Liberty Moving Group Reviews

Liberty Moving Group Reviews

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Liberty Moving Group Company Information

Liberty Moving Group Address: 862 Newark Avenue,Jersey City, NJ 07306
Contact: Toll Free 877-494-4424
Alternate Number: 201-222-6900
License USDOT#1745183 ICC MC #638964

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Liberty Moving Group Reviews-NJ Movers

About Liberty Moving Group
Our family-owned business has been operating continuously for decades, and we have a long list of happy customers who regularly refer new clients to us.That is something we’re very proud of.

Let us provide a free estimate for you with no obligation. As local movers, we offer, reasonable rates, careful, professional service and track record of satisfying customers make us an ideal choice for your household or your corporate office move.Long distance moving can be stressful for anyone planning an upcoming relocation move, especially when it comes to choosing a moving company.After all, transporting your valuables from one state to another is one of the main concerns in planning your move. At Liberty Moving Group we put our customers concerns to ease with our professional and friendly service.At Liberty Moving Group, our main concern is to provide  you with a guaranteed and a prompt door to door service.Our representatives are standing by to answer any questions or assist you with any concerns that you may have.
We provide our own line of fleets and tractor-trailers with our Liberty Moving Group logo printed on so you won’t have to worry about dealing with any agents or brokers and not knowing which moving company is going to show up on the day of your move.

Liberty Moving Group pledges to try its best to protect your belongings, but sadly there are always variables that people can’t control. So just to make sure that all the bases are covered, Liberty Moving Group provides comprehensive coverage to protect your belongings, for us, it’s just another step in building a level of trust that keeps our customers coming back for more.

Liberty Moving Group offers you a storage facility with not only the requested amount of space needed, but the safety you require.The storage facility is fully equipped with a 24 hour surveillance system as well as alarm systems all throughout the facility.The warehouse is guarded around the clock 24 hours 7 days a week for immediate action due to any suspicious activity.In addition to our enhanced security system, all of the storage units are also equipped with climate control systems.At Liberty Moving Group, we treat your items with the utmost respect as we would treat our own.We will guarantee the safety of your belongings as well as the most professional service around!

Liberty Moving Group

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7 reviews for Liberty Moving Group Reviews

  1. Chris Houliez

    I have moved about twenty times in my life, nationally and internationally, with different moving companies. Garland Movers, part of the Liberty Moving Group, is by far the worst mover I have had experience with. This is the type of company attracting you with a low-ball estimate at first, then once you have become their customer, they will lie on the volume of items being moved, and will not hesitate to take your belongings hostage until you pay the difference.

    In my case, I had exactly 421 cubic feet to move. I knew the exact volume, because my items had been professionally packed by another mover, and stored during one year in a storage place! The only thing Garland had to do was moving the already packed boxes… I had been very clear with Garland Movers about this point, before signing their estimate: « A situation I want to avoid at all costs”, I wrote before they took possession of my belongings, “is you telling me, after loading the items into your truck, that ‘well, it might fit in 421 cubic feet when in crates, but it did not fit in 421 cubic feet in our truck’. If the items fit in 421 cubic feet, and if they are handled by professional movers, there is no reason why they would not fit in the same volume once in a truck… Your reassurance on this point is crucial”

    Despite of Garland’s reassurance, a few days after my items were picked by Garland Movers, I got a call from them telling me that the volume they had moved to their NJ warehouse was 621 cubic feet, not 421! They then literally took my items hostage, sending emails like this one: “would you prefer picking your items up in New Jersey?” (by that time, I already was in New Mexico). They then pretended that they had no working phone number to contact me, just to justify the fact that they were not willing to get my items out of their warehouse before I would pay the extra money they were unduly asking for. I eventually received my items about 6 weeks after they took possession of it, but not without any collateral: to lower their costs, Garland subcontracted the delivery to another company without my consent, and without letting me know in advance. Consequence: a box was lost in the process, a box that contained some items that cannot be replaced, including a painting, an expensive knife, and shoes. When I told Ken J. (my contact) about the matter, he just advised me to get reimbursed by the insurance (at a rate of… 60 cents per pound!)

    On the top if it, I realized months after the fact that Garland Movers had made an “error” when debiting my credit card for the deposit, debiting $825 instead of $632. Just a honest mistake, of course… It took them about three weeks to get reimbursed for that money.

    Conclusion: if the estimate it too good to be true, it probably is. Especially if it is the kind of price ending with “999.95” and that includes a rebate. You are probably dealing with a struggling company ready at everything to steal some business from the more honest competition… If you are being scammed, do not hesitate to contact the consumer frauds division of the local Attorney General, as well as the Better Business Bureau. The moving industry is unfortunately riddled with dishonest companies, and Garland Movers is a shining example of how dishonest and rude some movers can be.

  2. Randon James Morris

    I was alone to my native place and there was sudden notice for relocation due to official purpose. I could never forget how liberty moving group help me to pack all my stuff and belonging on time while continuously working for 11 hours. Coming up with all kind of possible help required while relocating. Good job. Hope we may come in business again.

  3. Andrew Cordle

    No matter what you expect from your moving company they always give you last time surprises which I have already got from my previous moving company during my last move. This time took the extra mile to finalize the moving company and guess what my prediction proved wrong, and liberty moving group pleased me in every aspect of my move. Professional staff, proper handling, timely delivery, no extra money surprises at the end. It was the solution of my moving worries.

  4. RSahi

    Highly Recommended. During searching out for few good moving companies, I saw got Liberty Moving Group add on the internet and decided to give a call. In the first instance, they made me so comfortable and answered my all queries. After that, I contacted 2-3 more moving companies, however, did not get a much-satisfied result. I finally chose liberty moving for my move. They handle everything so professionally and was hand working to finish the job on time. Good in every aspect.

  5. Areyo Dadar

    Liberty Moving Group Provides great moving and storage Services. Thanks liberty moving group.

  6. Jackie R.

    I had a very uplifting experience about the moving services with Liberty Moving Group. I was starting to think that no matter what moving service you could possibly use that would do you no good at all, they would be late, brake and lose important stuff.

    I have reformed my opinion after dealing with L.M.G. I have no complaints against their services or even their customer service. I feel like they earned this rating as well as this review I just wrote.

    I would have to say they are worth the price for their service. Trust me I have dealt with plenty of companies and they are hands down , by far they best.

  7. Cassia Wells

    I moved last year with Atlas Moving Service, which claims to be an agent of Liberty and it was an awful and unprofessional experience. They ended up charging me twice the initial quote and delivered my belongings 48 hours after they promised. The late delivery was bad enough, but they didn’t answer their phones, return my voicemails or reply to my emails in those 48 hours, leaving me in absolute limbo and wondering where my stuff was. The person I was coordinating with, John Montgomery, continued to ignore my calls and emails after the delivery and did not even apologize. I sent formal letters of complaint to the addresses listed on their website and liberty’s website and had them returned due to an invalid address. Now the atlas website is down. The entire operation is incredibly shady and unprofessional, I hope they are out of business by now.

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