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150 Spooky Places in the US You Must Visit

These spooky travel destinations might not be well-known in your state, but are worth checking out if you love a good fright. 


    Halloween is a time when we enjoy being scared and telling ghost stories, but many places around the US don’t even need a holiday to spook us. From weird noises coming from abandoned hospitals, unexplained paranormal activity, to mysterious figures appearing close enough to touch you, these spooky places are destinations you wish were only just another ghost tale. 

    As you plan your big move across the country, consider hiring a professional moving company to give you time to explore some spooky locations—it’s the perfect season, after all! Get ready to have your hair on your skin standing straight up as you become part of your own ghost story. These destinations are not for the easily frightened because these spooky locations give you something real to be scared of. 

    1. Alabama

    Sometimes one haunted house isn’t enough to get the hairs on your skin standing, so how about three? Nightmare at 3008 is a haunted house complex in Alabama consisting of three unique attractions. You can spend a few hours wandering through the attractions, and even the bravest of the bunch will find a reason to scream. It costs $25 per person to enter.



    You may need to go to a real hospital to calm your nerves after experiencing Lester Hospital. Located in Lester, his abandoned hospital has been the site of some disturbing stories. This Halloween, relive those stories in a tour of the hospital, where you’ll encounter actors who bring the scary stories to life.

    As if cemeteries aren’t creepy enough, Maple Hill Cemetery in Huntsville will indeed confirm it. With over 80,000 gravesites, those noises and glimpses of weird things you spot in the distance can be ghosts, jokesters, or anything in between. It’s free to enter, so don’t come alone because you never know where you might have an unwelcome ghost experience.

    2. Alaska

    For only $30, you can test the wits of your group while trying to complete the escape room challenge, but there’s only one twist—it’s haunted. The Fright Nite Manor is one place you don’t want to get stuck inside. However, the cold Alaskan air won’t be the only thing giving you chills at this attraction.

    Spend a few nights at the Inlet Tower Hotel & Suites, and you’re sure to see why this deserves a spot on our spooky places list. Of course, for $121 per night, you would think playing in the halls is unacceptable but ghosts have different rules. And if your alarm clock doesn’t get you up, a mysterious man sitting at your bedside will surely do the trick.

    Nobody knows why the Igloo City Hotel was abandoned, but you’ll quickly see what keeps people away. Take a pitstop during your excursion in Denali National Park to visit the spooky hotel. You may be greeted by a ghost woman standing in the windows and unexplainable flickering lights in a place with no power.

    3. Arizona

    Flagstaff is the epitome of the Wild West, where bar brawls and street fights between outlaws and laborers were a regular thing. Sadly, the spirits of these characters remain to haunt the street and historic buildings that they once called home. It doesn’t even have to be Halloween to see ghosts in this town.


    It’s worth it to learn about the history of the Jerome Grand Hotel building before booking a stay for $100-$600/night. You’ll discover that it was a former hospital that was closed. Supposedly, the “head nurse” never left and has been the cause of mysterious deaths at the hotel ever since it opened.

    Towns that sprung up during the California Gold Rush came and went as fast as they were established. Lucky for you, the ghost town surrounding the Vulture Mine is still around to give you a bit of fright. Visitors can tour inside the mine for $15 per person, where you may encounter spirits from former miners still in search of gold.

    4. Arkansas

    If your GPS says to make a turn on Old Redfield Road while driving through Sheridan, Arkansas, you may want to consider going a different route. Hopefully, your GPS, phone, and other electronics still work in this dead zone. And let’s just hope that those are real people you see walking from the nearby cemetery.

    The historical Fort Smith Courthouse is one of the landmark buildings in Fort Smith. But many say its history never went away. Set your gaze towards the gallows, and you may see ghosts lining up to receive the punishment of their death sentence ordered by the court’s judgment.

    If you’re into disproving (or confirming) ghost stories, the Avon Cemetery is the perfect destination. Visitors can enter the cemetery for free and walk amongst the tombstones, where you may spot a woman in the distance mourning her child even in the afterlife. If that’s not creepy enough, you can hear her child crying when you visit the nearby well and drop a rock into it.

    5. California

    Visitors come to Preston Castle to admire its beauty throughout most of the year but visit during October to discover the truth behind this haunted castle. Walkthrough the castle in California to see actors reenacting the tragic events of toxic dunk tanks for disciplining kids and other punishments. Prices range from $35-50 per person to enter the castle. 


    In the past, Bodie was a bustling gold rush town near present-day Bridgeport, California. Today, visitors can pay a nominal fee of $3 per person for a self-guided tour of the town. You’ll instantly feel the eerie atmosphere of a place once inhabited and left in a hurry with signs of former life in the park’s 100+ structures.

    Looks can be very deceiving at the County Line Fright. Travel to Yucaipa, California, where you can spend hours trying to find your way out of a house that recreates the actual events of a serial murderer. The cost ranges from $15-62 depending on the type of immersive experience you want at the attraction.

    6. Colorado

    Anyone visiting a destination named Ghost Town should already know what to expect. But in case you’re one of the oblivious few, St. Elmo Ghost Town is an abandoned mining and railroad town near St. Elmo, Colorado, that’s full of spooky tales as you explore the insides of the remaining buildings. 

    The captivating exhibitions about the Colorado prison system and a former women’s prison make the Colorado Prison Museum seem normal to the average visitor. But with the museum built using part of the prison’s original structure, the inmate ghosts often appear to visitors to haunt their old prison cells. Tickets for the museum cost $10 with discounts available.

    See how long you can stay in The Brown Palace Hotel before realizing that it’s one of the spookiest US destinations. For the leisure thrill-seeker, take a guided ghost tour ($20 per person) through the hotel to hear stories of ghosts floating through the hallways and unexplainable phone calls from vacant rooms. And if you’re really into ghosts, book a stay for a couple of nights to experience the paranormal activity for yourself.

    7. Connecticut

    The legend of two Irish servant lovers keeps visitors coming back to The Bruce Museum to try to find a reasonable explanation for the spooky activity. For over a century, rumors of hearing a voice beckoning her former lover have been consistent. Peer in your rearview as you drive off, and you may see the two ghosts standing near the museum entrance.

    Deep beneath the corridors of the historic Fairfield Hills Hospital is a series of tunnels whose walls can tell you tragic stories of inhumane treatment of the hospital’s patients. Visit Newton, CT, to tour inside of this haunted psychiatric hospital where paranormal activity still haunts the hospital wings.

    What appears to be a regular cemetery by day becomes a hub for paranormal activity by night. You never know what you’ll experience—a ghost cemetery groundskeeper patrolling or hearing mysterious music playing throughout the night. This free attraction in Naugatuck is the perfect spooky destination for unexplainable occurrences.

    8. Delaware

    If you feel a rush of cold air while standing in the Rockwood House, it’s likely that you just encountered a ghost of one of the house’s former residents. Located in Wilmington, the Rockwood House is an early 19th-century mansion-turned-haunted house where you won’t be the only one lurking in its eerie hallways. 

    Fort Delaware

    The harsh conditions experienced by prisoners kept in Fort Delaware during the Civil War seem to have bonded their spirits to the fort for eternity. Hearing tales about the ghost activity in the fort is creepy enough as you tour the grounds, but you should prepare yourself in case you become the next person with a personal ghost story experience at the fort. 

    It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep with the sound of ghost steps creaking on the roof and mysterious moving furniture. But for some lucky travelers willing to pay $255 per night at the Addy Sea Bed & Breakfast in Bethany Beach, Delaware, they will get more than they bargain for with a couple of nights of spooks and chills with its guests that never checked out.

    9. Florida

    Burying people underground at the Key West Cemetery might not have been the smartest idea due to a tragic storm that washed many of the 100,000 coffins away. But, instead of visiting past relatives, most people visit to experience a run-in with the local ghosts. If you really want to stir them up, try leaning on the headstones…

    Most would say that The Devil Tree in Port Saint Lucie is cursed, and if satanic activity gets you spooked out, this is a place you’ll want to avoid (or visit!). The tree first grew to prominence after finding bodies near it and later reports of seeing satanic rituals by mysterious hooded figures at the site.

    Your pleasant stroll along the Fort Lauderdale waterfront will soon turn into one of the spookiest experiences you’ve ever had. It’s hard not to admire the Riverwalk Museum, but some of the guests of this former hotel never left. Look up at the window on the second floor, and you may see the famous little girl peeking out, even when the museum is closed. Don’t miss this spooky travel destination in Florida!

    10. Georgia

    To cover up the site of the Siege of Savannah, considered one of the “bloodiest hours of the entire American Revolution,” the Sorrel Weed House was built. But that did minimal to hide the site’s dark part that continues to reemerge with ghost sightings and other paranormal activity. Visitors can take a guided ghost tour for $10-30 of the grounds or stay overnight.

    Sorrel Weed House, Savannah, Georgia

    The famous phrase “the writing on the walls” holds true at The Warren House, where Confederate Soldier names were found hidden underneath this historic house’s wallpaper to reveal its dark past as a Confederate field hospital. These could very well be the names of the ghosts you may spot near the home dressed in war uniforms.

    Visiting any cemetery at night will likely give you the spooks based on your imagination, but the Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta gives a real reason to be scared. Listen up for a ghostly military roll call heard ringing through the cemetery. You’ll even hear lost souls calling names for fallen soldiers.


    11. Hawaii

    Hawaii isn’t all paradise as it was a base for American soldiers during World War 2. While these historic soldiers used to bring back women at night for a good time, their giggles have never left the haunted grounds of Giggle Hill. You can still hear the sounds of giggling ghost women atop the hill inside the 4th Marine Division Memorial Park.

    We’ll never be sure if the ghosts haunting the Old Hilo Memorial Hospital is the actual cause of it being abandoned, but one thing is for sure—the spirits remain to stake their territory. A couple of hours inside this creepy hospital is sure to get a visit by one of these ghosts of former employees and patients.

    Plantation Village was meant to give visitors a history lesson of Hawaii’s sugar cane workers in this recreated village, but it’s become one of the island’s scariest destinations that even makes the staff quit and prohibited from working in the buildings. Halloween season turns the village into a haunted attraction, but these supernatural spirits haunting the village prefer to stick around all year long.

    12. Idaho

    Albion, Idaho, creates a haunted house experience like none other with the Haunted Mansions of Albion. If you need a good scare, visit the historical mansions dating back over a century filled with talented actors that know how to get even the most macho man screaming like a girl. Tickets to the haunted mansions range from $15-$30.


    In the late 1800s, deranged criminals in Idaho were sent to one place: the Old Idaho State Penn. Today, it’s a favorite attraction for spooks as you tour inside the former prison. You’ll see the weaponry, where prisoners were hanged at the gallows, and where the most troublesome were kept in solitary confinement.

    If you’re easily scared, you might not want to hear about the stories haunting the Bates Motel before booking your stay for $49 per night. And if you happen to get placed in rooms #1 or #3, you’re sure to hear weird noises and see objects unexplainably misplaced.

    13. Illinois

    The stories that created the legend of the Devil’s Bake-Oven have drawn countless travelers looking to catch a glimpse of something weird for themselves. Perhaps that’s the same story that attracted the people who mysteriously died near these caves or committed suicide. The cave is free for all ages to enter, but it’s only recommended for the brave-hearted. 

    Once full of infamous criminals, a historic overcrowded prison-like the Joliet Prison is the perfect recipe for a spooky travel destination. This massive prison was later abandoned but never forgotten. Take a guided tour of the old jail to see the harsh living conditions and possibly run into the ghosts of former inmates.

    A haunted house is enough for most people, but have you ever been to a haunted town? Visit Alton, IL, to experience one of the state’s scariest destinations. The town’s dark history primed the site for stories of death, war, and murder. Explore the town to see what new ghost stories you’ll have from your visit.

    14. Indiana

    The historic 19th-century Whispers Estate used to be the desired place to live for the wealthy in Mitchell, IN, but somehow, each of the owners experiences tragic events, from losing wealth to death. And while the price tag of $200 per night will put a small dent in your wealth, hopefully, you won’t experience any other misfortunes while staying there.

    Tour inside the James Allison Mansion to delve into the tragic story of a girl who drowns in the mansion’s basement pool. You’ll become part of the tale of the ghost of the little girl’s toys with you with sounds in the attic and moving objects. If you’re like most people, less than a half-hour is more than enough time to be spooked out.

    After finding a corpse lying against a tree in the Finch Cemetery, it’s been associated with ghost activity. Visit the cemetery in Portland, IN, to see for yourself. On your way to the most famous gravesite of a child named Cinderella, make a note of how many gravestones you see because something will disappear as you make your way back to your car.

    15. Iowa

    The creepiest destinations are always ones where actual events occurred. Such is the case for the Villisca Ax Murder House. Browse the local news archives in Villisca, and you’ll learn about tragic ax murders that happened in this very house. Day tours cost $10 to enter the house and try to uncover the person behind the murders without running into them yourself.

    villisca axe murder house

    Believe them if the kids say they don’t want to go back to school at the Farrar Haunted Schoolhouse! This spooky place brings all your schoolhouse nightmares to life with ghosts roaming the halls with no pass and chatter in places that should be empty. Daytime tours cost $180, but you’ll get the best scare when you stay overnight.

    The rickety train passing below the Banwell Bridge in Fort Dodge, IA, brings back many unwanted stories about tragic deaths that happened on the bridge when a mother murdered her children by throwing them over the bridge. Hang out on the very spot where she stood, and her ghost is said to reappear.

    16. Kansas

    Retrace the steps of one of Kansas’s most infamous murder events that ended at the Rocky Ford Bridge. Not only does it look spooky, but this bridge is haunted by the tale of Sandra Bird, who was pushed over the bridge by her husband. 

    The last thing you want to do is stumble upon a cult meeting of witches when you visit the Stull Cemetery, so it’s best to ask the locals for information before you go. As if a cemetery isn’t scary enough, you may come across the stairs to Hell that works both ways.

    The spirit of Sallie never found peace after dying at age six, so it still haunts 502 North 2nd Street. If you don’t believe the stories of ghostly child pranks coming from the people that lived there, feel free to enter for yourself to see if you encounter the poltergeist.

    17. Kentucky

    To stop the local TB outbreak in Louisville, KY, during the 1900s, more than 140 people were quarantined in the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. The abandoned hospital hosts ghost tours for $25 per person to explore the horrendous living conditions the patients experienced, and you may get an unexpected visitor. 

    Sleepy Hollow Rd. is one street that you don’t want to reach the end of it. Riding on the spooky road at night will send chills through your body as you approach “Devil’s Point.” It’s rumored that these haunted grounds near Prospect, KY, host satanic rituals, and sacrifices for unknown groups.

    Touring inside the Lakeland Asylum might make you feel crazier than the patients that once lived there. Now an abandoned hospital in Louisville, The Lakeland Asylum is a breeding ground for the paranormal sightings of orbs and the faint screams of tortured patients still ringing through the halls.

    18. Louisiana

    New Orleans is known for its spooky activity, so it was the perfect location for Madame LaLaurie’s mansion that hosted more than just opulent parties. Tours are available to tour the fire-burned mansion where you’ll see where she kept tortured slaves and had them chained. The ghosts of these souls still haunt the mansion.


    Any place with multiple confirmed ghost occurrences like the Oak Alley Plantation deserves to be one of the spookiest US destinations. Just ask any of the 35 visitors on a tour that saw a floating candlestick in one of the rooms. Even the staff reports seeing ghost horses and hearing strange sounds.

    Most people thought that the fire that destroyed Louisiana’s Old State Capitol Building only left the exterior, but that seems far from the truth based on the ghost activity rumored to occur here. Ghosts of former politicians still taking a stand on the Senate floor or the sensation of movement around you as you tour the building will surely be enough fright for a couple of hours.

    19. Maine

    The winding road of Route 2A is one of the most dangerous places to travel. Keep your eyes on the road before you become the next victim to witness unexplainable activity on the route. Don’t stop for anyone (or anything) you see because there are plenty of ghosts of people killed on the road that are looking for new souls to join them.

    Maine is famous for picturesque lighthouses on the rugged Atlantic coast, but Wood Island Lighthouse isn’t one you’ll find on a postcard. Instead, it’s one of the creepiest lighthouses that was the site of murder and suicide during the last 1800s. The abandoned lighthouse is free to visit where the spirits of these deaths remain unsettled.

    The spooky wilderness outside of Randolph, ME, holds many stories of mysterious screams and even ghosts. Go for a walk along the Old Narrow Gauge Trail, where the only evidence of a missing local boy is his spirit that haunts the trail. 

    20. Maryland

    It’s sad to hear about how patients at the Glenn Dale Hospital were treated during a Tuberculosis outbreak, but the ghosts of these spirits seem to have returned for revenge. If you’re brave enough to enter the abandoned hospital, be warned that these ghosts aren’t there to give you a friendly welcome.

    The US is full of places haunted by ghosts, but Bowie, MD, has its own creature causing a stir for the locals. Start your adventure at Fletchertown Rd., where the first sightings of Goat Man occurred. This blood-covered, half-man-half-goat creature will likely find you before you find it.

    New England’s covered bridges are quite the sight for newcomers to the region, but look too hard at them, and you may see something you would have preferred not to. The Jericho Covered Bridge in Kingsville, MD, for example, is one of the creepiest bridges with rumors of a mysterious woman in traditional Amish clothes wandering around it.

    21. Massachusetts

    There have been several reports of ghost activity from guests who stayed at the Lizzie Borden BnB. In fact, it’s become a major destination for spook-seekers who can pay $25 to tour inside the home. It’s common to hear weird noises in the house, but if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see the apparition of Lizzie Borden herself. 

    Lizzie Borden House (Bed/Breakfast)

    Deep in the darkness of the Hoosac Tunnel lies several tragic stories of death. Located near North Adams, this is one tunnel you hope to make it out once you enter. It’s free to enter but go at your own risk as you listen to faint wailing screams and possibly even ghosts illuminating the path with lanterns.

    There’s no end to the chills you’ll feel while walking around the Spider Gate Cemetery but watch where you walk to avoid ending up in a different dimension by passing through the Eighth Gate to Hell. And the unpleasant sensation felt while standing at The Altar makes you confident that some type of satanic rituals most likely occur here.

    22. Michigan

    The resident poltergeists of the Terrace Inn in Petoskey, MI, make it one of the spookiest places to spend the night. Book a stay for only $99 per night and keep an eye out for the ghostly man on the balcony, the woman in white floating through the halls, or the ghost child playing in the basement.

    The tunnels deep below Michigan’s First Prison hold many mysteries and the spooky feeling you get while standing in it makes you realize that they weren’t used solely for transporting prisoners. While most of the prison was destroyed, the underground structures remain for free tours.

    European expeditions in Michigan led to many clashes with the Native Americans. Cross the bridge to Mackinac Island and check out the war grounds still stained from the blood of fallen people during the War of 1812. These sights have an eerie atmosphere of death that surrounds them.

    23. Minnesota

    The Palmer House Hotel sealed its fate as a spooky US travel destination when it was built on the site of the Sauk Centre. With all the deaths and abuse of women at the former brothel, the spirits remain to haunt male guests staying the night. So your chills might be from the spooks or the ghost of Lucy lowering the temperature in your room.


    Staying in a place where so many deaths happened, like the Chase on the Lake Hotel, will surely give you the creeps. Guests can reserve rooms for $109 to lay in the same spots that historically served as a morgue for soldiers who died during the 1898 Battle of Sugar Point. 

    The Wabasha Street Caves near Saint Paul, MN, were a place you wouldn’t want to be during the Prohibition Era. Yet, it’s where the most notorious gangsters fled while hiding from the police. Join a guided tour for $10-30 per person, where you’ll navigate the intricate cave system that was riddled with crime during the 1900s.

    24. Mississippi

    The creepy columns standing on the Windsor Plantation give you an unpleasant feeling as you walk the grounds. These pillars belonged to a mansion but mysteriously remained after it was burned down. Perhaps it was the best thing for the already haunted mansion, but even fire can’t keep out the spooky ambiance blanketing the plantation grounds.

    When the town of Natchez, MS, was founded, Kings Tavern was the first place established in the new town—as it should be. And although the building remains, it’s not a place to enjoy drinks with friends anymore. Instead, it’s a spooky abandoned structure haunted by multiple ghosts.

    The locals in Pascagoula enjoy telling the tale of a secretly tortured man who was enslaved inside the Longfellow House. This intriguing story leads many visitors to tour inside the home for themselves to see the spooky conditions and possibly encounter the angry ghost that returned for revenge.

    25. Missouri

    Anyone who’s attempted to live in the fear house seemingly left unexpectedly. The low rent attracted tenants in the past to live here, but experiences of a screaming ghost and other malevolent activity drove them out and left it forever haunted. Tours are free inside the Fear House.

    The secluded Zombie Road in St. Louis used to be a place for privacy for young couples, but rumors of a murderous man on the hunt quickly replaced its reputation with one associated with spooks and fright. If the name of the road doesn’t scare you, encountering the ghost that haunts it will surely do it.

    The rooms and halls of the Morse Mill Hotel hold many tales of death, namely by Bertha Gifford, a female serial killer responsible for over 15 deaths. Her spirit is just one of many that haunt the hotel. Take a free walk through the building, where you may see a strange figure dressed in a trench coat and mysterious shadows appearing.

    26. Montana

    Most people visiting the Little Bighorn Battlefield expect to learn lots of history about the battles. But after browsing the exhibitions, this history lesson quickly becomes a spooky place. Visitors can tour the battlefield grounds where you can still hear shots fired and spot ghostly soldiers on horseback riding nearby.


    The 1959 Riot at the Montana Territorial Prison is one of the worst events that led to numerous deaths of prison guards and prisoners. Visit the old prison in Deer Lodge to see the site of the riot and learn about the tragic events that happened during the riot.

    Built in 1891, the Opera House Theatre in Philipsburg is the oldest operating theater in the state. But this venue gives you more than just world-class performances. Full-bodied ghosts lurking in the theater shadows and being touched by ghosts is enough to make anyone leave during intermission.

    27. Nebraska

    Spirits eternally bound to something will always remain no matter how much you try to move it. Such is the case for the Baily House Museum, which is haunted by its former owner Captain Baily who was murdered in his home. Even after relocating the house, the ghost remains to give you a scare.

    Visiting Hummel Park at night isn’t advised for the faint of heart because the sinister activity is enough to make it one of the creepiest places you’ll visit in Nebraska. The park feels otherworldly with unusual slanted trees, ghosts of farmers, and other weird things that have plagued the park with darkness for decades.

    An old bridge in Weeping Water, NE, became infamously known as the Witch’s Bridge after a witch committed suicide on the bridge. Sadly, her spirit never crossed over and now haunts visitors. It’s said that you can see your reflection in the water but appear to be hanging. And if you stare too long, the witch will reappear to drag you to her same fate.

    28. Nevada

    Whether you’re planning on staying the night or just visiting for a few hours, you’re likely to encounter something abnormal while visiting the Boulder Dam Hotel. So if you feel a tap on the shoulder or something grabs your legs, it might be one of the local ghosts haunting you. 

    While the Bonnie and Clyde car is a popular reason to visit the Whiskey Pete’s Hotel and Casino, there is some reported paranormal activity that happens at the site, likely coming from the ghost of Whiskey Pete. Casino cheaters beware because whiskey Pete keeps a close eye on the casino floor.

    Although the First Family in the Governor’s Mansion lived there over a century ago, the ghosts of its members still call it home. Treat yourself to a few tours of the mansion, where you’ll explore rooms supposedly haunted by the former governor’s wife and daughter.


    29. New Hampshire

    Peer up at the upstairs window of the “Ocean-Born” Mary House, and you may find a spooky woman with red hair and glowing eyes looking back at you. Regardless of if it’s a mirage or not, it’s more than enough to keep visitors out of the very house that this spirit of Mary protects.

    Free tours at the Alton Town Hall could start as a fun history lesson and quickly become one of the scariest places you’ve ever been. Unlucky (or lucky) visitors will hear voices and heavy footsteps throughout the building in places where people wouldn’t normally be. 

    The orphans who lived in the historic Chase House are forever alone as their ghosts haunt the house even to this day. So if you find yourself in Portsmouth, NH, stop by a free tour of this spooky site where its most famous ghost is a girl who committed suicide in the home.

    30. New Jersey

    If you can last more than two hours inside the Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital, you deserve recognition because few people can do it. The now-abandoned psychiatric hospital was built in the late 1800s as the largest hospital where sensations of the past asylum patients still haunt the structure.

    The ax marks on The Devil’s Tree are evidence of people who attempted to disprove the dark legend of a farmer who hung himself on the tree after killing his family. Visit just to look because anyone who tries to cut down the tree may come face to face with death.

    We all love a good campfire ghost tale, but only when you know it’s made up. But Camp Pahaquarry holds its own dark stories about a girl hunting campers in the woods with an ax. While there are no official reports of seeing her, the numerous incidents associated with the haunted campgrounds might mean it’s true. 

    31. New Mexico

    While most ghost towns still have several abandoned buildings, the Dawson cemetery outside of Cimarron, NM, only has its cemetery remaining. Perhaps the ghosts spotted walking amongst the gravestones have persuaded people to leave it alone, but it’s become a popular spooky destination for a real-life ghost encounter.

    Nobody can explain the demonic growls and voices coming from the abandoned Atoka School, but it was more than enough reason to abandon it overnight. Free tours of the schoolhouse last an hour where it doesn’t even have to be nighttime to hear spooked the school into closing its doors permanently. 

    Prison riots at the Santa Fe Penitentiary were some of the most violent in New Mexico, leading to dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries. The prison was later abandoned, but you can still find your way inside to explore the spooky, death-stricken cell blocks. 

    32. New York

    You won’t imagine the harsh realities that occurred in Letchworth Village throughout its history. It was established just outside of Thiells, NY, where people with mental health conditions and disabled persons could live in a designated community. But, unfortunately, what started as a humane idea turned into inhumane medical trials and abuse. Ghost activity from tortured adults and children is still experienced today.

    A couple of fun facts about the Fort William Henry Museum that might make you choose other attractions to explore during your visit to Lake George: the voices you hear telling you to “hurry up” during your tour aren’t coming from the staff, and other visitors won’t be the only thing photobombing your pictures at the museum.

    One ghost is enough to put a destination on this list of spooky places in the US, but see how you fare with over 20 malevolent spirits. The House of Death is an appropriate title for a place known for its murders and suicides more than being the former residence of author Mark Twain.

    33. North Carolina

    Camping near Painted Rock in Hot Springs, NC, will put you in the middle of a ghost story that continues to puzzle the locals in the area. There are myths of a beautiful woman who lured campers to their deaths with singing. While this siren has never been seen, people who’ve gone camping there have disappeared without a trace.

    A word of advice: don’t pick up a woman waving you down near Lydia’s Bridge. Many say this mysterious woman is the ghost of a woman who died at the site attempting to help her lover. However, she’s been seen by numerous people, and some have even picked her up.

    Tucked in the woodlands of Chatham County in North Carolina is the Devil’s Tramping Ground, a circular patch of land where nothing seems to grow. It’s said that this is where the Devil dances, and if you put anything into the circle, it will be thrown outside of it the next day.

    34. North Dakota

    From unexplained activities to tragic events, The San Haven Sanatorium isn’t a place to joke around with. It’s a historic hospital built in the early 1900s near Dunseith that attracts many ghost hunters. Hearing the faint cry of a baby might persuade you to rescue it, but the ghost faces in the building’s windows will likely make you consider otherwise. 

    There are plenty of accommodations in Fort Totten, ND, so booking a stay at the Totten Trail Inn is only recommended if you’re comfortable with sleeping in a haunted hotel. One night will cost you $100 at the bed and breakfast, but you’ll get more than you pay for with apparitions seen walking in the hotel.

    It might be a fun idea to host your event at the historic Old Armory in Williston, ND, but knowing about its paranormal activity might make you think otherwise. Don’t stray too far from your event because you might be spooked by voices coming from the dark halls and moving mannequins that you’ll see with your own eyes.

    35. Ohio

    The Licking County Historic Jail doesn’t seem all that abandoned when you tour inside of the historical landmark in Newark, OH. Tours of the jail cost $65 per person, where you’ll be surrounded by the ghostly sounds of prisoners who were kept here. You might even spot mysterious figures lurking in the building’s shadows.

    mudhouse mansion

    The spirits in Woodlawn Cemetery come to life at night. This spooky cemetery near Dayton, OH, has several confirmed reports of seeing ghosts of a woman, a boy, his pet, and more. From the strange sounds to unexplainable sights, an hour is all you need to get spooked.

    The story of the Mudhouse Mansion is pure tragedy. It’s hard to say which was worse, keeping slaves in horrendous conditions or the slaves turning on their master and murdering him and his family, but this now-abandoned house is full of chills that make you recall the tragic events.

    36. Oklahoma

    Although the family who lived in the Belvidere Mansion was around a century ago, some people say it’s still occupied…but by who (or what)? This 20th-century mansion in Claremore, OK, has many rumors of hearing voices and seeing what looks like figures walking inside the house.

    Kids from Native American families we designate to attend the Bird Creek School during the early 1900s. But this traditional schoolhouse is one place where you hope not to get called up to the chalkboard. Nobody can explain how writing is mysteriously erased when writing on the chalkboard.

    A little-known fact about the Cherokee Strip Museum is that it was a former hospital whose spirits still linger in the building. Paying the nominal $5 entrance fee to the museum will also give you a bonus of experiencing paranormal activity with sounds and music being played by the supposed ghosts of past patients.

    37. Oregon

    It’s hard to enjoy a show at the Roseland Theater in Portland when you may be experiencing paranormal activity. This former nightclub was the site of one of Portland’s most infamous murders of Tim Moreau. His spirit remains to haunt the building that belonged to the owners who murdered him. 


    Try your best to steer clear of Highway 101 near Cannon Beach, OR, unless you’re in search of a good scare for the day. The lucky travelers may only catch a glimpse of a man with bandages on his face on the roadside. However, unlucky travelers might spot this odd fellow in their backseat.

    The Oregon Vortex is one of the strongest in the US. Located near Gold Hill, this weird zone causes signal drops, odd tree growth, and more. The highlight of this destination is a house that looks slanted, but you’ll be standing upright once you enter it. Tours start at $15 for the experience.

    38. Pennsylvania

    The owners of the Pennhurst State School in Spring City, PA, decided to capitalize on the building’s harsh past when they opened it up as a seasonal haunted venue. The building was closed due to the bad treatment of patients, but it reopened as a haunted attraction to give visitors a chance to explore eerie asylum corridors.

    Based on the latest census, The town of Centralia, PA, has only ten residents. But these records don’t document how many ghosts are lurking in this ghost town. Look out for the apparitions said to walk the streets and feel the fires of Hell that have burned for more than 50 years underneath Centralia.

    Visiting Hill View Manor is always high on the list for ghost hunters who may see the spirits of residents who passed. It is an abandoned elderly home whose walls have seen many deaths. Tours start at $25 for a basic tour or choose to spend the night in the haunted manor.

    39. Rhode Island

    If the horrors of Fort Wetherill are enough to scare armed soldiers during the war, what do you think it does to curious visitors who decide to enter the fort grounds. The same black dog that terrorized British Soldiers during the American Revolution in 1776 is mysteriously still around to give you plenty of fright.

    Newport, RI, has tons of Gilded Age Mansions that belonged to the wealthy. While many of the mansions are open for tours, Sea View Terrace is one that closed its doors due to paranormal activity. You can visit the site for a chance to see shadowy figures walking the grounds and mysterious noises coming from the house as if it’s still inhabited.

    It might be a temporary relief to think that The Conjuring is just a movie until you visit Burrillville, RI, to see the Real Conjuring House. All the satanic activity in the movie came from somewhere, and this home is a good indication. A Satanist who performed rituals committed suicide after sacrificing her daughter. The motives of this tragic event may only be found in the house.

    40. South Carolina

    Of all the plantations located in South Carolina, the Rose Hill Plantation is perhaps the most haunted. We know that the original family lived and was buried on the plantation, but it’s uncertain if they actually died due to numerous sightings. Tours of the plantation grounds are free to the public, and house tours start at $10 per person.

    The Greenville Tuberculosis Hospital sprung up to combat the TB outbreak in South Carolina, but a tragic fire burned the building to be unusable. But with the building still standing, it not only looks spooky but houses ghosts from its pasts to haunt visitors who enter its doors.

    On the surface, White Point Garden looks like a beautiful place to spend a relaxing evening, but you may not realize the dark history it covers up. It was infamously the site for numerous pirate hangings whose spirits continue to haunt the garden.

    41. South Dakota

    Visit Devil’s Gulch to learn about the two lovers who died on the grounds. What may start as a tragic romantic tale of dying together becomes one of fear and horror once you discover their apparitions still dwelling in the gulch.


    A haunted castle is the perfect destination for a scare on your next visit to Aberdeen, SD. Easton’s Castle is supposed to be vacant, but a figure rumored to be Mrs. Eaton is still seen, although she passed away a long time ago. The castle is free to enter, but you may soon run out after being chased by a knife-wielding phantom as many before you have already experienced.

    Chat with the employees at the Mount Rushmore Brewing Company and you’ll hear plenty of stories about things mysteriously moving in the basement that will scare you. Perhaps these are the spirits remaining from the former funeral home that was housed in the building.

    42. Tennessee

    If you find yourself in Chattanooga, TN, the Greenwood Cemetery is a well-known place for spooky things to happen to visitors. You might not be too alarmed by the odd wheelchair tracks through the grounds, but indeed seeing the woman ghost walking amongst the gravestones will give you the fright you’re seeking.

    The light at the end of the Sensabaugh Tunnel may not signal you’re almost out of it since it could be one of the mysterious orbs seen inside of it. Located near Kingsport, TN, this tunnel is known to make you hear and see things, including a baby’s cry, but we don’t recommend going to look for it.

    It doesn’t have to be Halloween season to visit Gwendolyn’s House because her apparition is always present. You’ll get instant chills when you realize a woman from the window is watching you. And visitors who don’t heed the warning will surely hear her eerie screams when they enter inside of it.

    43. Texas

    The eerie glowing figures lurking around the Grove have startled curious people walking by the home. This haunted house in Texas is riddled with spirits supposedly murdered in the house a long time ago and never found their peace.

    The Littlefield House

    There’s one road you don’t want to get caught on at night in Saratoga: Bragg Road. Everyone in town knows about the legend of a headless railroad worker who still tries to light his way along the road. If you don’t believe the stories, the flickering light in the distance on the road will surely turn you into a believer.

    The Littlefield Home was doomed to become a spooky place that will forever be the home of Alice Littlefield. As a child, she was declared insane and prohibited from leaving the house. So why start now, even in the afterlife? To pass the time in her horrid eternity, she plays the piano, which can be heard while visiting the home. 

    44. Utah

    Plan your visit to the McCune Mansion for the best chance to see poltergeists. This haunted house has become a popular wedding and events venue, with the ghosts catching everyone unexpectedly. The apparition of a young girl makes frequent appearances at weddings while a man figure shows up around the holiday season.

    Apparently, the ghostly spirits inside the Old Tooele Hospital don’t like social distancing and prefer to creep out unsuspecting visitors with physical contact. The eerie touch of spirits will send chills down your spine as you navigate the abandoned hospital. Tours start at $30 to enter.

    There are many warning signs about being careful while camping at Moon Lake Campground, but not everyone adheres to those instructions. A little girl tragically died in the lake and has reemerged on land to haunt campers today. A night stay at the campground costs $20, but you may cut your time short when you see a girl soaking wet and asking for her family.

    45. Vermont

    If you care about your car and sanity, choose a different driving route instead of crossing Emily’s Bridge. The ghost of Emily hasn’t been seen, but you’ll know she’s there from your other senses—hearing her scream or scratching your car as you drive past.

    You can easily spend a few hours exploring the interesting exhibitions inside the nearly 40 buildings that make up the Shelburne Museum. But if you’re short on time. Make your way to the Dutton House, where the apparition of a man will be present to give you lots of fright.

    When ski season rolls around, many people will be headed to the Eddy’s House Ski Lodge. But apart from spending time on the slopes, explore the home to learn about the psychic abilities of the kids who once lived there and see the site where creepy scenes took place.

    46. Virginia 

    You never know what spirit you’ll encounter while visiting the Ferry Plantation House. Tour this historic plantation near Virginia Beach, where friendly, talkative ghosts and the spirits of a known witch reside together. A few hours on the plantation, and you might just meet them both.

    Travel to Max Meadows, VA, for a bone-chilling experience at the Major Graham Mansion. Once you arrive, you’ll see a prominent tree used to hang two slaves who killed their master and owner of the house. The entrance fee to the plantation starts at $20.

    The Staunton Train Depot is more than just a historical landmark if you know what to keep an eye out for. There were numerous incidents at the depot in the past that have kept spirits hanging around. So prepare to be spooked if you see an apparition of a little girl or confederate soldier on the train platform.

    47. Washington

    The mystery of a missing child near Spokane, Washington, seems to have been solved, but the only problem is that it’s a century later, and all that remains is the supposed ghost of the child who returned to its home at the Campbell House. It was the luckiest of four children, three of which tragically died in the home.

    Fort Vancouver

    You’ll hope that you aren’t the only “living” person in the Black Diamond Cemetery when you visit because the whistling sounds and voices are too vivid to be your imagination. The cemetery is open to the public but be warned if you notice a flickering lantern approaching you in the dark.

    Touring Fort Vancouver is a favorite thing to do in Vancouver. And while learning about its history can be fascinating, experiencing some of its paranormal activity takes a certain kind of thrill-seeker to go through it. Just remember to stay with your group, and the unexplainable slamming doors and ringing phones won’t freak you out too much.

    48. West Virginia 

    When the Lake Shawnee Amusement Park was built atop a former Native American burial ground, little did they know that these spirits would once again rise. This abandoned amusement looks spooky enough with overgrown vegetation covering the Ferris Wheel and swing rides. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a mysterious man and girl hanging around the grounds.

    Everything about the town of Lewisburg is old, with its streets lined with preserved historic buildings. One building, in particular, the Old Stone Church, might be your favorite in town if you’re seeking ghost activity. Stick around until nighttime, and you can hear the agonizing wails of wounded soldiers coming from the former Civil War hospital.

    Whether exploring the campus of West Virginia University or strolling the city streets, Morgantown is one of the spookiest places to visit in the US. Watch the streets at night for a glimpse of the spirits of settlers killed by Delaware Indians that still wander around today.

    49. Wisconsin

    One thing about Boy Scouts is that they stay true to their pack, even in the afterlife. Visit Stevens Point, WI, for a chance encounter with a ghostly Boy Scout troop rumored to appear around Boy Scout Lane. One night near these grounds is enough to spook yourself out enough to actually see something strange in the night.

    Have you ever wondered where the Maribel Caves Hotel got its name? This now-abandoned hotel used to house a secret cave rumored to be a gateway to Hell. It’s easy to believe once you begin experiencing weird things happening like ghost sightings and even being touched by something.

    The abandoned Clark County Insane Asylum in Owen, WI, is an example of a mental hospital gone wrong as the patients turned on the hospital staff after mistreatment. With so much bloodshed in the asylum, the spirits of patients and staff still haunt the place with numerous reports of seeing and hearing ghosts.

    50. Wyoming 

    A brothel housed on the top of an old western saloon in Buffalo, WY, was the site of the tragic death of the daughter of a working girl. Now many years later, the girl has grown up and haunts what’s now called the Occidental Hotel. A quick visit to the hotel and you might only hear moving furniture but stay the night, and you may see her dressed in her ghoulie white gown.


    It’s hard to stay quiet inside of the Hot Springs County Library when you’ll be overwhelmed with sensations of strange activity. Nobody can explain the unusual voices or books thrown from shelves, but it’s enough evidence to attract ghost hunters to this small library in Thermopolis.

    As convenient as it is to stay the night at the Old Faithful Inn when visiting Yellowstone National Park, you might want to rethink your accommodations based on reported ghost activity. Locking your door won’t be enough to keep you from waking up to a woman ghost watching you sleep from inside your room. 

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