industry in Tennessee, and now is the perfect time to get in during the early stages. Chattanooga is one of the trendiest cities to live in Tennessee for young professionals looking for a high quality of life without the added costs of major metropolises.


    28. La Villa

    Land is one of the most valuable assets you can own, and a rural town in Texas is giving it away—for free! La Villa has several plots initially slated to give out in the early 2000s, but the program was delayed due to organization and has now stockpiled even more land to give away.

    Residents moving to La Villa and qualifying for the land will receive a plot valued at $3,000. To get the most value from the deal, you must own the land for at least five years.

    Why should I move there?

    Texas has many major cities, but sometimes a better quality of life is found outside them. If you’re craving a change of scenery, La Villa is an upcoming rural community that will gladly welcome you with open arms.


    29. Montpelier

    You might soon call New England home if you take part in the grant programs in Montpelier established to entice new workers to relocate. Relocating for a new job position is no longer a hassle since they’re paying you up to $15,000 to move.

    The $15,000 is paid out as a grant to reimburse you for moving expenses and closing costs when buying your new home. The New Relocation Worker Grant is for full-time employees working a new local job, while the New Remote Worker Grant is for workers employed outside the state but choose to live in Montpelier.

    Why should I move there?

    Did you know that Montpelier ranks as one of the most affordable cities to live in the country? Montpelier is Vermont’s capital city, home to the Vermont State House and other government buildings.

    West Virginia

    30. Charleston

    Charleston has rapidly declined in population in recent years, leaving many quality jobs understaffed. To reverse its latest trends, it set up the Charleston Roots Initiative. With its $5,000 cash incentive and an ongoing potential bonus to earn more, it can be a great decision for relocation.

    The Charleston Roots program isn’t just looking for anybody—it wants to cultivate a community of young working professionals to help revitalize the city. Qualified applicants to the program will receive additional community perks, assistance in securing a job, and $1,000 for each additional person you refer to relocate there.

    Why should I move there?

    Charleston is the capital of West Virginia, a political, cultural, and recreational hub. In addition to job opportunities in these areas, they can also be fun to explore during your leisure time, such as touring the State Capitol building or checking out the Cal y Center for the Arts and Sciences.

    31. Morgantown

    With a fast-growing number of remote workers in the US, those who love the outdoors can get a bit closer to it when living in Morgantown. And with a nice check of $12,000 provided through the Ascend WV Program, it’s a good deal if you want to relocate.

    The Ascend WV Program is established to get new remote workers settled into their new local lives. $10,000 is paid monthly over the first year and a $2,000 lump sum at the end of your second year living in Morgantown. Additionally, relocating remote workers also includes perks to nearby outdoor activities.

    Why should I move there?

    Adventures are abundant in West Virginia. Outdoor lovers who work remotely can take advantage of the many recreational activities in Morgantown like whitewater rafting, skiing, and paddle boarding.

    We hope our list of the top cities that will pay you to move there has helped you find a great new place to live. If you’re ready to move, consider hiring a professional moving company to make the process easier. Check out some of our recommendations below: