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Payless Moving Inc Address: 10 Royalty Lane ,Laurel Springs, NJ 08021
Contact: Toll Free (856) 340-0652
Alternate Number: (800) 671-1115
License US DOT:1917883 |MC #:687415

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Payless Moving Inc. was incorporated in 2008. Located in South Jersey, we have been on the move in NJ. With both local and long distance moving. We recently opened our second location in Clearwater, Florida and are excited to expand our professional honest services to Florida and the Greater Tampa Bay, Clearwater area. If you have a big move 4-5 bedroom home we will provide you with exceptional van line services a reasonable local rates. If you have a small move, just a few pieces, we will still provide you with the exceptional van line service and adjust your cost to a reasonable flat rateWith over 20 years experience in the moving industry, we know the correct way to prepare, pack, load and move your furniture. Our staff is trained to move your items safely and securely. We provide affordable services that will fit your budget and we will work with you to design a plan to meet your needs. In addition we have an excellent moving consultant team with in depth knowledge of the moving industry to answer any questions that may arise before, during and after your move.
Our services start with a phone call or an on line quote. Once you discuss your move with our experienced staff you will want to set up an in home estimate. This will be a guaranteed or by the hour price for your move. We will explain how your items will be prepared for loading and discuss any items that may need special care.

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