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LoadUp Junk Removal Review [2022]

Experienced Junk Removal and Furniture Assembly Services
LoadUp is one of the best junk removal companies available today, serving both residential and commercial clients. Easy online booking, instant quotes with guaranteed rates, and 100% background-checked crews are all great reasons to choose this provider.

    Best Overall Junk Removal

    Our Overall Rating92.5%
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    Updated for March 17, 2022
    • Established Date 2014
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    LoadUp Junk Removal Overview

    LoadUp enjoys a well-deserved reputation as one of the best junk removal services in the US today. Founded in 2014, LoadUp helps customers solve their junk removal needs at affordable rates with convenient online booking. In our comprehensive LoadUp review, we’ll cover everything you need to know to decide if this company is right for your needs.

    Review Category LJR Rating Industry Average Rating In-Depth Review
    Transparency 95% 80% Transparency Review
    Cost 95% 85% Cost Review
    Services 90% 75% Services Review
    Reputation 90% 80% Reputation Review
    Overall 92.5% 80% Get A Quote

    Best Overall Junk Removal

    • Residential & Commercial Junk Removal Service
    • 100% Background-Checked Crews
    • Instant Online Quotes with Guaranteed Rates


    • Easy online quotes and booking
    • 100% background-checked crews
    • Wide availability, serving all U.S. states except Vermont


    • Brokers services to independent contractors
    • Service quality can vary by location

    Can LoadUp Remove My Junk?

    Save time and get the answers you need right away with a free quote from LoadUp Junk Removal.

    LoadUp Transparency

    Our LoadUp Review: 95%

    Industry Average: 80%

    LoadUp strives to be as transparent as possible from booking to billing. From pricing to how removed items are disposed of, all facets of their business are specifically tailored to keep clients well informed.

    Pricing Transparency

    LoadUp’s online quote tool makes it easy to price your job out based on the type and number of items you’ll need removed from your property. Simply enter your zip code, select the items you need removed, and receive an instate estimate with a guaranteed rate. You’ll never be required to pay more than what you’re quoted online, and you won’t have to worry about hidden fees. This convenient tool eliminates the need for in-person estimates as well, saving time for all parties involved.

    Employees and Partners

    LoadUp doesn’t employ a standard franchising model. Instead, they employ a range of independent contractors across the country who select their work hours and service areas. Much like many ridesharing apps and interfaces, LoadUp doesn’t directly employ many of its partners. That said, all employees working for LoadUp must undergo thorough background checks to help ensure safety.

    Disposal Methods and Policies

    Prior to going to a landfill or transfer station, LoadUp and affiliated carriers attempt to donate all undamaged goods to charities and thrift stores in their vicinity. They are typically able to donate 70% of items and have diverted over 3 million pounds of landfill waste, helping to ensure a positive environmental impact.

    Arrival Times

    LoadUp strives to keep their clients informed at all times. You’ll receive a text notification when your crew is on the way to your property. Customers can also track their crew’s whereabouts through a real-time GPS feed. This makes scheduling services and managing your time extremely convenient.

    I received friendly, professional service and careful removal of my very large, heavy couch and recliner. I thought the price was reasonable and I liked being able to schedule online. Highly recommend!
    -Tena F.

    LoadUp Cost

    Our LoadUp Review: 95%

    Industry Average: 85%

    With transparent per-item pricing, LoadUp typically offers rates that are 20-30% lower than other top junk removal companies. Each quote provided is all-inclusive, which means taxes and associated fees for your given area are folded into the flat rate you receive. There are no hidden fees. The price your quoted is what you will pay.

    Here are sample costs for single-item removal we obtained by using their convenient online quote tool:

    Item Quoted Cost
    Bag of junk $109
    Recliner $119
    Sofa $124
    Dresser $124
    Mattress and box spring $154
    Treadmill or elliptical $184
    Residential air conditioner $189


    Keep in mind that pricing for individual items will vary depending on your location. Combining multiple items into a single load can also be more cost-effective than single-item pickups. For example, our quote to dispose of a mattress, box spring, and bag of junk was only $174. If these items were picked up individually, the cost would be $263. By combining items in a single trip, we saved $89.

    Dumpster Rental

    Dumpster rentals are the perfect option for DIY-minded individuals who want to save some money by doing the loading themselves. The base rate for roll-off dumpsters from LoadUp is $79. Your exact rate will be dictated by your location and the amount of items you need taken away.

    Online Payment

    Online payment is highly encouraged for all services rendered. Especially since the onset of the pandemic, contactless methods are preferred. If you opt to tip your crew after work has been completed, cash can be accepted.

    Best Overall Junk Removal

    • Residential & Commercial Junk Removal Service
    • 100% Background-Checked Crews
    • Instant Online Quotes with Guaranteed Rates

    LoadUp Services

    Our LoadUp Review: 90%

    Industry Average: 75%

    LoadUp provides the following services, focusing on recycling and upcycling all goods that they can before outright disposal:

    • Residential junk removal: Residential waste disposal is one of LoadUp’s specialties. Each of their trucks can hold the equivalent of four fully-loaded large pickup trucks, which makes them ideal for smaller to mid-sized furniture disposal and clean up after moving or renovations.
    • Commercial junk removal: LoadUp also provides commercial and retail space cleanout services of moderate size. For larger disposal needs, you’ll have the option of procuring multiple LoadUp trucks.
    • Curbside pickup: If circumstances require you to be away during your preferred time for service, LoadUp offers contactless service. As long as your items are specified in your online work order and are set aside at the listed address, a LoadUp crew will be able to help.
    • Item assembly and disassembly: LoadUp charges per-item rates for assembly and disassembly. Their disassembly services are often used to prepare items for disposal but are also available for pre-move preparation.

    LoadUp can provide removal services for the following goods:

    • Furniture
    • Mattresses and box springs
    • Exercise equipment
    • E-waste
    • Appliances
    • Household and office refuse
    • Oversized items
    • And more

    Best Overall Junk Removal

    • Residential & Commercial Junk Removal Service
    • 100% Background-Checked Crews
    • Instant Online Quotes with Guaranteed Rates

    LoadUp Reputation & Customer Reviews

    Our LoadUp Review: 90%

    Industry Average: 80%

    LoadUp’s reviews largely report positive conduct on the part of their crews. “Fast,” “friendly,” and “efficient” are just a few of the most commonly-used compliments paid by past customers.

    Evan from California reported the following after his experience with LoadUp:

    Excellent, responsive service, very reasonably priced!!! I used the “assemble” option to request they put together an adjustable frame and bed from Avocado. They kept in touch throughout the process, confirming all details, and provided phone number for the assemblers, who then called with estimated time of arrival. Our assemblers Jamie and Diego were efficient, courteous, careful, respectful, professional and thorough. I will use the service again should I need assistance assembling anything, and to haul away items I no longer need. Highly recommend.”

    It would serve you well to look up reviews for local LoadUp affiliates. Many of the negative reviews for the company stem from unprofessional conduct by these agents, including late arrivals, and last-minute rescheduling or cancellation. That said, most reviews mimic the following sentiment from Heather in California:

    “I have used bulk pick up services before and was charged way too much in the past. But when I contacted LoadUp, they were able to understand my needs quickly. The driver did a thorough job very quickly also. I was extremely satisfied with this service and was charged less than half of what I had previously been charged by another company. So glad I looked these people up and went with LoadUp. Yay!!! Thanks!!”

    When you hire LoadUp Junk Removal, you’ll be assured of up-front pricing as well as excellent service in most locations.

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    LoadUp Junk Removal FAQs

    Can I cancel an appointment with LoadUp without incurring fees?

    If you cancel your work order within 24 hours, you’ll likely have to pay a fee of some kind. The exact amount will depend on which local affiliate is handling your junk removal needs. Cancelation with more than a full day’s notice will not result in added fees.

    Can LoadUp move my goods to a set location?

    If you need goods moved to another residence or business, LoadUp may not be your best option. As a junk removal service, they’re not well-equipped to handle light moving needs and cannot guarantee the safe delivery of any goods handled.

    Does LoadUp bring tools for disassembly?

    Yes. If any of your items need disassembly for safe removal, then LoadUp crews will be able to help. Each of their trucks comes equipped with basic tools and cleaning supplies to ensure that your refuse will be removed with no damage and no clutter leftover.