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Agility Van Lines Review

Agility Van Lines is an FMCSA-Licensed Carrier


    Our Overall Rating92%
    Top Services
    • Local Florida Moving
    • Long-Distance Moving
    • Storage Services
    • Packing Supplies
    Updated for August 18, 2021
    • Established Date 2015
    • Is Active Active
    • USDOT Licence# 2564711

    From packing up your entire home to finding childcare or pet care ahead of an upcoming move, a long-distance move can be stressful for even the most organized family. Hiring a mover or a moving team can help make the seemingly impossible task of moving a little easier to manage. But with so many moving services operating throughout the United States, how can you possibly know that you’re working with the best possible moving company for your needs?

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    Best for Storage Services

    • Provides self-storage services
    • Compare prices with other storage services by amenities, discounts, and more
    • Reserve storage space online

    Best Full-Service Mover

    • Provides Local, Long-Distance, & Int'l Moving Services
    • IVL is a Licensed Moving Carrier & Broker
    • Live Chat Option & A 24/7 Telephone Assistance Line

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    If you’re currently a resident of Florida or you’re looking for a long-distance move, you might be considering working with Agility Van Lines. Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Agility Van Lines is a carrier with a solid online reputation and a host of available moving services. But is this full-service company the best choice for you?

    We understand firsthand that no one wants to go into the process of moving to a new home without as much knowledge as possible. In this article you will learn about Agility Van Lines’:

    • Transparency
    • Pricing
    • Services
    • Reputation

    We’ve researched dozens of long-distance movers and evaluated their transparency, customer reviews and reputation, pricing and services, and even their industry and legal licensing to help you find and identify the best long-distance movers in the country.  Here’s what we found.

    Agility Van Lines' Rating Breakdown

    Cost of Moving
    0 20 40 60 80 100

    Can Agility Van Lines Move Me?

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    With the continued spread of moving scams, choosing a company that’s transparent with its licensure status is important. Agility Van Lines is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a government authority that regulates and oversees companies that provide interstate moving services. Agility Van Lines makes no attempt to hide its US DOT number or MC Number, 2 pieces of identifying information that confirms that the company has the licensure that it needs to provide interstate moving services.

    Before you hire a moving company, you should always be sure to use the FMCSA’s Company Snapshot tool to ensure that the DOT number the company provided to you matches its name and records. When we investigated Agility Van Lines Company Snapshot portfolio, we found that the company’s phone number, address, and DOT number matched up with the information on its website. This lends to the company’s transparency and congruence with local and interstate regulations.

    An area where Agility Van Lines can improve its transparency is in its pricing information. While the company does provide in-depth, detailed estimates for all customers who request a quote, factors that play into pricing are not immediately clear on the company’s home page. However, Agility Van Lines earns points back with its fully clear FAQ section, which informs customers which services will incur an extra fee and which are included free of charge.

    Agility Van Lines Transparency

    Agility Van Lines
    Industry Average
    0 20 40 60 80 100


    The average cost of a long-distance move in the United States is about $4,500. In our review, we found that pricing for Agility Van Lines tended to skew towards the higher end of industry estimates. This is usually to be expected from a full-service moving provider but may cause you to receive a higher quote when compared to moving companies that don’t offer as many services alongside their moves.

    Let’s take a look at a few examples of what you might pay for your move from Agility Van Lines when compared to industry averages for similar moves. 

    City of origin Destination Approximate distance of move Move size Mega Van Lines’ price Industry estimate for a similar move
    Cleveland, OH Washington DC 302 miles 3-bedroom home (with full packing services) $9,400 $6,242 – $8,445
    Richmond, VA Columbia, SC 313 miles 1-bedroom home $3,000 $2,300 – $3,076
    Tampa, FL Enola, PA 908 miles 3-bedroom home $9,000 $6,071 – $8,150
    Windermere, FL Blairsville, GA 463 miles 4-bedroom home $8,400 $6,840 – $10,081

    The specifics of what you’ll pay for your move will vary depending on the services you request, the size of your home, and the distance that you’re moving. Thankfully, Agility Van Lines offers free moving quotes for all interested customers. The company’s quote process is in-depth and thorough—after requesting a quote at www.agilityvanlines.com, you’ll receive a phone call from a company representative who will ask more about your preferred moving date, the type of items that you’ll be bringing on your move, and any additional services you want to request. You’ll then get a quote that matches your move, which you can use to compare the prices of competing moving companies in your area.

    Agility Van Lines also offers one of the most generous refund and cancellation policies that we’ve seen. The company will provide you with a 100% refund of your deposit if you need to cancel your move for any reason. If you do not move, you do not pay. Unlike other moving companies, Agility Van Lines doesn’t assign a specific window of time for you to cancel before you can receive a refund, instead only requesting that you provide their team with “as much notice as possible” when you realize you need to cancel. This great company policy can be ideal for anyone looking for a flexible moving team or who isn’t sure of their moving date yet.

    Agility Van Lines Cost-Value vs. Competitors

    Agility Van Lines
    Industry Average
    0 20 40 60 80 100


    Agility Van Lines is a carrier service, which means that it will provide you with the specific moving services that you request itself. If you work with a moving broker, they will likely outsource the work to another local moving company, which may have poorer reviews than the broker service that you researched online. If you’re very concerned about your moving company’s reviews and reputation, it’s better to work with a direct carrier like Agility Van Lines because services tend to be more consistent between teams.

    Agility Van Lines is very straightforward about the services it can and cannot provide. The company is able to perform long-distance moves between the following states:

    • Alabama
    • Connecticut
    • Delaware
    • Florida
    • Georgia
    • Indiana
    • Illinois
    • Kentucky
    • Maryland
    • Massachusetts
    • New Jersey
    • North Carolina
    • Ohio
    • Pennsylvania
    • Rhode Island
    • South Carolina
    • Tennessee
    • Virginia
    • Washington, DC

    In addition, Agility Van Lines is also authorized to complete local moves within the state of Florida. However, the company is not registered with each individual state authority, which means that it cannot complete local moves within a state other than Florida.

    Agility Van Lines is a full-service moving company offering the following services.

    • Residential moving: Agility Van Lines offers residential moving services between the following states. Your move must be undergoing a state-to-state move in order to utilize Agility Van Lines as your moving team. In addition to a long-distance move, Agility Van Lines’ team is also able to provide local moves within the state of Florida.
    • Full-service packing: If you don’t have time to do your own packing or you’re looking for a little more help with your move, Agility Van Lines can provide you with a complete range of packing services.
    • Short-term and long-term storage: If your move-in and move-out dates don’t exactly line up, you might need to schedule storage services. Agility Van Lines can arrange both short-term and long-term storage if you request it.
    • Shuttle services: If you live in an urban area, you might not have room in your neighborhood to park a large moving truck. In this case, Agility Van Lines can park their truck outside of your neighborhood and shuttle your things from your home to their parking location for an additional fee.
    • Specialty packing services: If you have a large piece of furniture that you can’t bring yourself to donate before your move (for example, a piano or armoire) you might need specialized loading and packing services. Agility Van Lines can help you safely pack things like pianos, large pieces of furniture, and fragile works of art.
    • Packing materials: Agility Van Lines also provides a full range of high-quality packing materials for an additional fee. The company is one of the only in-home service providers we’ve seen to offer free cardboard boxes to its customers as well, which can be a major benefit if you don’t have time to search for boxes on your own time.

    Agility Van Lines specializes in long-distance residential moving services. The company does not use tractor-trailers, instead opting for twenty-six-foot box trucks. This allows the company’s vehicles to fit into more compact neighborhoods, reducing shuttle costs.

    Agility Van Lines Services Ratings

    Agility Van Lines
    Industry Average
    0 20 40 60 80 100


    Agility Van Lines has been in business since 2015, meaning that the company has been operating for 6 years. This is important because dishonest moving companies typically don’t spend very much time in a single place or under a single name, as it becomes more difficult to lure in new victims after initial customer reviews start to come in.

    Agility Van Lines is a family-owned business that currently maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The moving company has also been rewarded with accreditation status from the BBB, which may indicate that the company is more honest and transparent in its advertising when compared to other moving companies operating in the Fort Lauderdale area. It also means that the company is more likely to make an active attempt to respond to and satisfy customer complaints. Agility Van Lines, Inc. has received 25 complaints in the last 3 years with 10 complaints closed in the past 12 months.

    Customer reviews of Agility Van Lines are overall mixed but skew towards positivity. Though many customers seemed to have complaints on delivery windows and punctuality, reviews on respect and punctuality of the movers seem to be very positive. Let’s take a look at a few areas where Agility Van Lines’ team shines—and where it can work to improve its services. 

    Reputation for Value

    An incredibly common complaint among moving service providers is inaccurate estimates. Customers frequently complain that they are essentially lured with a “bait-and-switch” scheme, with moving companies promising them the best prices over the phone and then upping their estimate on the date of the move. However, reviews of Agility Van Lines’ pricing are surprisingly positive, with reviews across multiple sites confirming that the company’s pricing strategy remained honest and upfront throughout their moving experience.

    I have absolutely nothing negative to say about Agility Van Lines. Everyone was very professional and competent from John and supportive staff in the office to the three movers, Daniel, Marcus and Robert. The price I was reported remained accurate, the movers came on time both with pickup and delivery and all my stuff was packed with care and delivered the same way without any damage. I would highly recommend this company. — Linda K., BBB.org, 07/02/2021, 5 stars.

    Best price and service! John was exceptional to work with as this was my first long distance move. He walked me through the process, answered all of my questions and assured me when I was feeling overwhelmed by the whole project. Although I was unable to move at this time, I received a FULL REFUND of my deposit! Agility Van Lines is the ONLY company that guarantees that if you cancel FOR ANY REASON you will get a refund, and I did! I will definitely be using them again in the future! — Sharon L., BBB.org, 06/18/2021, 5 stars.

    While reviews of Agility Van Lines’ pricing are overall positive, some previous customers claim that they did not receive sufficient insurance payouts.

    It is interesting to me that immediately after my Yelp review hit I got a call from Denise from Agility Van Lines. She has always been professional and helpful, unlike Shane the owner.  She called to inquire if they could help me with my insurance claim….At the end they offered me $250…I accepted the offer of $250.00 to be done with them and three days later I am still waiting to hear how I am going to be paid as Denise was not sure if I was getting a check or a refund to my credit card!!! — Kathy M., Yelp, 07/13/2020, 1 star. 

    Reputation for Efficiency 

    Like pricing reviews, reviews on the efficiency of Agile Van Lines are almost universally positive. Even customers who believed that their service had been subpar in other areas praised the effectiveness and responsiveness of Agile Van Lines’ loading and transportation teams.

    The entire experience was very professional and almost stress-free. A special call out to the moving crew. Absolutely the very best. Very detailed, patient, kind and professional. By the end of the move they became good friends! Nothing missing [or] broken. Attention to detail in every step. The logistics and planning was also top notch. — Gil W., BBB.org, 04/24/2021, 5 stars.

    We had a wonderful experience moving with Teddy, Manny and Dominique. They were too professional. Explained [everything to us] in detail and were very accommodating. The whole team finished their work in no time and helped us in every possible way. Packed up fragile things with care. Thank [you] each one of [you]. Good luck! — Manish K., Yelp, 08/20/2019, 5 stars. 

    Reputation for Handling With Care

    Many previous customer reports mention Agile Van Lines’ ability to return possessions in the same condition that they sent them out in. This can be a major benefit, as many homeowners see their household goods damaged during the moving process.

    I had a great experience! All of my items arrived in the same condition they left and the guys were friendly and brought everything where they needed to be and would recommend them for friends and family. — Gabriel G., BBB.org, 08/03/2018, 5 stars.

    Orlando, my mover and his crew ensured my household items arrived without a scratch. Shane and Cindy were very helpful throughout the entire move process. A great professional moving company. Thanks so much. — Maria W.. Yelp, 12/29/2018, 5 stars. 

    Reputation for Reliability 

    An area where Agility Van Lines can afford to improve its service is when it comes to reliability. Multiple reviews across platforms report that movers from Agility Van Lines were not able to arrive on schedule or that their estimate had ended up being inaccurate.

    I contracted with Agility in early April for an end of June move. After daily conversations, exhaustive coordination of shipping inventory and storage arrangements, Agility called and informed me that they could not make my pick up dates-5 days before my move. After informing them that I could not push back my pickup dates (new house owners taking possession), Agility said that they were canceling my contract and would provide a refund of my deposit. — Carole M., BBB.org, 06/26/2019, 1 star.

    We notified the company of what items we wanted moved and received what I think was a fair quote over the phone (about $2,900 for 2 bedrooms of furniture, one couch, one dining table with 6 chairs, a desk and desk chair, and 30 boxes). However, when the truck arrived, about 1/3 of my things did not actually get moved because it didn’t “fit in the truck”… even though the driver did a walk through with me and confirmed that I had “an accurate quote” and that they would be able to move all my things. — Sujuta D., BBB.org, 06/26/2020, 1 star.

    Agility Van Lines Reputation

    Agility Van Lines
    Industry Average
    0 20 40 60 80 100

    Agility Van Lines FAQs

    What is Agility Van Lines' cost for interstate moves?

    Like most moving companies, Agility Van Lines does not have a set rate for interstate moves. The price that you’ll pay for your move will vary depending on where you’re moving to, the type of items that you’re bringing, the size of your current space and more. In our review, we found that Agility Van Lines had prices on the higher end of Florida’s average fees.

    What days are Agility Van Lines open?

    Agility Van Lines’ team is available by phone from 10 AM to 7 PM Mondays through Fridays and from 10 AM to 3 PM on Saturdays. Agility Van Lines’ customer service team is not available on Sundays.

    How is Agility Van Lines rated?

    The Better Business Bureau has awarded Agility Van Lines with its highest grade of an A+. The Better Business Bureau has also honored Agility Van Lines with accreditation status, which means that the company has taken steps to ensure that its advertising is honest and transparent and that its team proactively responds to customer complaints.

    Where is Agility Van Lines located?

    Agility Van Lines’ main office is located at 1500 W Cypress Creek Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309.

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    Agility Van Lines is a solid option if you’re taking on a complex move. However, we always recommend comparing at least three moving companies to get the best quotes and service.

    Get your free quote so you can compare Agility Van Lines with today’s top full-service movers and make your move budget-friendly and carefree.