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North American Van Lines Review [2023]

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North American Van Lines is one the best movers operating in the US today, providing local, long-distance, and international moving services. With a full range of add-on services, years of experience, and a strong reputation, we recommend NAVL for your next move. Our researchers have put together the ultimate North American Van Lines review. Read on to find out if NAVL is the best provider for your move.

    Best Customer Service

    Our Overall Rating92.5%
    Top Services
    • Long-Distance
    • Interstate
    • Local Moves
    • Full-Service
    Updated for January 5, 2022
    • Established Date 1933
    • Is Active Active
    • USDOT Licence# 070851

    In this article, we’ll break down North American Van Lines’ strengths, weaknesses, reputation, pricing, and services to bring you an honest look.

    North American Van Lines Overview

    Review Category NAVL Rating Industry Average Rating In-Depth Review
    Transparency 95% 80% NAVL Transparency Review
    Cost 95% 85% NAVL Cost Review
    Services 95% 75% NAVL Services Review
    Reputation 85% 80% NAVL Reputation Review
    Overall 92.5% 80% Get A Quote
    • Transparency: NAVL’s customer service representatives will allow you to customize your move and choose only the services you need.
    • Pricing: North American Van Lines offers their basic moving services at $135 per hour, for two movers and a truck. This is a standard rate for shorter moves. Long-distance moves are billed based on a combination of weight and distance (line hauling charge), and require an in-home estimate to gauge pricing. NAVL boasts a guarantee of no hidden fees.
    • Services: NAVL offers an array of services to make your relocation as easy as possible. If they can’t do something themselves, they can contract the work out to another carrier. Packing and unpacking, auto transport, crating, and many more options are available upon request. The extras they offer for international moves are second to none.
    • Reputation: This firm has been in operation since 1933 and has built up a strong reputation within the moving industry. They handle thousands of moves each year, both nationally and globally.

    Can NAVL Move Me?

    Save time and get the answers you need right away with a free quote from North American Van Lines.

    North American Van Lines vs Competitors

    Here’s a quick look at how NAVL compares to some of its biggest competitors in the industry:

    North American Van Lines International Van Lines JK Moving Services Allied Van Lines Safeway Moving System
    Quote Free Quote Free Quote Free Quote Free Quote Free Quote
    Superlative Best Customer Care Best Full-Service Mover Best for Protection Insurance Best for Extended Storage Best for Military Moves
    Local Yes Yes Limited Yes No
    Long-Distance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Transparency Rating 95% 95% 85% 95% 90%
    Cost Rating 95% 100% 90% 90% 80%
    Services Rating 95% 100% 95% 90% 90%
    Reputation Rating 85% 80% 90% 90% 90%
    Overall Rating 92.5% 96.2% 90% 92.5% 87.5%

    North American Van Lines Transparency

    Our NAVL Review: 95%

    Industry Average: 80%

    North American Van Lines offers free quotes, which are available online or in-person. During move estimates, clients are informed of the basis for pricing. Local moves of all sizes are billed at an hourly rate, starting at $135 for two movers with a moving truck.

    Long-distance and interstate moves are billed using a combination of weight and distance, with add-ons factored in. Unless an inventory list is adhered to, any estimates received by the client should be taken as a ballpark figure. NAVL is registered with the U.S. DOT and FMCSA, so all of their protocols are above board.

    Basic Services & Add-Ons

    North American Van Lines offers a customized moving experience, which allows clients to pick and choose which services they need. Only loading, unloading, basic insurance, and shipment tracking are included in the base cost.

    Beyond that, you will be required to pay for any extras. If you need any specialty services that are outside of NAVL’s purview, they can contract the work out to other professional movers in your area. North American’s network includes 500 partners in the United States alone.


    Customer service is a major selling point for the best moving companies today, especially for major van lines. The first thing you should do when planning your move is schedule multiple estimates with different companies. Given North American Van Lines’ heavy client load, requesting a quote online is the best option for your time. If you try their phone number, 1-844-733-7066, it may skew your timeframe for getting an estimate.

    Through an in-home or virtual move survey, your NAVL representative will go over your options for service and will work with you to create the ideal package for your moving experience.

    Hiring Process

    North American Van Lines provides in-home and virtual estimates for free. Distance factors into cost, but weight is the main criteria used to calculate cost for this mover. Your representative will ask you a series of questions about which items you plan to take. You will then be quoted a price. As a full-service mover, NAVL is fully equipped to handle any services a client could need. Services that are typically add-ons elsewhere—such as full-service packing, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and packing—are included in your price.

    As a bonus, the price you are given during your free quote is the price you pay. NAVL proudly advertises no hidden fees on their site. You will be given a contract to sign, which you should keep a copy of during and after your move.

    General Policies

    Here are some important policies you need to be aware of when working with this company:

    Damage Claims

    The best moving companies take broken or damaged goods claims seriously. After all, unhappy customers are not ideal for their bottom line. If your items have been damaged, you can fill out a claim here. This form covers both broken items and delayed delivery.

    Damage claims must be filed within nine months for all states, except Texas, which has a 90-day window. Once you submit the form, you will be assigned a claim adjuster to handle your dispute if needed.

    Canceled Moves

    To cancel a move, you will have to call NAVL’s customer service department to get a cancellation number. Many National Van Lines reviews have mentioned that this process is hard to get through in the best of times. If you need to cancel, you should call North American as soon as possible. As with any large firm, getting through to speak with a representative could be time-consuming.

    Lost Items

    Your NAVL movers, by company policy, should maintain an inventory sheet at both ends of the job, especially for long-distance and cross-country moves. When packing boxes and wrapping furniture, everything should be labeled and put on a list before it enters the moving van or truck. At the unload, this same list will be referenced, with items checked off as they leave the truck. At the end of the move, you will be asked to sign this sheet (a bill of lading) before payment, and before your movers leave.

    You should feel free to ask for a copy of this sheet at the load-up. Take some time to cross-reference it with your movers’ copy as your things are making their way into your new home. Lost items claims are best made at this point. If you wait too long after the fact, it will be far more difficult to prove that your movers were at fault.

    Best Customer Service

    • Personalized Approach To Moving
    • Licensed Carrier & Broker in All 50 US States
    • 24/7 Customer Care & Support

    North American Van Lines Cost

    Our NAVL Review: 95%

    Industry Average: 85%

    North American Van Lines cost and pricing is on par or slightly better than its largest competitors for local and long-distance moving. Here’s what you need to know:

    NAVL Local Moving Costs

    For local moves, pricing is based on an hourly rate. The average cost across many markets is around $135 for two movers and a truck. Add $60/hr per packer for packing services as well. This is typical for the moving industry and places the total base price for smaller moves between $500 and $600.

    Home Size

    Movers Suggested

    Hourly Rate

    Hourly Rate w/ Packing

    2 BR




    3 BR




    4 BR




    5 BR




    * Note: This pricing is a sample only and should not be considered a binding estimate. Cost is projected based on the hourly rate of $135 for two movers and $60 per packer. Request a free quote to accurately price your move.

    NAVL Long-Distance Moving Costs

    For long-distance moves with NAVL, you will pay based on mileage and weight. A sample quote from NAVL for a four-bedroom home, moving roughly 900 miles, came to around $10,000. For this sample cost, no extra services were added, and two major cities were used as the destinations. Larger markets equal higher prices. This figure is still slightly higher than competitor pricing.

    Home Size

    Move Distance


    Estimated Cost

    2 BR


    4,000 lbs


    3 BR


    5,000 lbs


    4 BR


    6,000 lbs


    5 BR


    7,000 lbs


    * Note: This pricing is an estimate only, based on sample quotes that did not include add-on services. This does not guarantee that you will receive a similar estimate for your move. Request a free quote to accurately price your move.

    Basic Services

    Let’s break down the basic services included within your estimate:

    • Loading & Unloading. This is your basic service, which is included in the cost of your move. During this process, your professional movers can wrap and protect your household items upon request, although you may have to pay extra for supplies used.
    • Basic Liability Insurance. Basic liability insurance is also included in your base price. Every reputable moving company carries this. This insurance covers your items at a rate of $0.60 per pound, per item. For longer or international moves, clients are advised to select the premium option, which offers full value protection.
    • Satellite Tracking. North American Van Lines offers real-time satellite tracking of your shipment at any time. All you need is a reliable internet connection to take advantage of this service, which works equally well for international and interstate moves.
    • Free Estimate. Prior to your move, you will ideally have completed an in-home or virtual survey with a relocation specialist from NAVL. This is free of charge and is vital to help ensure your move goes smoothly.

    Add-On Services

    NAVL offers a full range of add-on services for a premium charge:

    • Full-Service Packing. If you are dealing with a larger move and need extra help, NAVL offers packing services. Their base rate includes a moving van and $60 per hour, per packer. You will pay a markup for any new supplies used, but it can be worth the convenience. Professionally packed items are far less likely to break in transit. You should ask your NAVL representative about pricing for supplies. Many vendors offer these for free, but that availability varies greatly with season and location.
    • Fragile-Only Packing. NAVL also offers a specialty packing service for fragile or valuable items. This comes at the same hourly cost of $60. If you only leverage NAVL to pack fragile items, however, you can reduce your cost compared to a full-service pack.
    • Full Valuation Insurance Coverage. NAVL offers basic liability insurance for free, but full valuation coverage is available at a premium cost. Based on the shipping weight of your items, you must have a minimum of $5 per pound in coverage. For example, you will pay a $200 flat fee to insure a move that totals 5,000 pounds. If you have anything fragile or valuable, this coverage could be well worth your money. As a bonus, North American offers full coverage on property damage within your home. If your movers put a hole in a wall, or scratch your floors, NAVL will cover your repairs.

    Payment Structure

    North American Van Lines advertises predictable pricing with no hidden fees. Their stated goal is to “remove some of the sticker shock” from the moving process. No matter which company you go with, moving is an expensive service. Clients are encouraged to ask their relocation specialist about both “bottom line pricing” and “not-to-exceed pricing.” Both of these options are available after an in-home estimate has been conducted and are designed to cap expenses at an amount specified before moving day.

    For payment, most moving companies prefer either cash or certified check at the time of delivery. Credit cards are accepted but are often processed at an earlier time (the load up) to ensure that payment is processed on time. If an employer or third party is footing your bill, they will be invoiced one or two days prior to the actual move.

    Canceled Moves

    Some North American Van Lines reviews mention that cancelling services can be a hassle with the company. You will have to call your representative to get a cancellation number specific to your job to have your request processed. Last-minute changes do happen. If you get your request in early, you shouldn’t have any issues.

    North American Van Lines Services

    Our NAVL Review: 95%

    Industry Average: 75%

    North American Van Lines is one of the largest moving brokers in the world. They are also a major carrier for household and corporate goods. They have over 500 local partners across the United States and even more partners across 130 countries. As a result, they are one of the most trusted long-distance movers working today.

    Let’s look at North American Van Lines services:

    Entry Level & General Services

    • Local, long-distance, and international moving
    • Corporate relocations
    • Loading and unloading
    • Basic liability insurance
    • Satellite tracking on all shipments, 24/7
    • Online checklists and moving tips
    • Free in-home estimates

    Add-On Services

    • Full-service packing: Complete with packing supplies, NAVL will send workers to your home to pack for you before moving day.
    • Fragile-only packing: This is a reduced version of the service above, packing and securing only your most vulnerable items.
    • Full valuation coverage: North American offers full protection for your goods at an extra cost of $200 per 5,000 pounds moved.
    • Boxes and moving supplies: Most moving companies offer some amount of these for free with the price of the move. You should ask your relocation specialist about this before purchasing supplies.
    • Appliance Installation: This varies between local agents and depending on the work that needs to be done. Ask your relocation specialist about this service with a list of appliances that need installation. You should be quoted a price during the estimate.
    • Furniture disassembly/ reassembly: This service is not terribly time-consuming, but it will cost you a little extra when working with NAVL. If your goal is total convenience, then it may be worth your money to pay for this additional service.
    • Debris removal: For an added fee, NAVL or their local partners will take away your used packing supplies and other move-related garbage after your job is complete.

    Premium Services

    • Auto shipping: North American offers this service as a subcontracted task to other companies. It would likely be cheaper to go through a third party yourself. But if you prefer convenience, you can go through NAVL.
    • Crane van access for large items: If you have a piano or other large item going into or coming out of an upper floor, NAVL can contract the services of a moving crane to deliver your items to their destination. This is a highly specialized service and will likely incur a hefty price. Speak to your relocation specialist if this interests you.
    • Storage: Storage services are of particular use when moving a long distance or to a new country. If this applies to you, your relocation specialist can help you to find a climate-controlled, reputable storage facility for your things.

    International Moving Services

    NAVL is regarded as one of the best international moving companies with the many personal touches they offer their clients. They will even go so far as to help clients set up driving and language classes as well as any other service that could help customers get settled in their new homes abroad.

    While quotes for international moves will be similar to long-distance moves in the United States, there are several other charges to be aware of. Customs fees when shipments are received in your new country and hotel fees while you’re waiting are all your responsibility. It would be best to pay for faster shipping if at all available, as your temporary living costs and decreased cost for slower shipping will offset.

    North American Van Lines Reputation & Customer Reviews

    Our NAVL Review: 85%

    Industry Average: 80%

    Since its founding in 1933, North American Van Lines has grown into one of the best-known and largest moving companies in the world. With affiliates in 130 countries and 500 locations in the United States alone, NAVL’s sphere of influence is massive.

    North American Van Lines’ reputation as a long-distance and international mover is second to none. With the wide array of services they offer, clients have reported generally positive experiences when moving with them.

    North American Van Lines Google, BBB & Yelp Reviews

    As of October 2021, NAVL had the following reviews:

    • North American Van Lines Google Reviews: 3.6/5 (12 reviews, Fort Wayne IN). Varies by location.
    • North American Van Lines Yelp Reviews: Varies greatly by location.
    • North American Van Lines BBB Reviews: A+ rating with the BBB

    Read a NAVL Testimonial

    Careful & Considerate
    IVL Testimonial
    Scott Loucks
    The movers were careful and considerate! They kept us updated regularly and were always very friendly. They arrived at the exact time that they said they would for both pick up and delivery!

    NAVL Customer Feedback

    Here are some of the most common compliments and complaints for North American Van Lines:

    Common Compliments

    Common Complaints

    Detailed, transparent quote process

    Range of services

    Care with items

    Fair pricing


    Difficult to cancel

    Unresponsive customer service

    Many of the negative reviews appear to come from clients who used local agents rather than working directly with the company themselves. Common themes in these reviews tend to be broken or missing items, and slightly unresponsive customer service agents.

    The overall sentiment surrounding North American Van Lines is positive, as clients generally enjoy the ability to fully customize their moving experience. The prices are slightly above industry average for long-distance moves, but if you get the right crew to work on your move, you will be happy that you went with NAVL.

    When considering North American, clients should research reviews in their specific area. If the partner companies around you are solid, then your move will be a breeze. Consumer Affairs has this large-scale moving company rated 4/5 stars across nearly 500 reviews, which is a testament to their solid reputation.

    North American Van Lines FAQs

    If I received a non-binding estimate for my move, how can I be sure that I won't be at risk for a hefty uncharge?

    According to the FMCSA’s “110 percent rule,” movers can only charge up to 110% of the initial estimate upon delivery. However, if the weight of your goods exceeds the initial estimate, due to human error or last-minute additions, your bill can go up higher than that. You should shop around for a binding estimate if at all possible to prevent this.

    What is a bill of lading, and what is its importance?

    The bill of lading is a total inventory of your goods, which is completed by your move’s crew chief on both ends. It includes every item your movers have loaded into the truck, as well as a copy of your move contract. You should review this upon completion of your load-up, as you will be asked to review and sign it when your goods reach their destination. If you have any disputes regarding your move, then is the time to raise them. Here is a detailed description of what your bill of lading should contain.

    This is my first time using a full-service van line for a long-distance move, and I'm a little overwhelmed. How do I even begin to prepare?

    Picking up your entire life and moving to a new state or country is a big step. Your most immediate task should be to go through every room in your home and decide what you will not be taking. If you start this process months out from the actual move date (if you have that much time,) you will be far less stressed. Luckily, NAVL has resources on its site with all kinds of checklists for this exact purpose.

    What should I do if my move doesn't go as planned, or if something breaks?

    You should file a claim with your moving company as soon as possible in this case. The best time to broach any concerns would be before your moving crew leaves, and before you sign the bill of lading at the end of your move. The FMCSA keeps a full list of your rights and responsibilities on their website in the event that you need to do this.

    Get a Free NAVL Quote

    We hope our North American Van Lines review has helped you to plan your move. NAVL is a solid option if you’re planning a long-distance or international move. However, we always recommend comparing at least three moving companies to get the best quotes and service.

    Get your free quote so you can compare North American Van Lines with today’s top full-service movers and make your move budget-friendly and carefree.

    Best Full-Service Mover

    International Van Lines

    • Local, Long-Distance, & Int'l Moving Services
    • Licensed Moving Carrier & Broker Nationwide
    • Live Chat & 24/7 Customer Service

    Best Moving Add-ons

    American Van Lines

    • Local, Long-Distance & International Moves
    • Direct Carrier to All 48 Continental US States
    • Storage Options Available

    Most Reliable

    Safeway Moving

    • FMCSA-Licensed Broker Nationwide
    • Long-Distance Moving Only
    • Packing & One Month Storage Included

    Best Insurance Options

    JK Moving Services

    • Local, Interstate, Local, & International Moving
    • 24/7 Customer Support & Great Mobile App
    • Low-Interest Financing Available

    Most Competitive Pricing


    • Long-Distance Moving Container Service
    • Storage at Secure U-Pack Facilities Nationwide
    • Two Container Sizes (8' and 27')