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5 Best Long Distance Moving Companies In Connecticut

Connecticut is located in southern New England and has a population of little over 3.5 million citizens. This makes Connecticut the third smallest state in the US, but that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of attractions for anyone considering relocating to this little but fascinating state. There’s a little bit of everything to enjoy in the ‘Constitution State,’ with a mix of metropolitan cities, seaside vacation towns, and rural settlements.

Connecticut is not a large state, yet it has a lot to offer. Although the “greatest” location to live is subjective, Connecticut offers something for everyone, from busy metropolitan life to laid-back country lifestyle. 

Relocating is a significant life choice that needs meticulous planning. This guide was developed to assist individuals considering relocating (or who have already decided to relocate) in learning what they need to know to make the shift. Let’s have a look at the state of Connecticut and answer questions like:

  • Who are our top-five movers, based on their overall track record and services rendered?
  • How do you pick the best movers for your next move?
  • How much should you save aside for your next move?

These five moving companies are all top-tier leaders with the ability to handle a wide range of moving labor needs. Each, on the other hand, has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and will take you to your new home in a unique way. As soon as you can, you should begin the process of evaluating possible moving companies. Obtaining as many free moving estimates from numerous providers as possible prior to booking will help you determine how well certain firms meet your needs and budget.

Best for Storage Services


  • Provides self-storage services
  • Compare prices with other storage services by amenities, discounts, and more
  • Reserve storage space online

Best Full-Service Mover

International Van Lines

  • Provides Local, Long-Distance, & Int'l Moving Services
  • IVL is a Licensed Moving Carrier & Broker
  • Live Chat Option & A 24/7 Telephone Assistance Line

Best Moving Add-ons

American Van Lines

  • Local & Long-Distance Moving
  • Storage Options Available
  • Specializes In Fine Art, Antique, & Piano Moving

Top Long-Distance Moving Companies in Connecticut

All of these businesses are licensed, bonded, and insured in Connecticut. Each company’s relocation services, coverage area, timeliness, and container sizes were all assessed. Depending on the size of your move, the quantity of household goods, and general moving demands, one of these companies may be a better fit for you and your family. We recommend gathering numerous free estimates as you begin your search for a moving firm for your relocation.

Provider Quote Superlative Average Cost (Local) Average Cost (Long-Distance) Service Model
International Van Lines Free Quote Best Full-Service Mover $600 – $1,200 $1,900 – $4,900 Carrier, broker
American Van Lines Free Quote Best Moving Add-Ons $500 – $1,000 $2,300 – $5,300 Carrier
Safeway Moving System Free Quote Best for Military Moves N/A (long-distance only) $2,100 – $5,100 Broker
JK Moving Services Free Quote Most Customizable Moves Call for a quote $2,500 – $5,500 Carrier, broker
U-Pack Free Quote Most Competitive Pricing N/A (long-distance only) $1,200 – $2,200 Moving container service

* Long-distance average cost is based on aggregate data from customer reviews for a two-bedroom home, moving 500 miles. Cost can vary significantly based on move weight and distance. Be sure to request a free quote to get an accurate estimate for your move.

1. International Van Lines: Best Overall Full-Service Mover

International Van Lines is our top pick for a professional moving service in Connecticut because of its affordable prices and wide range of services. Customers may make use of in-house skilled services such as packaging, unpacking, loading, and unloading, as well as transportation. International Van Lines also provides specialist services for uncommon or difficult-to-transport items like pianos and expensive artwork. 


  • Provides specialist services for artwork, antiques, and pianos.
  • There are several protection programs available.
  • Moving out of state, nationally, and internationally


  • You have to make your initial booking over the phone.
  • The reviews are mixed based on the regions.

Best Full-Service Mover

  • Provides Local, Long-Distance, & Int'l Moving Services
  • IVL is a Licensed Moving Carrier & Broker
  • Live Chat Option & A 24/7 Telephone Assistance Line


Customers may mix and combine services to build moving packages, whether it’s a partial-service or self-service move, with International Van Lines. The company also offers a comprehensive full-value protection package as well as storage services.

The services offered by International Van Lines:

  • Services for packing and unpacking
  • Services for loading and unloading
  • Disassembly and re-assembly of furniture
  • Specialized services for recreational and sporting equipment, fragile goods, huge appliances, pianos, and antiques are available.
  • Delivery and transportation
  • Options for content protection plans
  • Solutions for short-term or long-term storage
  • relocating supplies
  • Transportation services for vehicles
  • Services for corporate relocation


International Van Lines offers partial or full-service packing, allowing you to ensure that their services are within your budget. Your service includes mileage, gasoline, and tolls. You can also add up to $10,000 in liability insurance.

<250 mi 500 mi 1,000 mi 2,000 mi
2 BR $1,700 – $4,700 $1,900 – $4,900 $2,100 – $5,100 $2,400 – $5,400
4 BR $3,200 – $6,200 $5,100 – $8,100 $5,700 – $8,700 $6,200 – $9,200

2. American Van Lines. 

If you’re concerned about how your movers will manage difficult situations, American Van Lines is an excellent choice for your relocation or move. American Van Lines does not recruit movers on a contract basis; instead, they hire them full-time. This implies that the company uses competent and well-trained movers with an average of 10 years of experience in the moving industry. American Van Lines offers this trustworthy service for basic services like packaging, crating, loading, and more.

American Van Lines has the following benefits and drawbacks.


  • Offers a price-matching policy,
  • They offer flat-rate pricing and guaranteed estimations,
  • Weekly shuttles to major cities.


  • There is no online booking option for services.
  • Up-front deposits for services might range from 10% to 50% of the total cost. Some rivals' prices could be higher.

Best Moving Add-ons

  • Local & Long-Distance Moving
  • Storage Options Available
  • Specializes In Fine Art, Antique, & Piano Moving


Full-service and partial-pack solutions are available from American Van Lines. From start to end, a background-checked crew will handle everything from furniture disassembly through packing, loading, transportation, unloading, unpacking, and furniture reassembly. If the greater cost of a full-service relocation is out of your budget, AVL may also help with partial-service moves.

American Van Lines offers set pricing, which is a wonderful benefit. Customers receive a contractual estimate at the end of the quote process, which the firm does not modify regardless of what occurs during the relocation.

Other movers may change your total fee due to unforeseen and situations that are out of your control, but American Van Lines will stick to the pricing you were given.

American Van Lines offers the following services:

  • Services for loading and unloading
  • Services for packing and unpacking
  • Solutions for storage
  • Pianos and valuable artwork require specialized servicing.
  • Disassembly and re-assembly of furniture
  • Crating
  • Delivery and transportation
  • relocating supplies
  • Corporate relocations


American Van Lines offers set pricing, which is a wonderful benefit. Customers receive a contractual estimate at the end of the quote process, which the firm does not modify regardless of what occurs during the relocation. Other movers may change your total fee due to unforeseen situations, but American Van Lines will stick to the pricing you were given.

<250 mi 500 mi 1,000 mi 2,000 mi
2 BR $1,400 – $4,400 $2,300 – $5,300 $2,600 – $5,600 $4,200 – $7,200
4 BR $4,800 – $7,800 $5,600 – $8,600 $7,400 – $10,400 $10,800 – $13,800

3. Safeway Moving

The moving industry may be confusing, and the last thing you need when planning a move is to be confused. We are well-versed in the industry since Safeway Moving Systems has aided enough clients with their move. We’ll cut through the nonsense and make things simple and affordable for you. Safeway Moving, which was started by a US Army veteran, has grown into one of the country’s safest long-distance moving firms.


  • Experts in long distance moves
  • Trusted by military service members nationally
  • Storage containers are available for your convenience
  • They are required to have liability insurance


  • There is no information about storage online
  • You have to call to schedule a booking
  • There is no option for tracking your shipment online
  • You must have a deposit at time of booking

Best for Military Moves

  • Safeway Moving is an FMCSA-Licensed Broker
  • Brokers Connect Clients With Local Moving Options at Advantageous Pricing
  • Select Locations Provide 1 Month of Free Storage Services


  • Long-distance specialists who can transport you anyplace in the United States
  • 30 days of free storage
  • Loading and unloading services
  • Offer packing and unpacking services


Although Safeway Moving does not have a pricing list on their website, but they do provide free quotes. They guarantee that there will be no hidden fees or unjustified charges on your statement. When you contact for a quote, you will have the choice of paying a flat fee or an hourly cost.

<250 mi 500 mi 1,000 mi 2,000 mi
2 BR $1,900 – $4,900 $2,100 – $5,100 $2,200 – $5,200 $2,700 – $5,700
4 BR $3,200 – $6,200 $3,700 – $6,700 $4,500 – $7,500 $7,800 – $10,800

4. JK Moving

JK Moving offers both full-service and partial-service moving options to accommodate your budget and relocation needs. Another noteworthy aspect is the company’s ability to provide financing. Customers that choose JK Moving for their customised moving packages may obtain costs as low as 0% same-as-cash. In the moving industry, this is a one-of-a-kind service.

If you want full-service options on a budget, JK moving is a great option.


  • They offer customer support seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.
  • They have a mobile app that allows you to monitor your relocation and obtain in-home quotes.
  • Enhancify is a company that provides funding if you need it.


  • Customer reviews differ depending on the area.
  • Their storage choices are limited to third-party providers.

Best for Protection Insurance

  • Long-Distance, Interstate, Local & Int'l Moves
  • 24/7 Customer Support & Great Mobile App for Customers
  • Low-Interest Financing Available with JK Moving partner


JK Moving offers a choice of industry-standard full-service options when you choose to relocate with them. The company offers packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking services. JK Moving will gather information about your moving needs and budget throughout the estimate process, and your moving package will be built with services based on that information.

  • They provide services such as packing and unloading.
  • The process of loading and unloading
  • They feature long-term and short-term storage options.
  • Complete shipping and delivery service, including freighting and crating.
  • Furniture will be disassembled and reassembled.
  • They specialize in the transportation of antiques and pianos.
  • Corporate and government relocation services are available.
  • Vehicle moving services are available.


Because each of JK Moving’s packages is designed to the unique needs of each customer, it does not give sample pricing online. The following criteria will impact the price JK Moving quotes you:

  • The original home’s location/address
  • The distance between the old house and the new house
  • The move’s overall weight and size
  • The move’s scheduled time and date
  • Any extra services that you provide

Although JK Moving does not provide online estimates, you may fill out an online form and a representative will call you as soon as possible. The total cost of your move with JK Moving will depend on the services you choose, the distance and weight of your relocation, and your origin location.

5. U-Pack

U-Pack is a container shipping company that is one of the largest and oldest in the world. It has a wide range of container sizes to choose from, as well as a terrific pay-as-you-go option for larger moving trailers. It’s a long-distance moving service that’s only available for moves of over 100 miles.


  • There are no hidden costs, and pricing is transparent.
  • On their website, you can receive rapid estimates and use an online tracker to keep track of your delivery in real time.
  • There are several container sizes to choose from.
  • For an additional fee, they provide moving supplies.
  • They accept reservations over the internet.


  • There is no convenient on-site storage.
  • To use their services, you must be traveling more than 100 kilometers.
  • You have three business days to load and unload your items from the containers.

Most Competitive Pricing

  • Long-Distance Moving Container Service
  • Portable Storage Service at U-Pack Warehouse
  • Negligence & Catastrophic Liability Coverage


You may either enter your relocation information online or call and deliver it to a customer service representative over the phone. Depending on your needs, they’ll offer you a number of smaller “Relocubes” or a large rolling trailer. If you need more space than a Relocube can give but don’t need the entire trailer, you may rent one and only pay for the space you need. Your container will be delivered to your old address, and you’ll have three days to load it. You may add loading help to your U-Pack purchase in most regions. The containers are then delivered to your new address by U-Pack, giving you up to three days to unpack.


With clear pricing available you only pay for what you ask for. You can head over to their website and fill out the form to get an estimate easily. You also get to choose if you would like to have their movers load and unload your containers. 

<250 mi 500 mi 1,000 mi 2,000 mi
2 BR $600 – $1,600 $1,200 – $2,200 $1,600 – $2,600 $2,100 – $3,100
4 BR $800 – $1,800 $1,800 – $2,800 $2,800 – $3,800 $4,100 – $5,100

Final Thoughts

The size and weight of your belongings, the distance of your move, your budget, any problematic things you own, and the quantity of manpower required will all go into determining which firm is ideal for your Florida move. We recommend getting different moving estimates so you can compare each company’s services and how they can assist you with your relocation.

We recommend full-service movers like International Van Lines, Allied Van Lines, JK Moving, and American Van Lines if you value having a firm handle as much of your move as possible.

Comparing Long Distance Movers in Connecticut

The moving process may be stressful for anybody and is a difficult task, which is why we recommend hiring expert movers. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all moving business. That’s why it’s crucial to do your homework and take the time to locate the moving company that’s right for you.

Providers Packing Unpacking Disassemble/Reassemble Furniture Storage Clean-Up Packing Supplies
International Van Lines Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
American Van Lines Yes Yes No Yes N/A Yes
Safeway Moving Yes Yes No Yes N/A Yes
JK Moving Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
U-Pack Yes Yes N/A Off-site N/A Yes

What to Look for in a Connecticut Long Distance Moving Company

Selecting a moving company does not have to be a difficult task. Just do some preliminary research and you’ll be confident that they’ll do an excellent job.

  • How long has this company been in operation: An experienced firm has proven that they are capable of completing the job and dealing with any problems that may occur. Check to check if the movers you’re working with have a lot of experience.
  • Is the Department of Transportation aware of their presence? According to the legislation, interstate movers must register with the federal government and get a S. DOT number. Check to see if they are registered before doing business with them.
  • Examine the following reviews and recommendations: Review sites such as Google and Yelp can assist you in determining whether or not a moving company is worthwhile.
  • Do they have commercial insurance? : There are many degrees of protection available to protect your belongings while they are in the movers’ care. Despite the fact that the law only requires insurance to pay $0.60 per pound, certain carriers may cover the replacement cost or depreciated value of your belongings.
  • What other services are available to make your relocation go as smoothly as possible? Many more services, such as packing, unpacking, and automobile transport, may be provided to make your move even more convenient.
  • Are they reachable?: If you need to contact your moving company, you’ll want to know that you’ll be able to do so. Using a local firm might be beneficial in this situation.

Benefits of Using a Long Distance Moving Company

Long-distance relocation is a difficult endeavor that seldom goes well. Because there is so much planning, packing, and heavy lifting involved, it might be a tough process. You should employ long-distance movers if relocation seems like an endless process that you don’t want to handle on yourself. Long-distance movers will handle every element of your relocation, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

  • Long-distance movers are effective because they possess the necessary abilities and knowledge to complete the job.
  • Long-distance movers have resources in both your present home state and the state to which you will be relocating. From beginning to end, you have simple access.
  • On every level of the motion, you get a professional touch.
  • It’s not necessary for you to go it alone. Add-ons such as “packing and unpacking” might help your relocation go more quickly than if it were just you.

Our Rating Methodology: How We Chose the Best Moving Companies in Connecticut

At Pro Mover Reviews, we are committed to providing our readers with comprehensive and unbiased information on each provider that we review. Our methodology is a step-by-step process that ensures we maintain your trust through transparency and data that is backed up through routine check-ins. Our staff has spent hundreds of hours reviewing dozens of local, long-distance, and international moving companies to bring you our recommendation for the best moving companies in the US. We then narrowed down our findings based on criteria that we find to be the most helpful for you to choose the best moving company for your needs. 

Our Rating Categories:

  • Company Transparency
  • Pricing + Cost
  • Services Offered
  • Overall Reputation

While there are many sites out there that compare movers, we believe our rigorous standards give us more insights into company performance and better data to share with our community.  For each moving company we check for:

  • Confirmed Licensing with the DOT
  • Updated & Verified Business Registration
  • Real & Recent Consumer Reviews
  • Industry Ratings and BBB Complaints
  • Accuracy of Online Quotes
  • Services Provided & Total Service Area
  • Pricing & Services vs. Competitors

From here we created a comprehensive, 100 point, rating scale based on the following factors: 

  • Moving services (25): Companies that offer more flexibility in their services are rated higher.
  • Coverage of services (5): The more items a moving company can handle, the higher the score. 
  • Pricing (25): We compare this to the industry average when rating pricing. 
  • Trustworthiness (25): We comb through hundreds of reviews and check on BBB ratings to determine the trustworthiness of a company.
  • State availability (5): Finding a moving company in your state can be a challenge depending on where you are located. The more states covered, the higher the score. 
  • Customer service (10): Is this moving company responsive? Do they respond quickly to issues that are brought to their attention? Are they helpful in answering questions? All of these factors are considered when rating customer service. 
  • Additional benefits (5): Moving companies can sometimes offer special promotions or deals when contracting them for a move. The companies with the most benefit scored higher. 

Of the dozens of different moving companies that we’ve reviewed, we’ve broken down the top companies in your area. To keep our ratings and data current, we have a full-time researcher who collects (and regularly updates) more than 100 specific data points from each company to help us compare them on key factors such as coverage, cost, service, and dependability. This list is ever-changing, as companies will update policies and procedures, and we will change our information accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I move long-distance cheaply?

A key way to move long-distance cheapy is to obtain a reasonable amount of moving quotes and give yourself plenty of time to choose the best one. Because moving companies are often booked six to eight weeks in advance, it is best to interview movers several months in advance. If you prepare ahead of time, you’ll get the best prices.


Where are the best places to move in Connecticut?

If you want to move to the Constitution State, which is famed for its gorgeous outdoors, culture, and small-town atmosphere, you’ll have to figure out where you want to live first. With so many amazing cities to select from, you may find it difficult to narrow down your choices. Here are some of the top places to live in Connecticut:

  1. Bridgeport
  2. New Haven
  3. Stamford
  4. Hartford
  5. Waterbury