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International Van Lines Review [2023]

Award-Winning Moving Veteran Specializing in Long-Distance & Local Moves
International Van Lines is one of the best moving companies for both long-distance and local moves across the US. In our comprehensive International Van Lines review, we'll provide all the information you need to decide if IVL is the right mover for your needs. We’ll break down IVL’s pricing and costs, policies, services, customer reviews, and more!

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    Complicated moves call for an experienced moving company, especially if you’re headed across the country or abroad. International Van Lines has been managing both local and long-distance moves for over 20 years, earning a long list of industry awards along the way, including our top pick for the best long-distance moving company. Whether you’re moving across town, across the country, or overseas, we recommend IVL.

    Our team researched everything you need to know about International Van Lines, so you can decide if it’s the best company for your big move. In this article, we’ll cover:

    • Transparency: Is IVL upfront about their estimates and moving services?
    • Pricing: How do its prices compare to other moving companies?
    • Services: What does IVL offer for both local and long distance moving?
    • Reputation: What do past customer reviews say about working with IVL?

    We’ll take you step-by-step through the experience of working with International Van Lines, from prices and policies to reviews and services.

    International Van Lines Overview

    For over two decades, IVL has served as one of the top full-service moving companies in the business. The company has locations in Florida, Illinois, California, Pennsylvania, and Texas but serves clients across the country with their own fleet and by brokering out to trusted partners.

    Review Category Our Rating Industry Average Rating In-Depth Review
    Transparency 95% 80% IVL Transparency Review
    Cost 100% 85% IVL Cost Review
    Services 100% 75% IVL Services Review
    Reputation 90% 80% IVL Reputation Review
    Overall 96.2% 80% Get a Quote

    While IVL offers a comprehensive list of services, the team truly shines in its international moving management. The company claims to cut out the hassle of moving abroad or across the country by teaming you up with moving coordinators and experienced professionals.


    • Licensed by the US DOT and Federal Maritime Commission
    • Serves all 50 US states and 180 countries
    • Provides local, long-distance, and international moving services
    • Specializes in international moves, including sea transport and air freight


    • Longer transport time for moves
    • Lengthy quote process

    Can IVL Move Me?

    Save time and get the answers you need right away with a free quote from International Van Lines, our #1 Top-Ranked Moving Company.

    International Van Lines vs Competitors

    Here’s a quick look at how IVL measures up to similar moving companies:

    International Van Lines American Van Lines JK Moving Services Allied Van Lines Safeway Moving System
    Quote Free Quote Free Quote Free Quote Free Quote Free Quote
    Superlative Best Full-Service Mover Best Moving Add-Ons Best for Protection Insurance Best for Extended Storage Best for Military Moves
    Local Yes Yes Limited Yes No
    Long-Distance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Transparency Rating 95% 95% 85% 95% 85%
    Cost Rating 100% 90% 90% 90% 90%
    Services Rating 100% 95% 90% 95% 90%
    Reputation Rating 90% 85% 95% 90% 95%
    Overall Rating 96.2% 91.2% 90% 92.5% 91.2%

    International Van Lines Transparency

    Our IVL Review: 95%

    Industry Average: 80%

    The moving experience is tricky enough without any unexpected surprises. Whether you’re prepping for a local move or looking for an international moving company, transparency is key.

    On one hand, getting a detailed free quote from International Van Lines is a little more time-consuming than some other major players. At the same time, you will end up with a much more accurate quote. Here’s where IVL shines and struggles when it comes to transparency:

    Pricing & Quotes

    IVL offers price range estimates for local moves and things like packing services. A moving estimate calculator is available to get a ballpark price, but you’ll have to work directly with a rep to get a binding estimate. Your three options to get a quote include:

    • Arrange a phone call with a sales rep
    • Fill out their online quote tool
    • Schedule an in-person or virtual walkthrough

    Whichever option you pick, be sure to have a general inventory of your house at the ready. According to customers, you are required to enter a very detailed list of your household goods, address of your new home, moving date, and contact information.

    The in-person walkthrough is always recommended whenever possible. A professional mover may spot details that can tip the scales of your estimate.

    How to Hire International Van Lines

    Let’s say you’ve gotten your free quote and feel good about going forward. What happens next? IVL requires a 25% deposit on a credit card to hold your spot. While this may sound steep, the amount is fully refundable up to 48 hours before pick-up if your plans change.

    If you’re not happy with your moving quote, IVL recommends speaking directly with a sales rep. In some cases, they will try to match the price you received from other companies or suggest ways to save money. For example, altering your pick-up date by a few days could lower your costs.

    Quick note: In some cases, local moves work a bit differently than long-distance relocations. For local moves in areas that IVL does not serve directly, the company will work as a broker to connect you with the most trusted moving companies in your area.

    Our move went FLAWLESSLY! They were super professional and had tons of experience. They were quick and accommodating. I would absolutely move with IVL again.
    - Josephine Shanks

    Communication & Expectations

    The worst experience with a moving company typically involves bad customer service. Luckily, many International Van Lines reviews compliment the company for its strong communication skills.

    On a basic level, the IVL website lists its phone number, customer service email, and an online chat option for any questions. Once you get started with your move, however, the company really shines. Customers can work with two account managers to ensure their move is stress-free.

    Their history as a logistics company makes them stand out when it comes to streamlining the moving process. For this reason, the majority of IVL’s industry awards celebrate their customer experience.

    Policies to Know

    We didn’t spot any red flags in IVL’s policies. Since they manage more complicated moves, contracts can be a bit more complex. For example:

    • Any additional supplies, labor, or complications on moving day (such as extra staircases or parking problems) can increase the final price.
    • IVL drivers are not liable for standard interruptions to their travel schedule like traffic or closed roads.
    • The company offers basic and full liability coverage for damage of $.60 per pound per article, up to $10,000.
    • Customers receive a full refund of the deposit if they choose to cancel up to 48 hours before the move.

    International Van Lines Cost

    Our IVL Review: 100%

    Industry Average: 85%

    According to research, International Van Line prices fall right in line with industry standards. The range, however, is quite wide. A move with IVL can cost anywhere between an average of $1,500 to $11,000.

    Why the large gap? Moving costs vary widely at IVL based on distance, weight, the size of your home, season, and several logistics. We’ll break them down below:

    IVL Local Moving Costs

    International Van Lines local move costs are determined by the hourly rate and number of workers. Add $30 an hour to each category to include packing services as well:

    Home Size Movers Suggested Hourly Rate Hourly Rate w/ Packing
    2 BR 3 $150 $180
    3 BR 4 $200 $230
    4 BR 4 $200 $280
    5 BR 5 $250 $330

    So, how many hours does a move take? This comes down to how many things you have to move and how easy it is to move them. In recent research, a one-bedroom apartment moving 140 miles came out to $2,104.

    IVL Long-Distance Moving Costs

    Not to be confused with international moves, long-distance moves are considered anywhere over 300 miles away. The weight of your items and the size of your home are the main factors influencing your final moving price.

    For example, one of our researchers was quoted the following prices for long-distance moves:

    Home Size Weight Move Cost: 150 Miles Move Cost: 500 Miles Move Cost: 1,000 Miles
    1 BR 2,100 pounds $2,100 $2,100 $2,500
    4 BR 8,700 pounds $9,600 $9,600 $10,300

    * This is not a binding quote. To determine the exact cost of your move, request a free quote from International Van Lines.

    IVL International Moving Costs

    Moving across the world is IVL’s specialty. However, prices for international moving are a bit harder to nail down. The final cost is most dependent on the cubic feet needed for the move. Additional factors include:

    • Accessibility and distance of your destination country
    • Additional services like packing and specialty items
    • Ocean freight vs. air freight moving
    • Port-to-port service vs door-to-door service

    As of Spring 2019, IVL noted that international moves base prices using ocean freight range from $1,400 to $8,500.

    IVL Fees

    In each of your moves, you could end up paying extra for the following issues:

    Fee Cost
    Elevator & Staircase $75 (elevator), $75 per flight (stairs)
    Long Carry $75 per 75 feet, after initial 75 feet from truck
    Fragile & Bulky Items $150 per item
    Specialty Item Moving (i.e. piano, hot tub) $150-$350 (depending on item)
    Storage $0.50 per cubic foot / month
    Motorcycle Transport $350

    This is not a comprehensive list of all possible fees. There may be additional costs for packing materials and supplies, and their may be fees for other issues not listed here. Be sure to ask your IVL representative about all relevant fees when requesting a quote.

    Cost of Additional Services

    If you have more flexibility in your budget, IVL offers an impressive list of add-on services that can simplify your move.

    While you won’t find a breakdown of every service cost, IVL is pretty transparent about packing and storage prices:

    • Local Move Packing: Add $30 to the hourly rate based on the number of movers.
    • Long-Distance Move Packing: Ranges between $375 and $2500 based on cubic square feet.
    • Storage in Transit (SIT): 50 cents per cubic foot per month.

    For quotes on the full list of extra services noted below, you’ll need to speak with a moving coordinator during your estimate process.

    Payment Structure

    The company requires a 25% deposit when booking your move on a credit card. This allows IVL to easily reimburse your down payment should you need to cancel before the 48-hour window.

    On the day of the move, the remaining balance is split in half—50% due at pickup and 50% at arrival. Both payments are due in cash, check, or money order.

    Cancellation Policy

    As we noted above, you have until 48 hours before your move to cancel before losing your 25% deposit. International Van Lines notes that you can email your move coordinator or the general customer service address to cancel without explanation.

    IVL for Local vs. Long Distance Moves

    There’s no question that IVL shines when it comes to coordinating local and long-distance moves. This does mean, however, that the price is not necessarily worth it for a simple or DIY move. For example:

    • IVL is ideal for long-distance or international moves with complicated transport, fees, or schedule.
    • IVL is ideal for complex local moves that require storage, piano transport, or other tricky factors.
    • IVL is not as ideal for straightforward local moves without packing, storage, or coordination services.

    International Van Lines Service Breakdown

    Our IVL Review: 100%

    Industry Average: 75%

    In many International Van Lines reviews, one of the best perks you’ll see noted is their long list of extra services. If you know you have a complicated move ahead of you, this is arguably one of the best teams to call. Let’s break down how IVL moving services work:

    Broker & Carrier Services

    We’ve already noted a few times that IVL acts as both a moving carrier and a broker. What does this mean for you?

    For most local moves, IVL partners with trusted and highly vetted companies across the country. This allows them to reach every state in the US. In these scenarios, IVL will gather the best team of movers, packers, and storage companies to streamline your move.

    The company does use its own fleet and services for long-distance moves. When heading more than 300 miles or out of the state, you can access their long-distance services and prices.

    Entry-Level Services

    Both as a carrier and a broker, International Van Lines offers:

    Every contract includes loading and unloading of the truck, basic furniture protection, and simple furniture assembly or disassembly. The contract also includes protection for up to $10,000 in damages with the option to upgrade to more comprehensive coverage.

    Add-On Services

    As a full-service mover, you can truly personalize your contract. International Van Lines offers the following extras at an additional cost:

    • Packing
    • Unpacking
    • Storage
    • Crating
    • Debris removal
    • Auto transport
    • Piano transport
    • Fragile and heirloom items
    • Additional insurance
    • Ocean freight
    • Air freight
    • Moving guidance
    • Motorcycle transport
    • Crane service
    • Door-to-door or port-to-port services

    IVL also offers moving kits for sale. These include supplies like boxes, tape, wrapping materials and other common supplies.

    Storage Add-Ons

    International Van Lines helps customers manage storage options between moves. Their storage-in-transit option (SIT) provides access to their warehouse for short periods of time. Fees for the initial move and eventual delivery apply as well.

    For more long-term solutions, IVL will store items close to the place of origin and can ship the items when its customers are ready.

    IVL’s Best Features: Long-Distance & Coordination

    Above all else, IVL has an abundance of resources for long-distance moves that make it stand above its competitors.

    As we noted above, for example, the company offers flexible storage options, both for short and long-term stays. It also has ample experience coordinating with border control, air and ocean freight, and unique insurance options for shipping abroad.

    Across its website, IVL highlights its unique coordination services. Customers receive at least two coordinators, as opposed to just one.

    International Van Lines Reputation & Customer Reviews

    Our IVL Review: 90%

    Industry Average: 80%

    International Van Lines handles over 10,000 moves a year. This a huge leap from where it began in 2000, when they started off managing the logistics of global relocations.

    In 2012, INC500 recognized IVL as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US. In recent years, some of its top awards include:

    • Newsweek’s Best Moving Company of 2021
    • Angie’s List 2018 Super Service Award
    • ProMover Certification from the American Moving and Storage Association

    Overall, the company is well respected in the industry and often makes top lists across the board. Its time and experience in the industry make it a good pick for even the most complicated moves.

    International Van Lines Google, BBB & Yelp Reviews

    What are customers saying about their experience working with IVL? The small details from personal experiences are often the key to knowing if the company is right for you.

    Like all moving companies, International Van Lines receives its fair share of both positive and negative reviews. As of October 2021, its headquarters in Coral Springs, Florida received:

    • International Van Lines Google Reviews: 4.1 stars (928 reviews)
    • International Van Lines BBB Review: 3.47 stars (121 reviews)
    • International Van Lines Yelp Review: 2.5 stars (320 reviews)

    Read an IVL Testimonial

    Smooth Move
    IVL Testimonial
    Scott Loucks
    They worked straight through until the job was complete, and handled any follow-ups that were needed. Also, the price was reasonable. Thanks, IVL, for making our move smooth and easy. -Scott Loucks (moved Feb 2018)

    IVL Customer Feedback

    Here are some of the most common compliments and complaints for International Van Lines:

    Common Compliments

    Common Complaints

    Efficient and speedy

    Communicative and supportive

    Fairly priced

    Highly organized


    Complications with brokered third parties

    Confusion and delays during transit


    Let’s break down specific examples of how customers felt about their experience in each major category:

    Care of Items

    While most customers are pleased with the attentive and careful service, a few negative reviews complained of damaged items in transit. In some cases, the damage occurred with a third-party company brokered by IVL, but in other cases occurred with the company’s own fleet.

    For example, Liana E. on Yelp reported: “And while our belongings did arrive quickly cross-country, several pieces of expensive furniture were significantly damaged and required major repair.”


    Despite some hiccups with timing issues and damage during moves, past clients often report that IVL remains true to their word. Most International Van Lines reviews on Google received five stars, a large portion of which noted their communication skills, timeliness, and stress-free coordination.

    Customer Support

    IVL receives some of its best reviews for customer service. According to customer accounts, clients work with a team throughout the moving process. The company is responsive to questions and while solving logistics issues.

    Cassidy reported on BBB: “The International Van Lines had texted me the day before to confirm and then a half-hour before arriving. I had chosen the option for them to pack everything, and they did a beautiful job. They took care of everything and were so professional. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.”


    IVL prices are on par with the industry standards, but they can be a bit steep compared to self-pack companies. Many of the negative reviews on Yelp and Google complain about:

    • Higher tips worked into the contract
    • Unexpected costs at drop-off
    • Higher quotes compared to competitors


    Reviews are split when it comes to speed and efficiency. Customers applaud the speed of loading and unloading the truck, for example. When it comes to long-distance and international moves, the process has taken longer than expected.

    Mateo D. on Google noted: “The 5-star rating is well deserved. From beginning to end, the service was outstanding. The guys who moved me were efficient, fast, and worked really well together. They only took 4 hours for the entire job.”

    International Van Lines FAQs

    How Long Do IVL Moves Take to Deliver?

    International Van Lines estimates that long-distance moves—those over 300 miles—can take up to three weeks. However, this completely depends on distance, the location, and whether you move in peak season.

    Transporting items by sea can take several weeks longer depending on the distance, but they can be expedited by upgrading to air freight.

    Can You Make Changes to Your Contract?

    Yes, the IVL moving coordinators can help you make any last-minute changes such as moving date, inventory, or location details.

    How Far Ahead of My Move Should I Book IVL?

    IVL recommends booking your long-distance move between two and four weeks ahead of time, depending on the busyness of the season. However, the company works with customers to manage last-minute moves as well.

    Is IVL Expensive?

    Comparatively, International Van Lines is in line with similar full-service moving companies. Moves range anywhere between $1,500 and $11,000. Their ample coordination services can also help customers cut costs with complex long-distance and international moves.

    Best Full-Service Mover

    International Van Lines

    • Local, Long-Distance, & Int'l Moving Services
    • Licensed Moving Carrier & Broker Nationwide
    • Live Chat & 24/7 Customer Service

    Best Moving Add-ons

    American Van Lines

    • Local, Long-Distance & International Moves
    • Direct Carrier to All 48 Continental US States
    • Storage Options Available

    Most Reliable

    Safeway Moving

    • FMCSA-Licensed Broker Nationwide
    • Long-Distance Moving Only
    • Packing & One Month Storage Included

    Best Insurance Options

    JK Moving Services

    • Local, Interstate, Local, & International Moving
    • 24/7 Customer Support & Great Mobile App
    • Low-Interest Financing Available

    Most Competitive Pricing


    • Long-Distance Moving Container Service
    • Storage at Secure U-Pack Facilities Nationwide
    • Two Container Sizes (8' and 27')