Straight Forward Moving Reviews

Straight Forward Moving Reviews

Rated 4.69 out of 5 based on 13 customer ratings
(13 customer reviews)

Straight Forward Moving Company Information

Straight Forward Moving Address: 340 South Stiles Street,Linden, NJ 07036,United States of America
Contact: Toll Free 8008648820
Alternate Number: 908-968-9274
License USDOT:2440695,MC:841946

Product Description

Straight Forward Moving Reviews-NJ Movers

About Straight Forward Moving
Straight Forward Moving offers much more than just a basic move. Teams from every location will customize to fit your needs. Completing more than 2 million moves Straight Forward Moving knows how to help. Listed below are all the possible move options to choose from when you hire us.

Full pack – packers come to your home or office and expertly wrap and pack all the items requested; boxes are labeled to ensure that your belongings will arrive to the correct location.

Partial pack – packers wrap and pack one item, one room or the entire home, whatever you request.

Unpack – packers unpack and put away items as directed or labeled by boxes.

Load only – movers load belongings into a rented truck, trailer, car, etc. This option is often used by customers who are moving long distances but prefer to drive themselves. Straight Forward Moving movers from your current area will pack you up and when you reach your destination, Straight Forward Moving movers there can unpack the truck.

Packing Service Unload only – movers unpack your cars, vehicles or rented trucks and place items as directed.

Straight Forward Moving

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13 reviews for Straight Forward Moving Reviews

  1. Rated 1 out of 5

    Shannon S.


    Summary –
    * Easy to book through email. Great response from sales person. HORRIBLE AFTER BOOKING
    * Two day window for pick up and delivery. If want exact date extra $150 which they don’t tell you until after signing
    * Driver didn’t show up on first day, called at end of 4 hour arrival window to ask if come later or reschedule
    * Reschedule date for next day – driver still didn’t make 4 hour arrival window. NO CALL
    * Tried to get ahold of someone NO ONE ANSWERS PHONE.
    * Finally spoke to someone. Will not compensate me for inconvenience (I took two days off work and stayed home WAITING).
    * Driver comes 2 hours late, says nothing. No apology NOTHING
    * Takes an extra hour to go from old to new place when they are ONLY 10 minutes away. WHERE’D they go?
    * CHARGES ME FOR EXTRA HOUR that they were gone.
    * Stacks heavy and fragile CLEARLY MARKED boxes on top of light boxes crushing them
    * Leave trash in my garage.
    * Called next day to speak to owner. NO ONE ANSWERS PHONE or CALLS ME BACK.
    * Have not heard from them since.

    Found these guys on along with other movers. The sales lady was very nice and it was easy to communicate via email. Trying to contact anyone on the phone was a different story. They had the best rate and good reviews from what I saw. I was only doing a small local move. I asked for a move date of August 1, 2017. ONLY AFTER I signed a contract did they tell me I had a 48 hour window of pick up and delivery. That meant that they would move me EITHER on August 1 OR 2. If I wanted a guaranteed date then I would have to pay an additional $150. WHAT!? I stuck to the time frame and took time off work. The evening before, the company called me and told me they would be coming Aug 1 between hours of 4-8pm.

    On August 1, I hear from no one until almost 8pm. The driver tells me they are running late and ask if it’s ok for them to come at 9pm. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That’s arrive by 9pm and move the minimum 3 hours or more. I have a young son and that would have been too late. So I opt for the next day and take ANOTHER day off of work. The driver says they will show up between 12-4pm August 2. On August 2 by 3pm I have heard from NO ONE. I try to call the driver, no luck. I call the company number, I get transferred to several different departments before I’m placed on hold and then a voicemail. NO ONE ANSWERED THE PHONE. So I leave a message about how I haven’t heard from anyone and it’s almost 4pm. So I wait. 4pm rolls around, NOTHING. Again I call. I leave another message because no one is picking up. 430pm comes around I call again and leave another message. At this point I am furious, I go online to their website and have to find someone I can chat with. This is a person doesn’t work directly with the company but gives me the phone number and EXTENSION to get ahold of someone. FINALLY someone answers. I speak with Johanna. I explain to her my situation and explain how poor service this is. I have a mobile business myself and I know when I am going to be late even over an hour. These guys do this all the time, they should know how to figure out timing. I tell her I have heard from no one, left several messages, and have had to take two days off work. She explains that because I was given a 2 day window of pick up and delivery that they were in that window so she can’t do anything for me. NO, you tell me your driver is going to arrive in a 4 hour window and BOTH times they are LATE by more than an hour. I ask for some compensation and she again says that because I am still within my delivery window there is nothing she can do. Because the driver in on their way and I need to move, I keep the appointment. I ask for the boss’ name and when they would be in.

    The driver and two college age kids show up at 6:00pm (2 hours after the arrival window). It takes them 2 hours to load my stuff. That makes it 8pm. The contract I signed was for 1 hour travel to my place and 3 hours of moving, so 2 hours have passed for my move. My new place is LITERALLY 10 min away from my old place. I drive to get there first and I wait A WHOLE HOUR!!! for them to show up. WHERE’D they go? The driver comes to me and goes over the bill. THEY CHARGE ME AN ADDITIONAL HOUR – 1 hour to drive to my old place, 2 hours to load, 1 additional hour to drive to my new place that was literally 10 min away, and 1 hour to unload = 5 hours total instead of 4. I was PISSED. Realizing that the driver can’t do anything and will not unload my stuff until I pay him, I do so and plan to speak to owner next day. They unload very quickly even leaving trash that I have to clean up and packing HEAVY boxes or FRAGILE boxes that are CLEARLY marked on top of lighter boxes which crush them.

    Next day I call every hour or two and leave a message for the owner to call me because NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONE always to voicemail. I explain that I would like to speak to the owner about my move and to please call me. By the end of the day I have heard NOTHING and I have NEVER HEARD from anyone since. I pride myself on hiring local people for local jobs and for costumer service. As an owner of my own business this was a horrible experience and a scam. DO NOT USE.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robert K. Kowalski

    Straight Forward Moving called to confirm the relocation on the eve of the D-day. On the day of relocation, four movers came in the morning with their moving tools which made the work pretty simple and easy. The guys packed all my stuff and they wasted no time. By midday they had safely packed all my properties in boxes as well as loaded them onto the track and were already on their way to my new home. They delivered everything in good condition and I would recommend them.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Clifton McGaughey

    Respectful, caring and efficient. These are the main three qualities of Straight Forward Moving. I was busy due to work and had no one to help my parents move cross country. I gave them a call based on their good reviews and they were able to fit us in their tight schedule. I heard from my parents that they are very nice people. They carefully packed all of their earthly possessions and delivered everything to them on time and also without any damages. My parents enjoyed their help and wanted me to write this review on their behalf. So thanks again guys for all the help.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Wilfred Gonzalez

    Customer care services of Straight Forward Moving were so prompt. They called me back in just fifteen minutes with an amazingly low quote. The movers arrived on time and packed up my 2-bed apartment in the shortest possible time. I just couldn’t believe their speed and accuracy! The movers were just so professional and efficient. The delivery was made on time. I checked the inventory and nothing was missing. Not a single item suffered the slightest of damage. I can’t wait to suggest this company to all my friends.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anthony Alexander

    One of my friends recommended Straight Forward Moving and that was it. We called them, got the best deal and service and now happily moved to our new home without any stress. Being honest, none of us expected such a smooth and affordable transition.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Neil Gabriel

    I hired Straight Forward Moving without really knowing much about them. They gave me quite a low quote and I was pleased. They were very efficient and organized. The movers seemed very experienced with handling heavy pieces of furniture. They were particularly good at packing glassware. All my glassware survived the journey which is remarkable. They stuck to the original quote at the end of the move and there were no hidden costs. I sincerely thank them for making my move so easy.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Howard C. Kemp

    Frustration and worry is all I’ve ever known with moving companies in the past. I’ve had movers claim that the furniture I asked them to move wasn’t even mine when they refused to unload it from the truck. With Straight Forward Moving, I had nothing but a pleasant experience.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sam Reynolds

    Straight Forward Moving is the most cost efficient company I ever had a chance to work with. Their movers helped me move my things from Georgia to Indiana (in 7 days) and all I know is that I never had an easier moving or more laid back. Don’t get me wrong, they are professionals at their best but still keep the light atmosphere and friendly tone when they work. Also they have good and affordable prices.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Frank E. Smith

    The service provided by Straight Forward Moving was highly professional. Their sales representative was extremely helpful and friendly. The onsite estimate was highly precise and the packing and loading services were superb. They showed up on time with all necessary equipment and packing materials, managed the valuables and breakables with care and made sure the delivery was made on time. After checking the inventory, I did not get a single reason to complain. In other words, our move with Straight Forward Moving went without a hitch.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jason Brown

    I had a very tight budget for my move which was an inter-state move from New Jersey to Illinois. So, I was a bit worried about the quality of the movers because I had a tight budget to expect quality service. But when they began I felt that I was worrying for nothing. Movers seemed me to be very efficient and fast. They handled the whole move with great responsibilities and skills and most importantly they were able to deliver everything that I was hoping to get. I am happy with their service and I am going to use them again.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nathan Deal

    Relocations are my worst nightmare. Thankfully, there was this company which took some of that stress away from me during my last relocation. The primary reason why I chose them was the amazing quote they gave me. They were offering the same rate as most other companies but they were giving me an early morning slot. It meant my movers would be energetic. The movers who arrived right on time were very well equipped for the task. They efficiently packed everything and moved them to the vans. They were done with everything so quickly. I only gave them directions for the job. They made the delivery on schedule and all my stuffs were in great condition. Definitely recommending!

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cristobal C. Clowers

    Finally, I can actually write something good about a moving company. I have dealt with many companies some average and some not so good, but Straight Forward Moving showed me how smooth a move can go. Everything happened the way it was suppose to. The movers arrived on time in both locations. They finished packing, wrapping and loading in just 2 hours. The delivery was made right on schedule. I checked the inventory and everything arrived safely and I even asked them to place everything where I wanted and they did that with no problem. The price remained intact like they said it would and I was pretty glad with the outcome.

  13. Rated 5 out of 5


    I hired Straight Forward Moving because my best friend had hired them before and he highly recommended them. They were absolutely amazing with my move as well. The quote they gave me was unbeatable and the men were all so well prepared. They were so efficient and always wrapping and loading with great care. My entire house was packed and loaded in just 3 hours. When I received the delivery, everything was in fantastic condition. I’m recommending them very highly.

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