Walla Move N Store Reviews

Walla Move N Store Reviews

Walla Move N Store Company Information

Walla Move N Store Address: 1274-49th St#533,Brooklyn,NY 11219
Contact: Toll Free 718-484-8572
Alternate Number: 718-484-8574
Email: info@movenstor.com
License USDOT#1712047 ICC MC#628051

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Walla Move N Store Reviews-NY Movers

About Walla Move N Store
Walla began offering transportation services in 2007. From its humble beginnings, the founders of the company had a vision of what a great transportation provider should be. They believed that good business practices, along with fair and honest ideals would set them apart from the crowded industry. The guiding principles of the company, consisting of great service, intelligent transportation solutions, and fair competitive pricing have allowed Walla to grow and prosper from its inception.New projects were commonplace and Walla soon made the bold move to take a step forward in the industry and open their doors directly to the public. This enabled us to not only provide transportation services, but also, take on a whole host of warehouse related solutions.

Walla is fully staffed with highly educated and skilled personnel, ready to assist in all of your relocation needs, so no job is too big or too small. Our drivers on the road are courteous, professional, and most importantly, safe! We run a background check and conduct random drug-screens on all of our drivers.

Knowing the importance and complexity of moving day, Walla is on a mission to improve your moving experience by being responsive and innovative in everything we do. Unlike many movers, we want to know every detail of your move in advance.This is the key to our ability and repeated success to make moving a happy event. Clients love us for it and send their friends and family to Walla for the same treatment. Behind the professional demeanor of our staff is a solid infrastructure that makes the whole machine run smoothly.

Long distance moving is an involved and intensive process. Long distance moving will require the expertise and experienced services of a long distance moving company that will create and execute a detailed plan that will work for you! Walla is a Long Distance Moving Service that offers you superior service, our proud work ethic and a presence you can rely on.

Our professionals work hard to ensure that you don’t have to worry or be anxious during your long distance move. Whatever you may need during your move, we pride ourselves on being a long distance moving company who is there for you throughout the journey. Our Walla professionals will offer you counseling and guidance— providing the best long distance moving services for your move requirements. Your delivery times, dates and move cost will all be patiently and carefully explained to you. All of your expectations will not only be met, but exceeded!

Walla Move N Store

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