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5 Best Heavy Equipment Movers [2022 Review]

Transporting heavy machinery and equipment is a delicate process that requires extensive training to avoid injury. Even a minor mistake can result in thousands of dollars in damages when moving this type of equipment. To help ensure things go smoothly, consider working with one of the best heavy equipment movers in our guide below.


The Best Heavy Equipment Moving Companies

  1. Best for Single-Item Shipping: uShip
  2. Best for Energy Equipment Transport: Barnhart
  3. Best for Automotive Transportation: A-1 Auto Transport 
  4. Best Trailer Options: Heavy Haulers 
  5. Best for Warehousing: Canton Erectors

Our team understands firsthand just how expensive heavy equipment can be—which is why we took months to compare dozens of heavy equipment movers before choosing which companies to recommend to you. Before recommending each company, we compared company transparency, pricing, services offered, and customer sentiment. View the chart below for a summary of our favorite heavy equipment movers and what each of them does best.

Provider Quote Superlative Pricing Services offered 
uShip Free Quote Best for Single-Item Shipping Varies by item Single-item shipping
Barnhart Free Quote Best for Energy Equipment Transport N/A Crane and rigging services, transportation
A-1 Auto Transport Free Quote Best for Automotive Transportation $1 to $5 per mile traveled Auto shipping, heavy machinery transport, general moving services
Heavy Haulers Free Quote Best for Trailer Options $3.85 to $7.18 per mile traveled for a 14,000-pound load Domestic and international hauling and shipments
Canton Erectors Free Quote Best for Warehousing N/A Rigging and transport services


uShip is a moving marketplace that allows you to connect with local moving teams that specialize in transporting sensitive and fragile items and equipment. Simply create a listing detailing what you need to ship, wait for proposals to come in from local movers, and hire the team that works for your company and your budget. It’s that simple.

Best for Single-Item Shipping

  • Provides Shipping Services for Furniture, Cars, Boats, etc.
  • Easy Mobile App for Tracking
  • Ships for Residential and Commercial Moving

Their Services

uShip is a shipping service marketplace that allows you to connect with multiple local shipping teams to arrange a single-item or small load move. You can currently book shipping services for the following items through uShip:

  • Vehicles and boats
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Standard household goods
  • Freight
  • Farm and construction equipment
  • Animals (both pets and livestock)
  • Hay bales
  • Waterslides
  • Jacuzzis

This is only a sample of the many items that uShip’s partners can move. If you aren’t sure if uShip supports the item you need to move, try creating a listing. Chances are high that, no matter what you need to ship, a professional on uShip can help.

uShip Cost

uShip offers two pricing strategies to use when you list your item.

  • Set price shipping: With this option, you can name a specific price you’re willing to pay for your moving services. After listing, moving companies can view your job and bid on it if your pricing aligns with the company’s rates. The higher your listed price, the more movers you’ll be able to choose from and the faster you can book your team.
  • Request quotes: If you aren’t sure what a good rate for your move would be, you can create a listing on uShip’s platform and request that movers send you quotes for the job. You can then browse your provided estimates and company reviews to choose a reputable team that fits your budget.

This flexible model allows you to customize your pricing and gives you more control over the final price that you’ll pay to move your equipment.

Their Availability

uShip is available in all 50 states, and you can create your listing anywhere in the country. The availability of local teams will vary depending on your location.

Why We Like uShip

Using uShip to transport your heavy machinery comes with a number of benefits, including the following.

  • Affordable pricing: If you’ve ever transported heavy equipment in the past, you know that this process can be exceptionally expensive. uShip’s flexible pricing options help ensure you stay on budget for your upcoming move.
  • Wide range of items that you can ship: From agricultural equipment to hot tubs; if you have a heavy item, chances are high that there’s a mover on uShip who can get the job done for you. This can be a major benefit if you’re moving an entire business or commercial space and you need to book multiple types of sensitive moves.


Energy equipment can be incredibly expensive and fragile—it requires the utmost care when moving to avoid injury and even death. Barnhart is one of the only heavy equipment movers we’ve seen to offer transportation and lifting services for energy equipment and machinery, ranging from nuclear steam generators to electric generators.

Their Services

Barnhart specializes in heavy lifting and transportation for large machines. The company currently offers the following services:

  • Crane services
  • Heavy crane lifts
  • Rigging
  • Machinery moving
  • Project cargo load
  • Over-the-road heavy haul
  • Barging
  • On-site heavy haul
  • Storage services
  • Surplus materials and equipment

Barnhart supports a number of industries, ranging from chemical processing to petroleum refining.

Barnhart Cost

Because Barnhart offers such a wide range of heavy equipment services; the company currently does not offer sample pricing. To learn more about what you might pay for your heavy machinery movers when you book through Barnhart, contact the company by filling out a quote request form here.

Their Availability

Barnhart offers services from coast-to-coast and in every state. The company prides itself on providing their customers with in-depth knowledge of varying state and federal regulations in all 50 states.

Why We Like Barnhart

Some of the most unique benefits you’ll receive when you book your heavy machinery moving through Barnhart include the following.

  • No “middle man:” Some heavy machinery movers may not have the special equipment on-hand needed to transport certain items. This means that they need to contact third-party equipment providers to rent the transportation equipment they use, limiting the level of control that their operators have over each machine. Barnhart owns all of its transportation equipment, and you’ll be working directly with their team before and during your move—no middlemen here.
  • Tons of storage options: Finding storage for heavy equipment is not an easy feat. Barnhart offers more than 1 million square feet of storage space across more than 50 locations across the country. Climate-controlled storage options are also available for sensitive equipment and coolant.

A-1 Auto Transport

If you’re moving an entire business, you may need to ship commercial or personal vehicles alongside your heavy machinery. A-1 Auto Transport provides you with a one-stop shop for every type of machinery and vehicle that you might need to schedule moving services for.

Their Services

A-1 Auto Transport specializes in both equipment and automobile shipping. The company currently offers shipping for the following items.

  • Basic automobiles
  • Enclosed/covered freight
  • Luxury vehicles
  • Classic and antique cars
  • Military and armed forces equipment
  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • Boats and yachts
  • Electric vehicles
  • Trucks and SUVs
  • Heavy equipment
  • RVs and motorhomes

In addition to vehicle shipments, A-1 Auto Transport also offers general long-distance moving services for household goods.

A-1 Auto Transport Cost

Like most heavy equipment movers, A-1 Auto Transport bases its heavy equipment pricing on the distance you’re traveling. The most advantageous pricing is provided to those traveling the furthest distance. You can view sample pricing for heavy machinery transportation using the chart below.

Distance traveled Price Estimated time in transit
0-200 miles $4.00 – $5.00 per mile 1-3 days
200-500 miles $3.50 – $4.00 per mile 2-4 days
500-1000 miles $3.00 – $3.50 per mile 3-6 days
1000-1500 miles $2.50 – $3.00 per mile 4-7 days
1500 – 2000 miles $2.00 – $2.50 per mile 5-8 days
2000 – 2500 miles $1.50 – $2.00 per mile 6-9 days
2500+ miles $1.00 – $1.50 per mile 7-10 days

These prices are estimates from the company. To get the most accurate pricing, be sure to complete a contact request form.

Their Availability

A-1 Auto Transport offers service in all 50 states. It can also help you move vehicles to more than 190 individual countries located worldwide.

Why We Like A-1 Auto Transport

Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you ship with A-1 Auto Transport include the following.

  • Worldwide shipping: Shipping vehicles and equipment overseas requires a number of permits, insurance policies, and bonding certificates. This is part of why most moving companies cannot provide international services for heavy equipment. A-1 Auto Transport has experience shipping to more than 190 countries, making them one of the most experienced providers for international moving.
  • Discounts available: A-1 Auto Transport offers 20% discounts on heavy machinery moving. If you have multiple pieces of equipment that you need to move, this discount can save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in shipping expenses.

Heavy Haulers

If you need a trailer to ship your machinery, know that Heavy Haulers offers more than 17 unique trailer sizes. The company even offers select trailers that can hold multiple pieces of heavy machinery and transport them simultaneously—saving you and your business money.

Their Services

You can currently book the following services through Heavy Haulers:

  • Super load transport
  • Equipment exporting
  • 5th wheel transport
  • Truck piggybacking services
  • Nationwide equipment transport
  • Boat manufacturer transport
  • Load tracking
  • Overdimensional specialized transport
  • Truckaway services
  • Commercial truck shipping
  • Catastrophic recovery
  • Heavy hauling services
  • North American heavy hauling
  • Heavy haul trucking
  • Construction equipment transport
  • Pilot car and escort vehicle services

Heavy Haulers Cost

To get an idea of what you might pay for heavy machinery shipping with Heavy Haulers, we decided to contact a representative to request a quote for a 14,000-pound load (about the weight of the average bulldozer). We were quoted the following rates:

  • Short move: Moving a 14,000-pound load from Kansas City, MO to Des Moines, IA (about 188 miles) will cost $1,350. This averages out to about $7.18 per mile traveled.
  • Long-distance move: Moving a 14,000-pound load from Canton, OH, to Santa Monica, CA (about 2,050 miles) will cost $7,888.96. This averages out to about $3.85 a mile.

These are just a few general estimates. Your specific quote may vary depending on the dimensions of your machinery as well as the overall weight.

Their Availability

Heavy Haulers offers services in all 50 states with nationwide shipping. International shipping services are also available.

Why We Like Heavy Haulers

Some of the reasons why we recommend Heavy Haulers include the following.

  • Live shipping estimates: Collecting multiple quotes from heavy machinery movers can be a major time sink—despite the fact that it’s also the best way to make sure that you’re getting the best possible price on your move. Heavy Haulers offers live shipping estimates from representatives you can contact via live chat. Let your representative know where you’re going, what you’re hauling, and the types of services you need to get a quote in as little as a few minutes.
  • Heavy Haulers offers load tracking on its shipments, which are completed via GPS. You’ll receive real-time updates on the location of your shipments, which can better help you and your business stay on schedule during a stressful move.

Canton Erectors

Canton Erectors offers extensive crating options to keep your heavy machinery safe should you need to keep it in a warehouse while you complete your move. The company takes multiple steps to ensure a holistic heat treatment plan that removes pests and prevents damage to your equipment.

Their Services

You can currently schedule the following services through Canton Erectors:

  • Forklift services
  • Crane services
  • Heavy equipment transport
  • Machinery transport
  • Heavy equipment crating and shipping
  • Equipment and machinery warehousing
  • Plant and factory relocation services
  • Scrap metal recycling and asset recovery
  • Fabrication and welding
  • Millwright services
  • Emergency services

Canton Erectors Cost

Like Barnhart, Canton Erectors does not offer pricing estimates online. You can easily request a quote from their team by completing a contact request form here.

Their Availability

Though Canton Erectors is a company local to Ohio, their team has international and nationwide capabilities. Specific services available may vary depending on your location.

Why We Like Canton Erectors

Some of the reasons why we recommend Canton Erectors include the following.

  • Machinery warehousing services: Canton Erectors maintain more than 42,000 square feet of warehouse space, and they also provide crating before loading your shipment into the warehouse as well. Canton Erectors is compliant with the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15, which maintains that the company uses a protectant heat treatment to prevent the spread of parasites and pests. The company’s warehouses are also heated to ensure that no pests can survive long enough to damage your expensive equipment.
  • Emergency services: No one wants to ever think about the possibility of an accident when heavy machinery is involved. Unfortunately, the reality is that you might sometimes need emergency lifting services to keep your employees and customers safe onsite. Canton Erectors offers 24/7 emergency services throughout the Canton area and beyond.

Heavy Machinery Movers Near You

Though it may take more of your time, we recommend getting a quote from all of our recommended moving service providers before you select your heavy equipment movers. Moving heavy equipment and machinery can cost upwards of $10,000. However, every moving company uses its own formula to calculate the price that you pay—meaning that it’s possible to find the exact same moving services from 10 different heavy machinery movers at ten completely different prices. You have no idea how much you could be saving until you know all of your options.

Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a company to move your heavy machinery, you need to look carefully. Doing your research and weighing your options before going with just any available company can save you from encountering problems during your move. These problems can include expensive damage to your heavy machinery, risky business practices, or lost or stolen goods.

Even without those extenuating circumstances, how can you choose a competent company to transport your heavy machinery which is likely essential for your livelihood? Here are some things you can look for to make an educated decision if you decide to search beyond our list of the best heavy equipment movers.

Reputation and Experience

When moving heavy machinery, you want an experienced mover with great customer service reviews. One of the best ways to see if a heavy equipment mover knows what they’re doing is to ask them to evaluate your move. Ask them how they would treat one of your machines: how they would dismantle and reassemble, what vehicles they would load the parts onto, which routes they would take, and if they’ve ever worked on a move with the same characteristics as yours. You can even ask them to provide pictures and videos of past projects they’ve worked on so you can corroborate their experience.

There is also a document called a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) that you can use to evaluate a company’s trustworthiness. This SOQ should be full of the exact information mentioned above, such as what the company offers, its years of experience, its specialties, and even notes and documentation of previous projects they’ve worked on. The SOQ is an invaluable resource when vetting an industrial mover.

Licensing and Insurance

Since heavy machinery is expensive and often risky to move, you want to make sure your industrial mover is licensed in the states they work in, as well as insured. If the company doesn’t have the proper insurance for their moves, you will be the one paying for any mistakes they could make if your property is lost or damaged.

To become licensed in the first place, heavy machine movers need to pass a certification process, during which they practice and learn how to move machines. It can be a risky job, which is why this certification is essential. Drivers who work for these companies must also hold CDLs (commercial driver’s licenses), for which they also must go to school and pass a test. And finally, if the industrial mover has any crane operators, they must hold licenses and get them renewed every five years. Make sure that your candidates for movers all have up-to-date licenses and that they provide you with proof of insurance and bonding that meets your state’s minimum requirements.

Safety and Equipment

As mentioned above, the certifications required to move heavy machinery come with training and passing tests. They must be renewed every few years and kept current with whatever new rules and regulations come through the industry. Your potential industrial mover should have OSHA and NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators) certifications so that you can be sure that they have a framework for safety in the workplace.

Look around their offices to see if the workers have appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) and follow safety and maintenance protocols. The company should know how to work and maintain its own machinery; it should also know how to care for and protect your heavy machinery.

Dismantling and Reassembly Options

This is a service you may require if your heavy equipment is extremely large or unwieldy. Since there are many different types of heavy machinery, it can be a challenge to find a company with expertise in a particular type of machine that needs to be dismantled, transported, and then reassembled.

However, the right company does exist for any type of heavy machinery movement. Rigging teams in many locations may have had experience moving the same types of machines you own. Because of the high-risk nature of the job, these companies quickly become knowledgeable about the best ways to move these machines. If you need this service, provide your prospective mover with blueprints or any schematic papers you have so that they can be sure to dismantle and reassemble your property correctly and efficiently.

Our Methodology

At Pro Mover Reviews, we are committed to providing our readers with comprehensive and unbiased information on each provider that we review. Our methodology is a step-by-step process that ensures we maintain your trust through transparency and data that is backed up through routine check-ins. Our staff has spent hundreds of hours reviewing dozens of local, long-distance, and international moving companies to bring you our recommendation for the best moving companies in the US. We then narrowed down our findings based on criteria that we find to be the most helpful for you to choose the best moving company for your needs. 

Our Rating Categories:

  • Company Transparency
  • Pricing + Cost
  • Services Offered
  • Overall Reputation

While there are many sites out there that compare movers, we believe our rigorous standards give us more insights into company performance and better data to share with our community.  For each moving company we check for:

  • Confirmed Licensing with the DOT
  • Updated & Verified Business Registration
  • Real & Recent Consumer Reviews
  • Industry Ratings and BBB Complaints
  • Accuracy of Online Quotes
  • Services Provided & Total Service Area
  • Pricing & Services vs. Competitors

From here we created a comprehensive, 100 point, rating scale based on the following factors: 

  • Moving services (25): Companies that offer more flexibility in their services are rated higher.
  • Coverage of services (5): The more items a moving company can handle, the higher the score. 
  • Pricing (25): We compare this to the industry average when rating pricing. 
  • Trustworthiness (25): We comb through hundreds of reviews and check on BBB ratings to determine the trustworthiness of a company.
  • State availability (5): Finding a moving company in your state can be a challenge depending on where you are located. The more states covered, the higher the score. 
  • Customer service (10): Is this moving company responsive? Do they respond quickly to issues that are brought to their attention? Are they helpful in answering questions? All of these factors are considered when rating customer service. 
  • Additional benefits (5): Moving companies can sometimes offer special promotions or deals when contracting them for a move. The companies with the most benefit scored higher. 

Of the dozens of different moving companies that we’ve reviewed, we’ve broken down the best interstate and long-distance movers in Indiana. To keep our ratings and data current, we have a full-time researcher who collects (and regularly updates) more than 100 specific data points from each company to help us compare them on key factors such as coverage, cost, service, and dependability. This list is ever-changing, as companies will update policies and procedures, and we will change our information accordingly.

FAQs for the Best Heavy Equipment Movers

How do you move heavy equipment?

The most widespread way to move heavy equipment is with a crane. Whether the object needs to be moved from one side of a shipyard to another or transported to a different city, a crane will be the typical mode of lifting. After the equipment is rigged with a crane, it may be secured on a trailer for long-distance transportation.

How do you move a large, heavy object?

If an object is so large and heavy as to be immovable by crane, the next step is to take it apart. This can be achieved by consulting its manual, which holds diagrams and schematics that can be used to determine where it comes apart and then how to put the object back together. After dismantling, the object can be moved piece by piece using a crane, or it can be secured onto vehicles and transported in pieces to its new destination.

How much does it cost to move heavy equipment?

Simply transporting heavy equipment can cost anywhere from $1.75 per mile to $5; the higher price is for short-range moves. For a long-distance move, $1.75 per mile is the industry standard if the trip is at least 500 miles. As for loading and dismantling/reassembly, that can cost a few hundred dollars to around $2,000, depending on the company you go with and how much time it takes them and what kind of specialized equipment they might need to use.