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Scout Moving & Storage Address: 8633 S 208th St,Kent, WA 98031
Contact: Toll Free 844-600-5400
Alternate Number: 844-600-5400
License US DOT # 2030210,ICC MC # 713157

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Scout Moving & Storage Reviews-WA Movers

About Scout Moving & Storage
Scout Moving & Storage is your long distance moving specialist. Long Distance moves are different from local moves and requires a special set of skills, licenses and experience. Our years of experience have taught us how to achieve hassle-free, on-time moves time and time again without breaking the bank.
Our non-binding package is based upon the weight of your items. Our advanced software will estimate a weight for your shipment based on the information that you provide us and that total weight will be combined with the mileage of you move to provide you with a price per pound. Then, we will weigh you items when we pick them up to determine the shipping costs – it’s that simple!

Our binding (aka Flat Rate) package provides you with a guaranteed exact price based upon the items you are shipping. Just fill out our inventory survey and again our advanced software will provide you with a flat rate price for your relocation.

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