Unique Vanlines Reviews

Unique Vanlines Reviews

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Unique Vanlines Address: 20855 N.E 16 Ave. Miami FL 33179
Contact: Toll Free 888-626-8822
Alternate Number: 305-455-1428
Email: karin@uniquevanlines.com
License USDOT#1951425 ICC MC#693469 IM# 1795

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Are you on your way to a new beginning? Let our professional team at Unique Van lines be part of your move to a new start. Moving can be a simple and quick process – if you get it right. Our representatives will assist you with all your needs during the whole process and we will do our best to make it smooth and easy. Our expert sales team will give you all the right tips and will provide you with honest and accurate quote with no hidden charges and no tricks. Our teams are specialized in a full service move: packing, unpacking, any kind of piano moves, we can also transport your vehicle. We care about the service and our customers are important to us.

Our professional & experienced team at Unique van lines will make your new start easy and stress free. Our professional sales team will provide you with a binding & guaranteed quote for your full service long distance move, Whether it is cross country, state to state, or North to South, our experienced and courteous sales team will assist you from A to Z. Our services includes full packing and unpacking services, packing supplies, storage, and car transportation. We at Unique Van Lines also specialize in piano moves. Our trucks are fully equipped to accommodate any of your moving needs! We offer full service moves from one piece of furniture to a full household, at high quality and low competitive rates. We provide free quotes over the phone, on line, and at your home with no obligation.

Our trucks are fully equipped to accommodate any of your moving needs! We offer full service moves from one piece of furniture to a full household, at high quality and low competitive rates. We provide free quotes over the phone, on line, and at your home with no obligation.


Unique Vanlines

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31 reviews for Unique Vanlines Reviews

  1. Shawn Harris

    It was such a pleasure to have worked with Unique van lines during my last move. These guys did a great job on my move from start to finish. The two young men were both very professional and hard working. Their supervisor was on the ball every step of the way and answered all my questions that I asked a lot. They were very careful with the furniture and also watched all the walls moving in. All fees were explained up front and were very reasonable. From front office to movers this is a well-run company. I will use them again and recommend to everyone I know.

  2. Michael Adams

    I hated having to relocate until I found Unique van lines. They really made my relocation easy and simple. It was quite easy getting a quote from them. Thankfully, the final bill came under the initial estimate. The four movers arrived right on time and they were very efficient. They worked very swiftly while packing and loading. They must have saved me some money given how fast they were. The delivery was made on time and I’m a happy client for sure! They are definitely worth hiring again.

  3. Roger Torres

    I talked to 15 moving companies. Most of them were asking for prices that were downright ridiculous. Hiring moving companies would always cost you. In the end, whether they can do the job properly or not is what really matters. That’s why I hired Unique van lines. They had one of the lowest quotes. The movers delivered each and every item of mine in the exact condition they took them. That is a mighty achievement. On top of that, they maintained their timings and the movers were very friendly. There was no hidden cost added to the final bill, which is a common practice for many moving companies. Relocations are always going to be expensive. But hiring a professional yet honest company definitely softens the blow.

  4. Henry Evans

    Unique van lines was my greatest find in terms of moving comfort. They made my move just effortless! When I found them through a website, I was not sure if they would click for us. But they were very detailed oriented for my move. The sales manager scoped my total belongings and gave an exact price. The boys were very fast while packing. I think they have plenty of experience in this area. They did everything properly. All boxes were labeled. They used small boxes for every unique item. I am really happy with their quality of work. I will definitely use them again.

  5. Kenneth

    The people at Unique van lines were very reliable. They got me a moving date within about a day. Everybody was very cooperative at this company from their manager to the movers. Their manager was a knowledgeable man and it was a reputable company. The movers they sent were perfect for this kind of job- polite, strong and efficient. They were friendly and effectual. They delivered all my furniture safely. The price was affordable too- which impressed me the most and got me here to write them a review. I had a wonderful experience with them.

  6. Marco Simpson

    Unique van lines claimed to be a lot of things when I contacted them. I started to understand why that is when I found their customer service to be very helpful and they gave me a great quote. The four movers were very helpful. They were very quick to pack and load everything from our 3-bedroom apartment. The men were also very efficient and skillful. The delivery was made on time and nothing had even a scratch on them. I was very impressed with the movers throughout this moving process. They really are everything they claim to be.

  7. Loren Mcbride

    With the new job and my girlfriend moving in, it was quite a stressful two weeks of my life with the whole search of moving company for relocating to our new apartment. Fortunately I came across a moving company recommended by a dear friend who has a lot of experience in moving! The movers from Unique van lines turned out to be absolutely perfect. They were inexpensive, efficient, punctual and reliable. The movers were all very experienced and it showed in the way they worked. They packed and loaded my things into their van like a true pro. When they delivered everything, I was amazed to see none of my valuables were damaged. I have heard and experienced relocations where movers were responsible for too much damage. I am simply thankful that I didn’t have to go through that kind of terror this time!

  8. Brian Evans

    I have used Unique van lines twice. Both times I have been extremely impressed by the level of service and care. They are so fair, fast and efficient. The first time I used them, we were moving almost an hour away. Believe me; I expected them to turn the hour travel time into an all day trip to drive up the cost. They have already had two other appointments that day and the foreman apologized right after they arrived for being 5 minutes late! Then they got to work and started packing everything. They weren’t the quickest given how tired they already were. But the men pushed through and finished everything. They delivered everything on time and in great condition. I was quite glad to see how well all my things have traveled all the way. This company is everything that they offer you!

  9. Sean Patterson

    Thanks to this amazing moving company named Unique van lines which made my last move the smoothest possible. The movers they supplied us knew what they were doing all the while. They were skilled in their jobs and ensured that none of the belongings was broken or damaged during the course of the move. They were punctual and their pricing was affordable. I have experienced many of my friends losing valuables in the hands of inexperienced movers. I will be recommending this company to all of them. This is a company who you can trust.

  10. Jose Murphy

    Unique van lines handled my last move like true professionals. This company helped me to reconstruct my faith in moving companies. They had a long distance to cover, across the country to be exact, but they seemed completely oblivious of it. The movers helped me to pack each and every one of my belonging in the most efficient way and they showed me how to work in a certain order so that I can take count of them for later inspection during delivery. They packed everything very carefully. And they made the delivery on time. Nothing was broken or damaged. I am so glad that I hired them and not some low level cheating company.

  11. Anthony

    Unique van lines is a no-frills moving company and that’s why most people assume they are not worth hiring. In fact, a lot of people can’t even imagine a mid-range company being so efficient. But that is exactly what these guys do. They surprise you with their services. I hired them to move my belongings in the beginning of this month. I wasn’t really expecting much because they quoted low. But the movers arrived on time, were very efficient at packing and strongly carried everything out of my house. There was no shiny uniform or excessive use of packing materials but these guys knew what they were doing. They are not the moving company hired by celebrities. But they do the job perfectly for regular people like me.

  12. George Brown

    They did not break a single thing!! They were very nice! Their sales rep is a very good man. He understood my situation and helped in every way possible. On the other hand, the moving team was expert! So professional! They packed the truck brilliantly and all my things were brought back to me without a scratch!! Great job guys!! I shall definitely use you again and will recommend Unique van lines to everyone who is in need of moving assistance.

  13. Sammy Thornton

    I loved working with these guys. These guys were amazing and very calm. Completely organized and prepared for work! I felt like they were in and out in no time and pretty quick on job time. Surprisingly they didn’t bang or scratch my furniture. Really happy with the results. There were also no extra fees or hidden charges. I was charged exactly what I was quote. It was great! I highly recommend Unique van lines!

  14. Rickey Wagner

    I really did not think that the move will go so well because I have had many bad experiences with other moving companies in the past. The guys know how to work and they made me feel very at ease during the entire move. They packed and loaded in just 4 hours and we had added more belongings at the last minute. I did not get extra charged for that! Everything arrived in the same way! I will never use anyone else! Well done Unique van lines!

  15. Marcos Bradley

    Unique van lines helped me move and it was really a great experience. They made the move less stressful. They are completely worth hiring! I do not regret for my decision at all. The entire organizing process was seamless. First of all, they wrapped up the larger items so that those would not get broken throughout the process. They took a lot of care for my furniture that was really appreciable. They are all very fast and nice as well as professional. I’m moving again very soon and I will absolutely contact these guys again!

  16. Alfredo Davis

    I just loved the service of Unique van lines. The moving team who came to help was fantastic!!! They were fast, talented, innovative and very friendly. They have done the whole move way before the scheduled time and charged a very reasonable amount. They were so precise that not a single thing got ruined or even slightly damaged. I would like to thank all the guys for their wonderful job. I highly recommend them and they truly deserve this review.

  17. James

    Just did a long distance move…… for the price the service was amazing! After long search, I used Unique van lines and the company was outstanding. They offered a well explained reasonable price with a fantastic customer service. The moving team was experienced and knew what they were up to. Helped us with everything during the move! 5 stars are not enough for them. I will highly recommended them and also use them for all my future long distance moves.

  18. Steven

    I have had a lot of negative experiences with moving companies in the past and this made me to view every moving company in the same light. The unprofessional moving companies I hired in the past often promise what they would not do in the end. They promise to reach on time and to handle my belongings excellently but in the end of the day, the reverse was often the case. However, in the case of Unique van lines, I got the exact opposite of these disappointments. I got professionalism and quality moving service!

  19. Roger Sanchez

    At first I had not planned to call any moving company but then there were a few things that I just couldn’t do alone and so I had to look for a moving company. I send in the application to get a few quotes and I liked Unique van lines because of its profile and price, so definitely I had to try them out. I told them the few things that I wanted them to pack up and load and that I would be able to handle the rest. However, they insisted that they will do everything. It was really nice of them and so I want to give my recommendation for this company.

  20. Jeffrey Coleman

    If you are looking for a reliable moving company then just appoint Unique van lines. Couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to employ them to move my three bedroom apartment. I found them professional, time bound, caring to my children, belongings and even to my pet. Furthermore, while reaching destination, I checked the inventory and found everything is okay and none of them faced even a single scratch. They are good and they are highly recommended.

  21. Frank Carter

    Moving from one state to another is never an easy job. I knew that I had to book my move with a reputed and affordable company. So, I started looking for the best option for my needs and finally ended up hiring Unique van lines. I was little worried at the beginning but once they started the job I was ensured that my valuables are in the safest hands. They were slow at the beginning, especially during the packing but later they made up for that. They displayed great combination of skills and experience and completed the task within the schedule. I was happy to have a timely move and when I saw the inventory I was happy like anything because for the first time I got a move without any damage and within the estimated amount. Thanks a lot guys. I am going to recommend you to all my friends.

  22. Justin Adams

    These guys are GREAT! They made my move painless as possible. The man who took my call was efficient, the guy who came out to give me a quote showed up on time and the packers were total superheroes. They’re really strong, really fast, super helpful and efficient. They had stairs at both ends with tight corners but zapped up and down them with my boxes and large heavy furniture without making a mark on my walls. I really can’t think of a single area they could improve in. In short, they rock and I recommend Unique van lines wholeheartedly.

  23. Jesse Stewart

    A good friend who knew about my upcoming relocation recommended Unique van lines. I spoke with their sales rep and everything from there on went seamlessly. The workers came in early, and impressed me with their professionalism from the start. They were courteous and respectful. They packaged and delivered everything with delicate care. I just want to show my appreciation and thank this company for making my life transition as smooth as possible. Without a doubt they are a top notch moving company. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs to move.

  24. Mark Brown

    This time I picked a moving company based on credentials and good reviews and that company ended up being Unique van lines. Well I am glad I picked them because the move went seamlessly and I could not have asked for a more helpful set of guys. Also I lost my grandfather’s ring during the move and one of the helpers found it and gave it to me and I really appreciate it considering it was a family heirloom and irreplaceable. Good guys! Great work! Solid company!

  25. Jonathan

    Doing a long distance move with these guys was absolutely a great choice because I haven’t used a company that was so eager and ready to move me and my family on such short time. Everything was done nicely and properly and most importantly, we paid a very reasonable price for everything. There were no damages at the end and there was no stress. I will use Unique van lines again!

  26. Calvin Riley

    Nothing would be enough to thank Unique van lines. It was a clinical finish. Everybody chipped in to the task. The entire process was very smooth from the start to finish. I did not have to bite my nails because they were extremely talented, skilled and experienced. They knew what they were up to. The sales guy and the foreman did their best to ensure the maximum comfort. I gave them a very narrow timeframe, so it was a race against the time but the movers proved that they are better runners. I did not have to witness anything broken or damage and didn’t pay them more than what was quoted.

  27. Christopher

    Very smooth and fast move. Service was great from beginning to end. The guys were professional, quick and conscientious, as well as flexible. I had a lot of items that I wanted moved to the dumpster and my crew had no problem helping me with that and verifying throughout the process that the specific items were going to the right places. Would definitely use Unique van lines again and recommend highly to others. Best moving company I have used.

  28. Edward Harris

    Yes I had a great moving experience with Unique van lines. The moving team called me an hour before my scheduled pick up and asked if they could come early or if they needed to wait until the scheduled time. I was ready to get the show on the road and they were there right away! They got everything packed and ready to go in 4 hours. They kept me informed all the way and even delivered a day early. That is what I call punctual! All my belongings were safe and sound and not a single scratch! It doesn’t get better than this, does it?

  29. Donald Morris

    God bless Unique van lines. I don’t know where to start from! You have been a fantastic moving company. They knew every single thing I may need. I appreciate the hard work and dedication to give me damage free and stress free moving experience. The boys certainly know how to get the job done no matter what obstacles come in their way. Truly professional. I cannot thank these guys enough for giving me a picture perfect move. God Bless You!

  30. Dennis Torres

    Unique van lines is the finest moving company in this business. They know how to handle an old man like me. They were very kind to help me with all the big and small requests. They never disobeyed me or showed me disrespect. They did what I said. Their moving team was efficient, young and strong and completed the job without any damages. I highly recommend them.

  31. Paul Bell

    Their sales rep made scheduling easy and I was impressed with the follow-up and moving date confirmation I received days before the move. The moving team was fun to work with. They were professional and responded to any requests I made. They moved us on one of the hottest days of the year and were cheerful throughout the whole day. Everything arrived safely and in a timely manner. And the cost? Very cheap! Unique van lines exceeded all my expectations!

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