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Bellhop Review [2022]

Flexible Options for Local & Long-Distance Moves
Bellhop is a one stop shop for all your moving needs. From hourly moving labor to full-service local and long-distance moves, you can completely customize your moving package to best meet your needs. In our comprehensive Bellhops Moving review, we’ll take a close look at the company’s service options, pricing, and reputation so you can decide if they’re a good fit for you.

    Best for Hourly Moving Labor

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    Updated for January 2, 2022
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    We’ve explored hundreds of the country’s top moving companies. By comparing pricing, communication, and customer reviews, our reviews focus on today’s best movers for all budgets and types of relocations.

    In our Bellhops review, we’ll explain how moving with them works and everything you need to know about the company’s services and policies. Read on to learn more about the company’s:

    • Transparency to its customers
    • Cost and pricing options
    • Services offered and excluded
    • Reputation with customers and within the industry

    Bellhops Moving Overview

    Bellhop was founded in 2011 to help college students move to and from their dorms. The company now provides residential and commercial moving for local and long-distance moves. They currently serve 28 states at the time of this writing.

    Like many modern start-ups, Bellhop takes a unique approach to the moving experience. For one, it has an incredibly transparent and customer-focused website. It also allows residents to customize their moving services to what they need without any hidden fees.

    You can book just moving labor or hire their team for a full-service move with a truck, packing services, storage and more. With an easy booking process and plenty of flexibility, Bellhops Moving is one of the best national movers available today.

    Review Category

    Our Rating Industry Average Rating In-Depth Review
    Transparency 95% 80%

    Bellhop Transparency Review


    95% 85% Bellhop Cost Review
    Services 95% 75%

    Bellhop Services Review


    90% 80% Bellhop Reputation Review
    Overall 93.7% 80%

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    Our Rating

    Overall, we really enjoy the perks this newer company and service have to offer. In fact, we’ve named them as the Best Mover for Hourly Moving Labor, thanks to how easy it is to book that service and the company’s reputation. But the company has much more to offer. Here are some pros and cons when working with Bellhop:


    • Easy quote process
    • Affordable pricing
    • Customizable service options
    • Great reviews


    • Deposits non-refundable after 48 hours
    • No packing services
    • No international services

    Can Bellhop Move Me?

    Save time and get the answers you need right away with a free quote from Bellhops Moving.

    Bellhop Transparency

    Our Bellhop Review: 95%

    Industry Average: 80%

    Bellhop’s transparency and free quote process are among the best we’ve seen. The company offers immediate free estimates with adjustable details based on the size, structure, and items in your home.

    Price Transparency

    Bellhop’s website allows you to plan local moves with or without a truck, with as little as one day notice. Hourly rates are immediately available for your location and date, even for same-day or next-day moves. This makes them one of the best last-minute movers as well.

    Initial prices will not include a truck, driver, or moving equipment, such as dollies and blankets. The company charges an hourly rate for the first two hours, then prorates by increments of 15 minutes after that. Bellhop’s quotes tend to be very close to the final price, according to past customers.

    For long-distance moves, you can start your quote online, but you will need to speak with a representative to complete your booking. This is common practice in the moving industry, as your moving coordinator will need to fully assess your inventory, service needs, and moving distance before providing a quote.

    Services &. Add-Ons

    The company is very clear about what comes with each service option. For example, if you enter your info on the website for a basic hourly rate, you can select to hire labor only or a full-service move with a truck. You can then edit your move to include different numbers of moving crew members and see how that might impact your quote.

    Choose the number of workers and hours you need for your move and watch the estimate change in real-time. You then have the option to upgrade to these services as well as any supporting supplies.

    Communication & Expectations

    When working with Bellhop, you will have a dedicated moving coordinator to help facilitate the booking process and your actual move. You will receive details on your move soon after booking with the company. This will include details of your truck and moving crew. They’ll even include pictures of your moving team so you can verify who shows up at your door.

    On moving day, you should get a phone call before the professional movers arrive. Upon arrival, the team members walk through your home, note special instructions, and complete the move.

    Hiring Processes

    More so than other companies, Bellhop offers a lot of information about its hiring processes. It claims to perform ample background checks and tracks employee progress with evaluations. Above all, customer reviews tend to focus on the friendliness and professionalism of the move-day team.

    Key Policies

    Here is some additional you should know about how Bellhops Moving works:

    • Cancellation policy. One downfall of Bellhop is its cancellation policy. You only have until 48 hours after you book to cancel without losing your 10% deposit. You can change your move after this, but will lose the 10% you put down if you cancel altogether.
    • Background checks. The company performs background checks on each of its workers and claims to only hire licensed and certified moving trucks and drivers.
    • Local moves. Local moves can be booked entirely online and are charged at an hourly rate. You can select labor only or full-service to include a truck and moving crew.
    • Long-distance moves. Long-distance move quotes are started online but booking must be completed over the phone. These moves are billed at a flat rate, not hourly.
    • Service area. Bellhop currently only serves 28 states.

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    Bellhop Cost

    Our Bellhop Review: 95%

    Industry Average: 85%

    Depending on your location and size of your move, Bellhop is considered rather affordable compared to other top moving companies. Its flexibility has a lot to do with this. For example, if you don’t own a lot of heavy items and only need two workers, you won’t be charged for a large team. You can also choose to hire the company for labor only, renting or providing your own truck.

    Local Move Pricing

    For local moves, you will be charged an hourly rate. This rate can vary by location as well as depending on whether you’re hiring labor only or a full-service move with a truck.

    • Average cost without truck: You can expect to pay between $300-$800 without a truck. There is a two-hour minimum.
    • Average cost with truck: You can expect to pay between $600 and $1,350 with one. There is a three-hour minimum.

    Prices in large cities such as New York City will run on the higher side. For example, when we checked hourly rates for NYC, we were quoted:

    • $139/hour for one mover
    • $179/hour for two movers
    • $219/hour for three movers

    The same hourly input for Cleveland, however, ran from $89 to $129 an hour for a 1-3 person team.

    Hourly moves use what is known as prorated pricing. If you do not use the amount of time allotted in your estimate, you won’t have to pay for it. And vice versa, if your move takes longer than originally quoted, you will be charged accordingly. The quicker the move—including travel time—the less you’ll pay on moving day.

    Long-Distance Pricing

    Long-distance moving prices are a bit harder to pin down, since you need to speak with a sales rep on the phone for your quote. However, Bellhop does offer binding estimates, which mean they are unlikely to change significantly on your moving day. You won’t be surprised with hidden fees.

    The national cost of long-distance moves range from $2,000 to $7,500. The final cost you will pay, however, will depend largely on your move size and distance. The larger the size of your move and the further the distance, the more you will pay.

    Cost of Extra Services

    While Bellhop does not offer packing services, they do provide moving supply options. These kits often include moving boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and markers for different home sizes. Kits run between $28 and $411. You can also purchase individual items like labels, mattress bags, and TV boxes.

    Quotes and Estimates

    As we noted above, Bellhop offers a relatively stress-free process for getting a free quote. Complete your whole purchase online for local moves and hourly labor rates. Speak with a sales representative on the phone to coordinate long-distance moves.

    Unlike other movers, you are not required to have an in-person walkthrough to get an estimate. You can, however, call or chat with a Bellhop team member at any time throughout the process.

    Who is Bellhop Best for Financially?

    From a financial and logistical standpoint, Bellhop is great for simple local moves. Long-distance moves that require extra help with packing, antique crating, or storage aren’t as ideal. However, those looking for a quick and easy moving process within a short distance could really benefit from Bellhop’s flexible service options and affordable pricing.

    Best for Hourly Moving Labor

    • Local and Long-Distance Moving Services
    • Residential & Commercial Moving
    • Moving Labor Only or Full-Service
    • Currently Operates in 28 states

    Bellhop Services

    Our Bellhop Review: 95%

    Industry Average: 75%

    While Bellhop has one of the most flexible service plans around, they do not offer as many add-ons as the nation’s top full-service movers. That said, there is much to like about the company’s flexible service plans. Here’s what you need to know.

    Bellhop Services:

    • Local moving
    • Long-distance moving
    • Moving labor only or full-service with truck
    • Residential moving
    • Commercial moving
    • Self storage
    • Packing supplies
    • Last-minute moving

    Bellhop Does Not Offer:

    • Packing services
    • International moving
    • Piano moving
    • Auto-shipping
    • Specialty item crating

    Entry Level Services

    If you just need help carrying your furniture down the steps and into a self-rented truck, Bellhop might be a great option for you. Its most basic services include the help of trusted hourly workers in your area.

    The next step up in their pricing model includes both a moving crew and a truck with a driver. If you do need a truck, be sure to request a quote for this service and compare it to other truck rental options. You may find it to be cheaper option and less of a hassle than renting a truck on your own.

    Hourly and local movers will assemble and disassemble basic furniture like bed frames and other large items, but you will need to provide the tools and instructions. Team members will not assemble new furniture, install and uninstall appliances, or complete complex disassemblies.

    Additional Services

    While Bellhop’s add-on options are less extensive than some of its competitors, you can add a few things to your move to make it more convenient:

    • Packing supplies: Order a kit of packing supplies or individual items that will simplify your move.
    • Insurance upgrades: Bellhop offers insurance upgrades in addition to the basic liability plan included with each move. This is important if you own high-value or fragile items, especially since the Bellhop team is not specifically trained to handle them.
    • Selfstorage: 24-hour self-storage is available through Bellhop’s secure partner facilities.
    • Home staging: Quite unique for a moving company, Bellhop stages apartments and homes for sale.
    • Event setup: Outside of moving, you can hire Bellhops moving crews on an hourly basis to assist with event setup for things like weddings and large meetings.

    Bellhop Reputation

    Our Bellhop Review: 90%

    Industry Average: 80%

    Bellhop has caught the eye of the tech and startup industry for its quick expansion and employee standards. It was just recently named by Forbes as one of America’s Best Startup Employers in 2021.

    It is also highly lauded by customers across several review platforms, like Google and Yelp. On Google, Bellhops Moving reviews are 4.8/5 stars, based on feedback from 798 past customers.

    Here are some highlights of what customers say about Bellhop in each category:

    Customer Service Sentiment

    Across the board, Bellhop seems to have done a solid job with its hiring process. Many customers rave about their moving teams, calling many of their favorite movers out by name.

    As for service from the operations team, customers noted that they were called with any scheduling changes and that their questions were answered promptly and clearly.

    Mozell M. on Yelp commented, “From the start, communication from the lead, Aviase Contreras, was positive and respectful. I found his manner via text and most of all, in person when we met on the day of the move, outstanding as he put my husband and I at ease as moving is such an intense and stressful experience.”

    Value Sentiment

    It appears that many customers are drawn to Bellhop for its lower prices. For example, many reviews state:

    • Estimates matched their final cost
    • Prices were lower than other companies
    • Bellhop does not require a minimum weight or cost
    • Customers received more than they expected for the discounted price

    Reliability & Efficiency Sentiment

    One of the only major issues we spotted in reviews pertained to the company’s organization. On occasion, customers were left without a moving truck very close to the day of their move.

    For example, customer Cheryl M. complained to the Better Business Bureau about her experience. After several initial delays, Bellhop called to reschedule her move to another day, upending her whole moving process. The company explained that there was a miscommunication and delays securing a truck and driver.

    Safety & Care Sentiment

    In general, customers felt their items were well cared for. There are far fewer reports of broken or missing items compared to other companies, and many clients mention the team’s professionalism in their reviews.

    Dahlia A. mentions on Google, “The team did an amazing job moving our belongings. They moved everything carefully and quickly. When it started to snow, they made sure to stage our belongings where they would not get wet and made sure everything was safe. We could not have asked for better movers!”

    Best for Hourly Moving Labor

    • Local and Long-Distance Moving Services
    • Residential & Commercial Moving
    • Moving Labor Only or Full-Service
    • Currently Operates in 28 states

    Bellhops Moving FAQs

    Is Bellhops Moving trustworthy?

    Bellhops Moving has received positive reviews for both its customer service and moving teams across the board. The company’s website states that it performs an expensive interview process and background check on each team member.

    How much does Bellhop cost?

    Bellhop breaks its prices down into several categories. Access a free quote based on:

    • Hourly rates for labor-only moves in your area
    • Local moves with both labor and a moving truck at full-service prices
    • Long-distance move prices that take complex details into account

    Overall, Bellhop prices are considered similar or just under national averages.

    What kind of payment does Bellhop accept?

    Bellhop only accepts credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. They do not accept cash, check, or money orders. However, the website states that you are welcome and encouraged to tip your movers with cash.

    If you’re headed across town or looking for a quick-and-easy quote process, Bellhop is a great option. While we do not recommend them for complicated moves with fragile items, it is a unique and trusted option for standard moves.

    Get a Free Bellhop Quote

    Bellhop is one of the best options if you’re planning a local move. Get a free quote today, so you can compare Bellhop with other top movers and decide if they’re the best fit for you.