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Safeway Moving Systems Review

Veteran-Owned Moving Company, Great For Military Moves
Safeway Moving Systems is a veteran-owned moving and storage company offers a range of services with high standards and decades of experience. Check out our detailed Safeway Moving Systems review to decide if they’re the best choice for your move.

    Best for Military Moves

    Our Overall Rating94%
    Top Services
    • Long-Distance Moving
    • Storage Services
    Updated for August 18, 2021
    • Established Date 1969
    • Is Active Active
    • USDOT Licence# 3166589

    We’ve selected Safeway as one of the top long-distance moving companies in the US. The company operates as a broker. Rather than providing services directly, it coordinates complex moves all over the country with the help of vetted local moving companies. In this guide, we’ll cover the company’s:

    • Contract transparency
    • Pricing and fees
    • Available moving services
    • Reputation in the moving industry and its customers

    Let’s get started!

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    Safeway Moving Systems was founded and established by a veteran looking to change the standards of the moving industry. Reliability is central to their mission. The company aims to help customers, train its employees, and most importantly, execute moves with military precision. The owners believe that each person’s moving experience should be clear and stress-free from the start.

    Here are some quick facts about the company:

    • Safeway is a broker that arranges services with other local professional movers nationwide
    • They offer long-distance moves
    • They do not offer local, short-distance moves
    • They offer short-term and long-term storage options
    • The company requires higher minimum carrier insurance than the legal requirement

    When choosing the best moving company for you, we always recommend reaching out to at least two or three companies for a free quote. During your initial research, use the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration database and the Better Business Bureau to look up where it stands in the community. For example, Safeway Moving System’s data include:

    • US DOT Number: 3166589
    • MC Number: 114982
    • BBB Accredited: Yes


    • Veteran-owned company
    • Highly trained and vetted staff
    • Federally licensed and highly rated on BBB
    • Competitive pricing


    • No local moving services
    • Lack of pricing information online
    • Mixed reviews from recent customers

    Can Safeway Moving Systems Move Me?

    Save time and get the answers you need right away with a free quote from Safeway Moving Systems.

    Safeway Moving vs Competitors

    We always recommend requesting quotes from multiple movers before signing a contract. Here’s a quick look at how Safeway compares to other top moving companies:

    Safeway Moving System International Van Lines American Van Lines JK Moving Services Allied Van Lines
    Quote Free Quote Free Quote Free Quote Free Quote Free Quote
    Superlative Best for Military Moves Best Full-Service Mover Best Moving Add-Ons Best for Protection Insurance Best for Extended Storage
    Local No Yes Yes Limited Yes
    Long-Distance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Transparency Rating 90% 95% 100% 85% 95%
    Cost Rating 80% 100% 100% 90% 90%
    Services Rating 90% 100% 100% 95% 90%
    Reputation Rating 90% 90% 80% 90% 90%
    Overall Rating 87.5% 96.2% 95% 90% 92.5%

    Safeway Moving Transparency

    Our Safeway Review: 90%

    Industry Average: 80%

    Let’s begin with your initial customer experience with Safeway Moving Systems. When you peruse the company’s website, you won’t find a lot of information about its list of services, ballpark prices, or requirements for a long-distance move. Based on customer and industry reviews, however, you’ll learn much more about how the company works after reaching out to request a quote.

    Pricing Transparency

    While you won’t receive an instant quote for your move or storage needs, but that’s not uncommon with long-distance moving companies. Like most long-distance movers, Safeway estimates the price of your move after a phone call with you to collect data such as:

    • Your moving and delivery date
    • The weight of your household goods
    • The distance of your trip
    • Additional services
    • Details about your home

    The home page does note that it offers binding moving quotes. This is great to see, as a binding quote ensures that the estimate you receive will be the exact price you’ll pay on moving day.

    It’s important to note, however, that pricing confusion is one of the most common customer complaints for this company. For example, some customers complain that they did not receive returned deposits after canceled moves. Others encountered extra fees despite receiving a binding estimate.

    Basic vs Add-On Services

    According to past customer experiences, Safeway is upfront about the services included in their base rate and those that require a premium charge. As part of its standard offering, the company will provide:

    • Loading and unloading
    • Basic furniture assembly and disassembly
    • Protective materials for moving day
    • All transportation costs
    • Higher insurance policy than required by law

    You will pay extra for things like packing services, piano moving, and storage. This is standard practice among long-distance movers.

    Communication & Expectations

    As a broker, Safeway contracts local companies to carry out your move. Because of this, communication and customer service quality varies by location. For instance, some customers experienced last-minute changes to their locally hired movers or were unable to get in touch with the team once items were on the moving truck. Others complain about an unclear contract process.

    While the company does provide a binding estimate, it is not always straightforward. For example, some customers have mentioned that the contract did not explain additional charges, especially when the weight of the customer’s items ends up greater than expected.

    Still, many other Safeway Moving reviews have praised the company for its transparency, communication, and clarity around pricing. When working with Safeway, consider asking your representative about which local provider your contract will be placed with. You can then perform independent research on the local provider.


    Safeway Moving Systems is dedicated to hiring and training excellent staff that meets their military standards. Their representatives are trained to handle complex issues when scheduling projects and coordinating your move. Inconsistencies arise, however, with the day-of moving teams, who are not directly trained by Safeway, since it is a broker company.


    There is very little data online about Safeway’s contract process, cancellation fees, or how to submit a claim. Based on negative customer reviews, we recommend clarifying these details over a call before signing.

    Best for Military Moves

    • Safeway Moving is an FMCSA-Licensed Broker
    • Brokers Connect Clients With Local Moving Options at Advantageous Pricing
    • Select Locations Provide 1 Month of Free Storage Services

    Safeway Moving Cost

    Our Safeway Review: 80%

    Industry Average: 85%

    While you won’t be able to get a ballpark quote from Safeway Moving System, past reviews state that prices sit just above the national average for long-distance moves of $4,300. Factors that can impact your cost include the distance of your trip, where you live, size and weight of your move, add-on services, and whether you move during the busy season.

    When it comes to customer reviews, past clients state that the bottom line is fair and reasonable for the level of customer service.

    Cost of Services

    As we mentioned above, the company includes a range of basic services in its initial quote. The largest factors influencing price include cubic feet/weight and the trip distance. The base price includes loading, unloading, basic assembly, and the driving of the moving truck.

    Quotes & Estimates

    Past reviewers report that the estimate process takes about three days to complete. Customers exchange information with the Safeway Moving team over the phone, supplying inventory and other moving details.

    Deposits and Additional Fees

    Safeway requires a deposit upon booking your moving date. Past customers report having to put down between 30% and 40% of the final cost.

    Best for Storage Services


    • Provides self-storage services
    • Compare prices with other storage services by amenities, discounts, and more
    • Reserve storage space online

    Best Full-Service Mover

    International Van Lines

    • Provides Local, Long-Distance, & Int'l Moving Services
    • IVL is a Licensed Moving Carrier & Broker
    • Live Chat Option & A 24/7 Telephone Assistance Line

    Best Moving Add-ons

    American Van Lines

    • Local & Long-Distance Moving
    • Storage Options Available
    • Specializes In Fine Art, Antique, & Piano Moving

    Safeway Moving Services

    Our Safeway Review: 90%

    Industry Average: 75%

    As we noted above, Safeway Moving Systems is considered a broker within the industry. In other words, you will not see a Safeway truck or team of movers on moving day. Instead, the company will contract a vetted local mover to carry out your move.

    However, this does not necessarily mean you will end up with an unreliable mover. Many brokers, especially for long-distance and interstate moves, work this way to best accommodate different service needs, areas, and price points.

    Entry-Level Services

    Safeway offers industry-standard services in their basic package for both moving and storage needs. You can rely on a full-service moving team when you don’t want to handle any of the heavy lifting or driving yourself. Plus, your move is 100% guaranteed to arrive on time, according to their website.

    Additional Services

    While add-on service availability appears to vary by state, Safeway can also provide:

    • Packing
    • Unpacking
    • Packing materials
    • Piano moving
    • Car shipping
    • Commercial or office moving
    • Liability insurance

    Strengths & Weaknesses

    Safeway shines when it comes to handling full-service long-distance and cross-country moves. The company can also connect you with trusted short or long-term storage facilities, which can be very convenient during your move.

    However, it’s important to note that Safeway does not handle local moves. And with minimal details on its website, it is unclear whether the company offers specialty services like international or next-day moves.

    Best for Military Moves

    • Safeway Moving is an FMCSA-Licensed Broker
    • Brokers Connect Clients With Local Moving Options at Advantageous Pricing
    • Select Locations Provide 1 Month of Free Storage Services

    Safeway Moving Reputation & Customer Reviews

    Our Safeway Review: 90%

    Industry Average: 80%

    Safeway Moving Systems has over 40 years of experience coordinating long-distance moves across the US. Let’s take a closer look at customer reviews and the company’s general reputation:

    Safeway Moving Systems BBB Rating & Reviews

    The company recently earned accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (in February 2021) and currently holds a B rating (as of October 2021). As of October 2021, the company had the following reviews:

    Read a Safeway Moving Testimonial

    Go-To Movers From Now On
    IVL Testimonial
    Scott Loucks
    Extremely pleased with my Safeway Moving experience. A large truck arrived on time to the minute. Two polite, hardworking men got the job completed in the quoted 2.5hours. The process was as good as I could hope it to be. My go-to movers from now on.

    Safeway Customer Feedback

    As is often the case with national moving companies, you’ll find a mix of positive and negative customer reviews. Let’s look at some of the green and red flags from recent clients.

    Common Compliments

    Common Complaints

    Convenient storage options

    Punctual, courteous movers

    Great customer service

    Fair pricing

    Lack of transparency

    Varied quality of service by location

    Customer Care

    Overall, customers appeared to enjoy working one-on-one with the Safeway Moving Systems team. Many found the phone calls to arrange services clear, professional, and concise.

    Markus on Better Business Bureau states, “Our move with Safeway Moving was exactly what we hoped for: on time, courteous workers, no damage, and reasonable costs. We needed to have our goods stored for several weeks, and we used the pods offered by the mover. These worked out great. Highly recommend Safeway Moving.”


    Prices are noted to be fair in most parts of the country, especially for long-distance moves. While they do fall slightly higher than the national average, customers report more value with carrier liability coverage, flexible services, and a month of free storage.

    Efficiency and Reliability

    Issues creep up when dealing with the brokered companies supported by Safeway Moving Systems. Some of the most common complaints pertain to:

    • Missed delivery windows
    • Unreliable prices
    • Poor communication
    • Canceled moves

    Safety & Professionalism

    Unfortunately, customer care on and around moving day received complaints as well. Several Yelp reviewers step forward to complain about missing items, broken furniture, and rude employees.

    A recent review on Yelp from April 2021 reported that while the early stages of the moving process went smoothly, communication broke down after the initial call. During the move itself, the customer’s items were temporarily missing and then arrived late and badly damaged.

    Not all customers experienced this. Many customers have praised the company for its punctuality, courteousness, and professionalism throughout their move. Unfortunately, reviews appear to vary greatly by location due to the nature of the broker system.

    Our Final Review

    Safeway Moving Systems reviews run the gamut from being pleased about their experience to claiming the company is a scam. While the company itself is legit, it appears they occasionally work with unreliable local movers. If you decide to work with Safeway, be sure to ask who your job is being contracted to, then do some research into that provider before signing.

    Safeway Moving Systems FAQs

    Is Safeway Moving Systems legit?

    Safeway Moving System is a licensed moving broker based in Chicago that offers services across the U.S. The company works with vetted local movers and storage companies to ensure personalized and high-quality customer care with “military precision.”

    While the company has received complaints in the past couple of years, the team often follows up to resolve the issue directly.

    Does Safeway Moving offer packing?

    This full-service, long-distance company offers a long list of extra services depending on where you live. For example, hire your Safeway movers to handle:

    • Packing and unpacking your home
    • Storing your items for several months or more
    • Specialty moving for fragile items and pianos
    • Car shipping

    Is Safeway Moving System a broker?

    Yes, the company brokers out its moves to movers in your area that specialize in long-distance moves and storage. This allows Safeway Moving to ensure consistent care and pricing with a wider reach throughout the country.

    Does Safeway Moving offer Price Matching?

    Many past customers and reviewers note that Safeway participates in price matching. We always recommend reaching out to several moving companies for quotes for this reason. When competing for your business, the movers are more likely to match the lower price offered in a similar contract.

    Get a Free Safeway Moving System Quote

    Safeway Moving System is a solid option for long-distance moves. However, we always recommend comparing at least three moving companies to get the best quotes and service.

    Get your free quote so you can compare Safeway Moving System with today’s top full-service movers and make your move budget-friendly and carefree.

    Best for Storage Services


    • Provides self-storage services
    • Compare prices with other storage services by amenities, discounts, and more
    • Reserve storage space online

    Best Full-Service Mover

    International Van Lines

    • Provides Local, Long-Distance, & Int'l Moving Services
    • IVL is a Licensed Moving Carrier & Broker
    • Live Chat Option & A 24/7 Telephone Assistance Line

    Best Moving Add-ons

    American Van Lines

    • Local & Long-Distance Moving
    • Storage Options Available
    • Specializes In Fine Art, Antique, & Piano Moving

    Best for Military Moves

    Safeway Moving System

    • Safeway Moving is an FMCSA-Licensed Broker
    • Brokers Connect Clients With Local Moving Options at Advantageous Pricing
    • Select Locations Provide 1 Month of Free Storage Services

    Best for Protection Insurance

    JK Moving Services

    • Long-Distance, Interstate, Local & Int'l Moves
    • 24/7 Customer Support & Great Mobile App for Customers
    • Low-Interest Financing Available with JK Moving partner