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Mirit Great American Van Line Address: 234 16th street, Jersey City, NJ 07310
Contact: Toll Free 866 – 324 – 7920
Alternate Number: 866 – 324 – 7920
License US DOT 1381471 |MC # 520641

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Hiring the right moving company can really simplify your life, but finding the right movers out of all the moving companies can be somewhat challenging. It’s not just as simple as looking up “”moving companies”” in the phonebook. Choosing the right moving service is the most important decision in the moving process, and should be done carefully.First off, there are many different kinds of moving companies: local movers, house movers, furniture movers, piano movers, and long distance movers are just a few of the many moving services available. Your choice of moving company must be done in consideration of your specific moving needs.
Then there’s pricing. Not all moving companies are created equal and neither are their price lists. Moving companies often provide very different estimates for the same services rendered. Getting quotes from moving companies by dialing your way through the yellow pages could take hours, and may prove to be unwise. Some unscrupulous moving companies will provide consumers with low estimates, only to tack on extra charges after you’ve signed with them.

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18 reviews for Mirit Great American Van Line Reviews

  1. Bryan Ryder

    I hired Mirit Great American for an office move. I had few conditions. They had to wrap, box, move and store all the office belongings, they had to get the job done before 6 pm and there should be no hidden cost after the move. The sales guy agreed and kept his word too. Movers showed up on time, did the packing and moving and also stored everything at the new place and completed the entire task before 6 pm and charged the exact amount mentioned in the initial quote. I am really happy and grateful to these guys for such a wonderful service.

  2. Eric Bailey

    These guys are the real deal. Professional, hard-working, and efficient! I basically had to beg them to take a break for lunch. Came prepared, packed like champs, and moved 25 years of belongings out of my mom’s house without blinking an eye. Will be using Mirit Great American Vanlines for any future moving needs without hesitation!

  3. Randall Brown

    Everyone at Mirit Great American Vanlines was respectful and also very polite. They demonstrated great moving skills and showed great organizational and planning skills. One would even think that they did some sort of training prior to the move. There was absolutely no problem at all during the move and I must say that I am glad for choosing this moving service and will recommend this company to anyone who wants to have a wonderful and easy move.

  4. Jason W. Clark

    My family is no stranger to the difficulties of relocating. And we have seen the best and worst moving companies. Mirit Great American is one of those very few companies who provide excellent service at the right price; otherwise once you pay them they hardly care about your valuables. This move was a little different as our son has gone off to college and it’s just the wife and I. However, I feel like my son, the supervisor was everywhere as his enthusiasm echoed among the movers. They took very good care of both of us and our furniture.

  5. Donald Gore

    Keep up the good work Mirit Great American Vanlines! The sales rep was patient to listen to all our queries and quoted us a price perfect for us, also the move was so perfect and something that we could not refuse. We had a lot of belongings that were very dear to us. There was no damage at all and we are very happy customers of Mirit Great American Vanlines!. We highly suggest them to anyone looking for a reliable mover.

  6. Corey Moore

    My experience with moving companies has been less than desirable given how miserable some of their movers were. I hired Mirit Great American Van Lines to move my belongings in the hope that they would be different. The crew of four men was made up of all skinny men and I thought my hopes were for nothing. Surprisingly, all four of them were highly trained and took the job very seriously. They worked very efficiently packing and loading each of my items. When they delivered all my belongings completely undamaged, I had to admit that they’re just awesome

  7. Joseph A. Russo

    We moved very easily. All the credit goes to Mirit Great American Van Lines for being so efficient and reliable. I knew they were going to be good when I first called them and the man on the phone went out of his way to provide me a good quote. All four movers were very strong and energetic. They didn’t waste any time while packing. Their packing skills were fantastic and they utilized the packing materials properly. They finished loading everything in record time and set off. They arrived there even before we did. I took an inventory and everything was in great condition. I’m happily recommending them to everyone.

  8. Arlen J. Oliver

    For frequent movers like me, it’s important to find a moving company who suits your needs and stick with them. Thankfully, I have found my match. I hired Mirit Great American Van Lines 3 times now and they always did great work. They last moved my belongings last week. Their men are always very organized and efficient. I have a lot of trust in this company which took time to build over the years. Frankly, I wouldn’t hire any other company simply because this company knows about me and my valuables a lot more. In the end of the day, loyalty still means something to this world.

  9. Brandon A. Boehme

    I got a great sales rep! He was extremely detailed going through the paperwork with me, explaining everything thoroughly. I booked them immediately and worked with a five men crew including an excellent foreman. They came on time; they were energetic and enthusiastic about the job. They finished the packing and loading in just two hours. They delivered all my belongings in pristine condition after 4 days. This was so professional and at the same time, these people were very affordable, maybe the most affordable in the East Coast. I will definitely use them again. They deserve more than five stars for sure.

  10. Walter P. Davis

    My quote was reasonable, no hidden fees. The day of the move, these guys were on time and respectful with our belongings. They were also extremely easy to communicate with. I hate moving, and don’t want to do it any time again soon but if I had to do it, I’d definitely go back to Mirit Great American Van Lines. One more thing, the pricing never changed. They kept their words.

  11. Charlie Rogers

    Great jobs deserve recognition so I want to take the time to thank Mirit Great American Van lines for the wonderful job they did with my family’s move. The service was timely and very professional. I was impressed with how they crated our TV’s and how well they handled our antique furniture. They were very skilled and experienced movers. Initially, I was worried about damages but I am glad that I got everything delivered safe and sound. Thanks guys!

  12. Romme Houterman

    Losing boxes and receiving damaged furniture have become a common norm when you give the responsibility to a moving company. But Mirit Great American Vanlines broke those norms when they conducted my move. They knew what to do and how to do it. Their efficiency and honesty surprised me. They packed everything in a jiffy and finished the loading process very responsively. The delivery was made on time and surprisingly, I received all my items completely undamaged. I cannot praise these guys enough.

  13. James Burpee

    Dealing with Mirit Great American was a true pleasure. The movers were awesome. They really made me feel like they cared about my things. I thought they would come to my house and rush to load the truck and move on, but instead they really took their time and made sure not to break or damage anything. Communication was a great plus there too. My questions were answered or an answer was found by the end of the day. For example, customer service was not sure of the exact date so they called the driver, and he called me and let me know his schedule and his approximate arrival. It was super cool for him to call and let me know. Thanks guys!

  14. James

    Our move from Jersey City, NJ to Dallas, TX was conducted very professionally by the amazing company that is Mirit Great American Inc. They gave me an estimate that couldn’t be beaten by any other company. Not only were they cheap, their movers were out of this world. They arrived half an hour early. Their packing skills were very up to date and they used appropriate amount of pacing materials. The delivery window was long but they delivered everything so early. And all my valuables were not damaged at all. It was quite a comfortable move.

  15. Albert

    I hired Mirit Great American as I had to move on such a short notice and I was quite stressed to do it all on my own. The movers from Mirit Great American really helped me through this process. They moved my belongings from NJ to NY. They quoted more than fairly and the movers were very capable. All my stuffs were neatly packed and then loaded onto the van. They delivered everything on time and in great condition. I’m so glad Mirit Great American made my move so easy and simple. I will definitely hire them again.

  16. Thomas P. Young

    I am more than impressed and happy with the way things have gone this time. I moved many times before and never had a good moving experience. So, this time I decided to go with a reputed mover and hired Great American Van Lines. They did more than good. They packed the whole house within 2 hours and nicely loaded everything and drove to the other end. During this entire process they never fumbled at all, never gave me a chance to complain and kept the moving cost within the estimated amount. Everything went really well from the start to finish.

  17. stephanie mor

    Great American Van Lines really did a great job with my move. Things went very smoothly from my 5 bedroom house in PA to my new home in Orlando. The reason why I booked Great American Van Lines for my move was because they were recommended by a good friend of mine. He insisted that they will surely carry out such a great move for me and my family. Thank God they did a really great job during the move! Keep it up! Thanks Great American Van Lines so much for doing a great job for my move.

  18. megan delin

    I hired Great American Van Lines for a full service move on August 28th, after having such a great experience in January with their service. In Maryland, the loaders arrived promptly, and worked without a break until the truck was ready to leave for California. They did such a great job loading, that I was able to load furniture in addition to the boxes I had planned to move. The workers had all of the necessary equipment to load my possessions safely and securely. The truck was due in Oakland on Saturday, September 4th, at 9AM. On Friday, the driver called to say that he had arrived. He delivered the truck early on Saturday. The unloaders arrived early, before their scheduled starting time, so that they could begin work promptly. They did a great job with a complicated unloading sequence, depositing boxes and furniture to 6 different places in the house. NOTHING was broken, even poorly packed glassware (poorly packed by me!). The loading process was so professional that all of the items arrived in perfect shape. Throughout the process, the central office called several times to make sure everything as going well, on both ends of the move. Then, afterwards, they called again to make sure that I was satisfied with my moving experience. Although I had received cheaper quotes from other companies, I hired Great American Van Lines because of the great experience I had in January, because GAVL does not charge by weight, and because it was a private truck – none of my belongings were mingled with other households. I would heartily recommend GAVL! I have had two great experiences in a row, and would not hesitate to use them again.

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