Oz Moving & Storage California Inc Reviews

Oz Moving & Storage California Inc Reviews

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Oz Moving & Storage California Inc Company Information

Oz Moving & Storage California Inc Address: 101 Lincoln ave Bronx, NY 10454
Contact: Toll Free (212) 452-6683
Alternate Number: (212) 452-6683
License US DOT# 1058063,ICC MC# 439945

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Oz Moving & Storage California Inc Reviews-NY Movers

About Oz Moving & Storage California Inc
In 1993, Oz Moving & Storage did something no other moving company would ever dream of – they started putting the telephone number of the NYS DOT (the government agency that licenses and regulates moving companies) on the back of every truck and in every single advertisement. Every client that called for an estimate was advised to just “call the DOT before making your final decision”. Why did they do this? Simple – to encourage the public and potential clients to educate themselves before choosing a mover. At the time, the moving industry was full of fly-by-night scammers that ripped of people and made millions of dollars before closing up shops and re-opening under another name. By drawing the client in with a “low-ball” price, they continued to get rich at the public’s expense, and make it harder for legitimate hard working companies to make a living. What did this lead to? Local NYC Movers cleaning up their act. It became harder for scammers to scam now that people were informed, and when the consumers were scammed, they called the DOT to help resolve their issues. It also helped the DOT and FBI pin down the criminals. The more people were educated, the more they turned to the DOT and the more information and evidence they were able to collect. While we may not be most loved among our competition, our clients sure appreciate our honesty and integrity.

Oz Moving & Storage California Inc

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