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PODS Moving Review [2022]

Local & Long-Distance Moving Container Company
PODS is a leading moving container company, providing both local and long-distance moving services. In our comprehensive PODS moving review, we’ll examine the company’s pricing, services, and reputation. Find out if PODS is right for your move!

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    Updated for January 10, 2022
    • Established Date 1998
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    PODS Overview

    PODS—or Portable On-Demand Storage—is as close to a household name as you’ll find in the moving industry. In fact, the term “PODS” is often used to refer to all moving containers, regardless of their provider. If you’re considering renting a portable storage container for your next move, then we highly recommend this quality company.

    Review Category

    PODS Rating Industry Average Rating In-Depth Review
    Transparency 95% 80%

    PODS Transparency Review


    95% 85% PODS Pricing Review
    Services 90% 75%

    PODS Services Review


    95% 80% PODS Reputation Review
    Overall 93.7% 80%

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    Most Convenient Service

    • Local & Long-Distance Moving Container Service
    • Can Store PODS on Property or Storage Facility
    • Three Container Sizes (7', 12' & 16')

    We’ve put together all the relevant information you need to make an informed decision about whether to use PODS moving services. Here’s a quick summary before we dive into more detail below:

    • Transparency: PODS offers up-front pricing with no hidden fees. You can book with PODS confidently knowing that you won’t be surprised with extra costs.
    • Pricing: PODS pricing is competitive in the industry and easy to understand. Several container size options allow you to pay for only what you need.
    • Services: With numerous service centers around the country, PODS provides local and long-distance moving to and from all US states. You can also use PODS for storage!
    • Reputation: PODS maintains an excellent reputation with former clients. Their award-winning customer service is a frequent strong point discussed in reviews.

    Can PODS Move Me?

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    PODS vs Competitors

    Here’s a quick look at PODS compared to some of its biggest competitors:

    PODS U-PACK 1-800-PACK-RAT International Van Lines

    American Van Lines


    Free Quote Free Quote Free Quote Free Quote Free Quote
    Local Yes No Yes Yes



    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Transparency Rating 95% 97% 90% 95%


    Cost Rating

    95% 97% 95% 100% 100%
    Services Rating 90% 90% 85% 100%


    Reputation Rating

    95% 97% 95% 90% 80%
    Overall Rating 93.7% 95.2% 91.2% 96.2%


    PODS Transparency

    Our PODS Review: 95%

    Industry Average: 80%

    When reviewing the company,  we found that the company is highly transparent. They have a comprehensive website that makes it easy to find all the information you could need to book your move with confidence. From average pricing information, moving checklists, and FAQs to detailed pages dedicated to each of its services, the company does a great job of providing clear information and communication.

    That said, there are a few minor issues that appear in some PODS moving reviews regarding transparency:

    • Taxes. Some negative reviews report hidden costs, despite PODS advertising that they do not have hidden fees. This is because taxes are not included in their initial moving quotes. While not explicitly a hidden fee, taxes can inflate costs for larger relocations. When booking, ask your representative for a tax estimate, or budget ahead on your own.
    • Quote Process. Some clients report that the quote process is not as easy as advertised. For large-scale or longer relocations, there isn’t a reliable online quote mechanism in place. For any move over 50 miles, you will have to call and speak to a representative or get a quote via email.

    Aside from these relatively minor issues, PODS is a superior provider and is one of the most recognizable names in the moving industry for a good reason.

    PODS Pricing

    Our PODS Review: 95%

    Industry Average: 85%

    For smaller moves over a shorter distance, PODS offers some of the best rates in the industry. For moves of greater distance, costs can run slightly above the market average. With their excellent track record and low damage claims, however, many consider this a worthwhile tradeoff.

    Average Costs

    On its site, PODS provides average moving costs for both local and long-distance moves:

    • Local: $349-$549
    • Long-Distance: $999-$2,999

    Keep in mind that these stated averages include one moth of storage. For a deeper dive into PODS pricing, check out our PODS Moving Cost Guide.

    Moving Cost Factors

    The primary pricing factors with PODS are move distance, home size, timeframe, and number of containers required. All container rentals come with one month of storage. Additional months of storage cost $149+ per unit.

    Storage Cost Factors

    Even if you’re not moving, you can use PODS containers for storage—either at your home or a PODS facility. Primary factors that influence storage unit costs include your geographic location, container size and amount, timeframe, and whether you’re keep the container on your property or at the facility.

    PODS Sample Pricing

    Below, we’ve included a few sample prices for a move with PODS to help give you an idea of what to expect. Remember, our prices are only samples. To find out exactly what your move will cost, simply request a free quote.

    Move Size Local Move 300 Mile Move 1,500+ Mile Move
    1 BR $200 – $425 $400 – $850 $1,500 – $3,500
    2 BR $250 – $500 $700 – $1,600 $2,000 – $4,000
    3 BR $300 – $650 $750 – $1,850 $2,500 – $5,000
    4 BR $350 – $800 $800 – $3,100 $5,000 – $7,500

    Most Convenient Service

    • Local & Long-Distance Moving Container Service
    • Can Store PODS on Property or Storage Facility
    • Three Container Sizes (7', 12' & 16')

    PODS Services

    Our PODS Review: 90%

    Industry Average: 75%

    If you’re looking for a cheap way to move cross country or even across town, a moving container is a great option. That’s because the cost of labor is taken out of the equation. PODS offers a few different moving and storage options with different container sizes. Here’s what you need to know:

    PODS Container Sizes

    PODS offers three different moving container sizes. That is equal to 1-800-PACK-RAT and more options than their competitors, ZippyShell, U-Pack, U-Haul, or SMARTBOX. This allows them to service a variety of moving needs at varied price points. All containers are built with steel frames and are functionally weatherproof.

    • 7-Foot Container: These containers have a maximum capacity of 4,200 pounds. They are ideal for college students, studio apartment renters, and people who would like to move or store a limited amount of goods. They are available for both local and long-distance moves.
    • 12-Foot Container: This container has a maximum capacity of 4,700 pounds. They can comfortably fit between two and three rooms, making them ideal for most one-bedroom apartments when properly loaded. However, these mid-sized containers are only available for local moves.
    • 16-Foot Container: With a max capacity of 5,200 pounds, this is the largest container available from PODS. This unit can fit three to four rooms comfortably, making it a perfect option for many two-bedroom apartments.

    For those with larger-sized homes, there is always an option to rent multiple units for any move. This will obviously increase your cost, but it may still be more affordable than working with a full-service mover.

    PODS Container Size Maximum Weight Ideal Home Size
    7-foot container 4,200 lbs Studio Apartment
    12-foot container 4,700 lbs 1-Bedroom Apartment
    16-foot container 5,200 lbs 2-bedroom Apartment

    ​PODS City Service

    Many people moving in a city tend to avoid rental trucks—for good reason. Tight streets, a lack of parking, traffic, and many other stressors await during any urban relocation. For this, PODS has a special city service option available. Clients who opt for this will get a DIY moving experience, with some added peace of mind and security.

    With this option, clients will get a dedicated driver for their move. The driver will stay with the delivery truck and unit from drop-off to pick-up, which prevents clients from getting tickets, having items stolen, or having a unit damaged by passing traffic.


    Whether you’re moving with PODS or not, you can use the containers for storage. All moves come with up to one month of storage, and you can pay for more as needed. You can store your container on your own property or keep it at a secure PODS facility. Their 230 locations now service 44 states directly and offer some of the best options for your storage needs.

    Insurance Options

    You have the option of purchasing insurance for your move. PODS offer various levels of protection up to $300,000 of coverage, starting at $34.95 per month.

    It’s important to note that damage to containers inflicted by a client will not be covered under any circumstance. However, fire or weather damage, vehicle collision, vandalism, PODS-caused damages, and many other events are covered.

    Items not covered include money of any kind, personal or sensitive documents, precious metals, media of any kind, and more.

    Third-Party Labor Help

    Like most other moving container companies, PODS doesn’t directly offer labor help. However, they do advertise the services of several other third-party providers. This is in alignment with many other container companies. Among the labor sources they advertise are Hire A Helper, Moving Staffers, and Pack & Load Services, Inc. You are also free to do the labor yourself or hire another third-party company at your convenience.

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    Most Competitive Pricing


    • Long-Distance Moving Container Service
    • Storage at Secure U-Pack Facilities Nationwide
    • Two Container Sizes (8' and 27')

    PODS Reputation & Customer Reviews

    Our PODS Review: 95%

    Industry Average: 80%

    Overall, customer reviews are solid for PODS. Common praise for the company highlights their transparency of pricing and the timeliness of their deliveries. Since each PODS rental quote comes with a month of storage, clients can plan their move with plenty of flexibility. While their largest competitor, U-Pack, comes with a three-day window at each end of the move, PODS allows delivery and pick-up to be scheduled at the client’s discretion.

    According to the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), PODS reports 10x fewer damage claims than conventional moving services. This can be attributed to the sturdy construction used in each unit and careful practices employed by drivers. The low number of damage claims, coupled with comprehensive coverage options show up repeatedly in customer reviews. When you add the freedom for clients to structure their moves into the mix, it makes for a far more laidback experience.

    Over the course of their 20+ year history, PODS has handled more than 4 million moves of all sizes. Since their 1998 opening, their consistent strength of service has established them as the dominant leader among moving container companies. If you book with them, you’ll likely find that their customer service has won awards for a very good reason.

    PODS Moving FAQ

    Are there any items I can't move or store in a PODS unit?

    Moving and storage containers, like moving trucks, come with defined lists of banned items. This includes any toxic, flammable or caustic chemicals, such as gasoline, motor oil, bleach, or other cleaning products. Plants and fertilizers or potting soils are also not allowed, along with perishable food items. Every mover will have its own unique ban list, which you can typically find on their website in an FAQ section.

    Does PODS require deposits?

    While you are required to use information from a valid credit card to reserve your unit(s), PODS will not charge any fees until seven days ahead of your move. You will have until that window to cancel with no added fees.

    Can PODS handle my local move?

    Yes. Unlike U-Pack and their ReloCubes, you will be able to move locally with PODS. This is a major advantage that PODS holds over their competitor, who doesn’t service moves under 150 miles. The steel frame construction of all PODS containers is also sturdier than many of its competitors, such as the U-Haul U-Box.

    How much does a long-distance move cost?

    When budgeting your move, you should get moving quotes from PODS and other moving companies in your area. Getting more than one free quote will allow you to properly evaluate different movers and what their strengths and weaknesses are. For a full-service move, you would likely pay somewhere between $2,000 to $5,000. PODS cost figures can equal or exceed the $5,000 mark as well, depending on the move in question. Larger moves, requiring more units will cost more.

    Why should I use a moving container company instead of planning a total DIY move?

    When you book with PODS or another container provider, you will get the flexibility provided by a DIY move with a rental truck, with greatly reduced liability. Provided that you abide by the container provider’s rules for allowable items in their units, the responsibility for your goods during shipment falls entirely on them. With a moving truck rental, however, you will assume all liability for both the vehicle and your goods. Even if you purchase insurance when renting a truck, it will likely only cover front-end collisions. Should you hit a low-clearance bridge or scrape the box in any other way, you could be responsible for paying off the damages.

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