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All My Sons Moving And Storage Review

All My Sons is a Nationwide Moving Company Offering Basic Moving Services


    Our Overall Rating93%
    Top Services
    • Long-Distance Moving Services
    • Office Moving Services
    • Storage Services
    Updated for August 18, 2021
    • Established Date 1995
    • Is Active Active
    • USDOT Licence# 897267

    As a family-run business with over two decades of experience, there are countless benefits to hiring All My Sons Moving & Storage. But what do customers and the moving industry have to say about this nationwide business?

    In this guide, we’ll cover both the perks and downsides of working with All My Sons either for your local or long-distance move. Overall, we found that the company goes above and beyond for customer service and works to provide personalized service. We also enjoyed its long list of long-distance moving services as well as its white-glove upgrades.

    However, there are a significant number of red flags in customer reviews. Pricing changes and damaged items have led to ample complaints in the past. We recommend requesting full contract details from the company before moving forward.

    Each of our reviewed companies is a licensed and certified moving carrier in the US. From industry awards to customer reviews, we’ll help you narrow down your list of top movers for the best value. We evaluated how All My Sons ranks as far as:

    • Transparency 
    • Pricing
    • Services
    • Reputation

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    • Provides Local, Long-Distance, & Int'l Moving Services
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    Overview of All My Sons Moving

    All My Sons Moving and Storage offers local, long-distance, and international moving services. In addition to moving you from your house or apartment, the team can also help with office or storage center relocations.

    While the moving company’s services are quite extensive, determining its exact service area is a little tricky. 

    All My Son’s moves primarily break down into two categories: closer or further than 500 miles. If you’re heading to a new house across the country, All My Sons can help no matter where you live. 

    Only moving across the state? It depends. All My Sons does not offer local moves in all locations, so it’s important to check with the company before you start the quote process.

    However, if you do fall within their services area, you can enjoy extra perks like:

    • Next-day or same-day moves under 500 miles
    • White-glove moving experience
    • Access to several All My Sons storage units
    • Full-dresser moving (you don’t need to empty the drawers)
    • Certified piano moving

    All My Sons Moving & Storage's Rating Breakdown

    Cost of Moving
    0 20 40 60 80 100

    Can All My Sons Moving & Storage Move Me?

    Save time and get the answers you need right away with a free quote from our All My Sons Moving & Storage.


    Don’t be fooled by the rather simplistic website. All My Sons has made its mark on the industry and even earned BBB accreditation. 

    However, scant online info means less initial transparency. This makes getting a free quote a bit more complex. We’ll dive into where All My Sons is known for upfront service and where you’ll need to do more digging.

    Pricing Transparency

    You won’t find ballpark estimates on www.allmysons.com, but you will find a quick and easy quote form. Minutes after entering your phone number, customers report receiving a call from the company.

    At this point, the sales rep will help you schedule an in-home walkthrough to provide a final estimate for your move.

    Base Services vs. Add-Ons

    All My Sons does offer a significant number of basic services compared to other companies. These include:

    • Quilted furniture coverings
    • Full-dresser moving
    • Furniture assembly and disassembly
    • Basic liability insurance

    Full-service options are quite comprehensive as well, ranging from packing and unpacking to access to some local storage containers, all of which we’ll dive into more below.

    However, one of the more frequent customer complaints references the company’s hidden fees. We recommend requesting a binding estimate on your initial phone call, especially for local moves that charge hourly rates.

    Customer Communication

    Many reviews rave about All My Son’s level of customer care. Some noted friendly service on the phone when getting a quote. Others noted that the movers were upbeat, helpful, and thorough on moving day itself.

    The largest communication issues are pertaining to estimates, many of which mention large increases in their final bill. 


    The various fees and policies are a bit hidden on the All My Sons website. Each move requires a deposit, typically between $200 and $250. This is refundable if you cancel or change your upcoming move with at least a 48-hours notice.

    All My Sons also provides the basic liability insurance required in your state. The team will help you purchase additional insurance on high-value items or all your household goods for interstate moves.

    All My Sons Moving & Storage Transparency

    All My Sons Moving & Storage
    Industry Average
    0 20 40 60 80 100


    As we noted earlier, getting an idea of the cost of All My Sons Moving is complicated. Most moving companies break down your cost from the following factors:

    • Size of your home
    • Move date
    • Distance between locations
    • Weight of your items
    • Home accessibility
    • Extra services

    When you get a quote from your in-person walk-through, you will either receive an estimate for the full move or an hourly rate for local relocations. 

    All My Sons Prices for Basic Services

    Prices online range from a few hundred dollars for simple, local moves, to as high as $8,200 for a complex long-distance move. We expect international moves can run much higher due to the extra charges commonly associated with the process.

    A 649-mile move from Salt Lake City to Sacramento for a three-bedroom home costs $8,200.

    This price would not include add-ons such as:

    • White-glove services
    • Piano moving
    • Fragile or bulky item packing
    • Last-minute long distance moves
    • Packing services
    • Storage
    • Packing materials

    Quotes and Contracts

    There seems to be some confusion about the contract and quotes process. For example, several BBB complaints point out that customers only receive contracts when the movers arrive, even after receiving a detailed quote in person.

    After the move is complete, the initial price often changes. In several cases, the company has added fuel surcharges, hourly fees, and extra charges for unexpected boxes or furniture. These issues are not uncommon with moving companies but do appear to be a point of concern for All My Sons.

    Payment Structure

    While the company’s website does not outline its payment structure upfront, there are details in several customer reviews. As we noted, moves require an initial deposit, but the remaining price is due on your moving date.

    According to a blog post on its site, All My Sons accepts all common forms of payment outside of personal checks.

    Is All My Sons a Good Financial Fit?

    Since the company’s contract process sounds a bit confusing, this is not the best option for customers looking for a set, binding estimate. We found many reports of the final price changing on moving day.

    However, All My Sons does offer same and next-day moving for local trips, making this an excellent option if you’re in a jam.

    All My Sons Moving & Storage Cost-Value vs. Competitors

    All My Sons Moving & Storage
    Industry Average
    0 20 40 60 80 100


    All My Sons Moving services is where the company really shines. Not many moving businesses offer such detailed care for disassembling bed frames or wrapping up fragile artwork in quilted padding as this team.

    We’ve outlined what you need to know about All My Son’s service structure.

    Broker vs. Carrier

    All My Sons is a licensed moving carrier—which means they own and drive their own moving trucks. The company also owns climate-controlled storage centers, but they are not available in all locations.

    Extra perks like auto transport are also often sent to other companies, even if your overall move is still managed by All My Sons.

    Entry Level Services

    We really enjoy that All My Sons brings quilted packing supplies to each move for no additional charge. All loading, unloading, basic assembly and disassembly are all included in the base price. Contracts also include the legal amount of basic liability insurance as well.

    The company also doesn’t mind if your dresser drawers are still packed with clothing and random items—saving you a lot of time when packing.

    When you arrive at your new home, the team can arrange pieces of furniture around your space as you settle in.

    Add-On Services

    Expect all the common add-on services, whether you choose them a la carte or select white-glove service. For example, the company lets you choose how much or how little packing you’d like to handle on your own based on your budget.

    You can also choose from the following add-ons to simplify moving day:

    • Extra packing supplies like boxes, tape, and padding
    • Moving coordination
    • Climate-controlled storage
    • Unpacking services
    • Auto transport (outsources)
    • Additional liability insurance

    We also enjoyed that All My Sons are licensed piano movers.

    All My Sons Service Highlights

    The company showcases its family-oriented and neighborly care above all else. While the team does offer local moves—particularly last-minute—they are known more for their long-distance moving services.

    You’ll find better service area coverage for moves over 500 miles as well as prices more in tune with complex moves.

    All My Sons Moving & Storage Services Ratings

    All My Sons Moving & Storage
    Industry Average
    0 20 40 60 80 100


    All My Sons has been in business for 22 years and notes that it has over four generations of moving experience on its team. The company’s headquarters are in Carrollton, Texas, but it has locations across the country from Las Vegas to Greenville.

    We’ve included a snapshot of what customers have to say about All My Sons Moving and Storage.

    Efficiency and Reliability

    More often than not, customers celebrate the quick and professional work of the movers on the big day itself. Many past clients note that the team put them at ease, handled each item carefully, and arrived within the proposed delivery window. 

    RJ P. from Carrollton, Texas comments, “Alfred Robinson and his two other crewmen were meticulous and immaculate. They were very friendly and personable, while still staying effective and efficient during the move. They arrived at my new location, faster than I could get there.”

    Customer Responsiveness

    Many issues creep up when customers work with the administrative team as opposed to the movers themselves. We noted several reports of customers continuously calling for contract and quote information, as well as All My Sons making last-minute changes to the schedule. 

    Mallory S. reported on Yelp, “I had to call four times to get an email confirmation and a text coupon…When I did get the first confirmation it was only a date. I called a fifth time two days before my move for more information on when to expect the movers as they never clarified that.”


    In addition to complaints we noted about pricing issues earlier, many customers had a positive experience in this respect. For example, Jessica K. noted on Yelp that her recent one-bedroom apartment move went smoothly despite some last-minute fees she noticed in the contract. 

    More specifically, she advises, “I was aware of all fees prior to the moving day, so I had some expectation of total costs. However, if you are moving with this company you should pay careful attention to all separate fees outside of the hourly rate. Overall, I had no serious concerns and felt they did their jobs well. I would recommend this company.”

    Safety and Care

    This is where we encountered the largest number of complaints. From Yelp and Google to the Better Business Bureau, we found reports of:

    • Broken and damaged items
    • Scuffed floors, walls, and doorways
    • Missing items
    • Items left outside

    After filing a claim or reporting damage, several customers complained that they did not receive a callback.

    All My Sons Moving & Storage Reputation

    All My Sons Moving & Storage
    Industry Average
    0 20 40 60 80 100

    Our Overall Review

    Like nearly all moving companies, you will find a wide range of reviews based on your local office. We highly recommend checking testimonials for your specific area before moving forward. 

    All My Sons Moving and Storage has extensive experience and earned industry respect for a wide range of moves. We enjoyed their white-glove service options and last-minute availability for local moves.

    However, if you do choose this company, be sure to thoroughly read your contract, consider additional insurance, and discuss possible price changes with the team before moving day.

    All My Sons Moving & Storage FAQs

    Does All My Sons offer storage options?

    Yes, All My Sons offers both short and long-term storage options in several locations across the US. While they do not offer prices or a full list of locations online, contact a sales rep for a local quote.


    All My Sons storage facilities are known to be:

    • Safe and secure
    • Sanitized
    • Climate-controlled
    • Includes an on-site manager

    Can I get an online quote from All My Sons?

    The website does not offer online quotes, but you can enter your contact info for a quick phone call. Once you speak with an All My Sons representative, they will arrange an in-person walkthrough of your home for a more exact estimate.

    Will All My Sons pack up my home?

    All My Sons Moving and Storage offers packing and unpacking services for an extra fee. Similarly, they also offer:

    • Full-service-moving packages
    • Fragile item packing
    • Piano moving
    • Packing supplies
    • Assembly and disassembly


    Still not sure if All My Sons Moving and Storage is right for you? We recommend speaking to four or five moving companies to compare quotes. In many cases, companies like All My Sons will offer price matching if you’re on the fence about their business. 


    In the end, trust your intuition when speaking with a moving company. You should always feel comfortable and confident with the moving team you choose.

    Get a Free All My Sons Moving & Storage Quote

    All My Sons Moving & Storage is a solid option if you’re taking on a complex move. However, we always recommend comparing at least three moving companies to get the best quotes and service.

    Get your free quote so you can compare All My Sons Moving & Storage with today’s top full-service movers and make your move budget-friendly and carefree.