Inter National Van Lines Reviews

International Van Lines Reviews

(102 customer reviews)

International Van Lines Company Information

Address: 3957 NW 126 Ave. Coral Springs, FL 33065
Contact: Toll Free 1.855.674.7447
Alternate Number: 1.855.674.7447
License USDot# 2247789 MC# 729978

Product Description

Complicated moves call for an experienced moving company, especially if you’re headed across the country or abroad. International Van Lines has been managing both local and long-distance moves for over 20 years, earning a long list of industry awards along the way.
Our team explored everything you need to know about International Van Lines so you can decide if it’s the best company for your big move. In this article, we’ll cover:
  • Transparency: Is IVL upfront about their estimates and moving services?
  • Pricing: How do its prices compare to other moving companies?
  • Services: What does IVL offer for both local and long distance moving?
  • Reputation: What do past customers say about working with IVL?
We’ll take you step-by-step through the experience of working with International Van Lines, from prices and policies to reviews and services.

International Van Lines: An Overview

For over two decades, IVL has served as one of the leading full-service moving companies in the business. The company has locations in Florida, Illinois, California, Pennsylvania and Texas but serves clients across the country with their own fleet and by brokering out to trusted partners.
While IVL offers a comprehensive list of services, the team truly shines in its international moving management. The company claims to cut out the hassle of moving abroad or across the country by teaming you up with moving coordinators and experienced professionals.

Quick Pros and Cons of International Van Lines

Let’s start with the basics. After all, not every moving company is right for every move. While IVL gets top reviews in many categories, here are some basic strengths and potential downfalls of the company.


  • Licensed by the US DOT and Federal Maritime Commission
  • Serves all 50 states and 180 countries
  • Specializes in international moves, including sea transport and air freight
  • Also offers corporate relocation services and military moves


  • Lengthy quote process
  • Outsources some local moving services
  • Longer transport time for some long-distance moves moves
  • Some negative reviews note communication issues
We’ll dive a bit more into each category, including the company’s trustworthiness and what you can expect to pay.

International Van Lines: Transparency

The moving experience is tricky enough without any unexpected surprises. Whether you’re prepping for a local move or looking for an international moving company, transparency is key.
On one hand, getting a detailed free quote from International Van Lines is a little more time-consuming than some other major players. At the same time, you will end up with a much more detailed and accurate quote. Here’s where IVL shines and struggles in this category.

Pricing and Quotes

IVL offers price ranges for local moves and things like packing services. offers a moving estimate calculator to get a ballpark price, but you’ll have to work directly with a rep to get a binding estimate. Your three options for this step include:
  • Arrange a phone call with a sales rep
  • Fill out their online quote tool
  • Schedule an in-person or virtual walkthrough
Whichever one you pick, have a general inventory of your house at the ready. According to customers, you are required to enter a very detailed list of your household goods, address of your new home, moving date, and contact information. 
The in-person walkthrough is always recommended whenever possible. A professional mover may spot details that can tip the scales of your estimate.

Base Services, Fees and Add-Ons

Your final estimate combines a base price for the move itself and the cost of extra services. IVL determines your base price by considering:
  • The size of your home (i.e. one-bedroom apartment vs. four-bedroom homes)
  • Estimated weight of household goods
  • Estimated number of boxes
  • Moving season and delivery date
You move may incur additional fees for things like staircases, elevators, or difficult access to your front door.
As a full-service moving company, you can also request services like packing, unpacking, special item transport, and storage. We’ll dive into this a bit more below.

How to Hire International Van Lines

Let’s say you’ve gotten your free quote and feel good about going forward. What happens next? IVL requires a 25% deposit on a credit card to hold your spot. While this may sound steep, the amount is fully refundable up to 48 hours before pick up if your plans change.
Quick note: In some cases, local moves work a bit differently than long-distance relocations. International Van Lines connects customers with trusted moving companies and services in your area.
If you’re not happy with your moving quote, the website recommends speaking directly with a sales rep. In some cases, IVL will try to match the price you received from other companies or suggest ways to save money. For example, altering your pick-up date by a few days could lower your costs.

Communication and Expectations

The worst experience with a moving company typically coincides with bad customer service. Luckily, many reviews compliment International Van Line’s communication skills.
On a basic level, the IVL website lists its phone number, customer service email, and an online chat option for any questions. Once you get started with your move, however, the company really shines. Customers can work with two account managers to ensure their move is stress-free.
Its history as a logistics company makes them stand out when it comes to streamlining the moving process. For this reason, the majority of IVL’s industry awards celebrate their customer experience.

Policies to Know

We didn’t spot any red flags in IVL’s policies. Since they manage more complicated moves, contracts can be a bit more complex. For example:
  • Any additional supplies, labor, or complications on moving day (such as extra staircases or parking problems) can increase the final price.
  • IVL drivers are not liable for standard interruptions to their travel schedule like traffic or closed roads.
  • The company offers basic and full liability coverage for damage of $.60 per pound per article, up to $10,000.
  • Customers receive a full refund of the deposit if they choose to cancel up to 48 hours before the move.


According to research, International Van Line prices fall right in line with industry standards. The range, however, is quite wide. A move with IVL can cost anywhere between an average of $1,500 to $11,000. 
Why the large gap? Moving costs vary widely at IVL based on distance, weight, the size of your home, season, and several logistics. We’ll break them down below.

Basic Local Move Costs

The International Van Line’s website clarifies that local move prices are determined by the hourly rate and number of workers. For example:
Number of Movers & Hourly Rate:
3 – $150
4 – $200
5 – $250
6 – $300
Add $30 an hour to each category to include packing services as well.
So, how many hours does a move take? This comes down to how many things you have to move and how easy it is to move them. One researcher, a one-bedroom apartment moving 140 miles came out to $2,104. 

Basic Long-Distance Moving Costs

Not to be confused with international moves, long-distance moves are considered anywhere over 300 miles away by IVL. The weight of your items and the size of your home play the largest roles in your final moving price.
For example, one researcher was quoted the following prices for long-distance moves:
One-bedroom apartment moving 1,011 miles cost $2,598.75
Four-bedroom house moving 1,100 miles cost $10,393

International Moves

Moving across the world in IVL’s specialty. However, prices are a bit harder to nail down. The final cost is most dependent on the cubic feet needed for the move. Additional factors include:
  • Accessibility and distance of your destination country
  • Additional services like packing and specialty items
  • Ocean freight vs. air freight moving
  • Port-to-port service vs door-to-door service
As of Spring 2019, IVL noted that international moves base prices using ocean freight range from $1,400 to $8,500. 

Special Factors

In each of your moves, you could end up paying extra for the following issues:
  • Elevator or staircase fees
  • Parking details or shuttle service
  • Fragile or bulky items to transport
  • Motorcycle and auto transport
  • Packing services and packing materials
  • Storage options

Cost of Additional Services

If you have more flexibility in your budget, IVL offers an impressive list of extra services that can simplify your move.
While you won’t find a breakdown of every service cost, IVL is pretty transparent about packing and storage prices.
  • Local Move Packing: Add $30 to the hourly rate based on the number of movers.
  • Long-Distance Move Packing: Ranges between $375 and $2500 based on cubic square feet.
  • Storage in Transit (SIT): 50 cents per cubic foot per month.
For quotes on the list of extra services below, you’ll need to speak with a moving coordinator during your estimate process.

Payment Structure

The company requires a 25% deposit when booking your move on a credit card. This allows IVL to easily reimburse your down payment should you need to cancel before the 48-hour window.
On the day of the move, the remaining balance is split in half — 50% due at pickup and 50% at arrival. Both of these final payments are due in cash, check, or money order.

Cancellation Policy

As we noted above, you have until 48 hours before your move to cancel before losing your 25% deposit. International Van Lines notes that you can email your move coordinator or the general customer service address to cancel without explanation.

IVL for Local vs. Long Distance Moves

There’s no question that IVL shines in its coordination department. This does mean, however, that the price is not necessarily worth it for a simple or DIY move. For example:
  • IVL is ideal for long-distance or international moves with complicated transport, fees, or schedule.
  • IVL is ideal for complex local moves that require storage, piano transport, or other tricky factors.
  • IVL is not as ideal for straightforward local moves without packing, storage, or coordination services.


One of the best perks about International Van Lines is their long list of extra services. If you know you have a complicated move ahead of you, this is arguably one of the best teams to call. Let’s break down how IVL moving services work.

Broker and Carrier Services

We’ve already noted a few times that IVL acts as both a moving carrier and a broker. What does this actually mean for you?
For the majority of local moves, IVL partners with trusted and highly vetted companies across the country. This allows them to reach every state in the US. In these scenarios, IVL will gather the best team of movers, packers, and storage companies to streamline your move.
The company does use its own fleet and services for long-distance moves, however. When heading more than 300 miles or out of the state, you can access their long-distance services and prices.

Entry-Level Services

Both as a carrier and a broker, International Van Lines offers:
  • Local moving
  • Long distance moving
  • International moving
  • Logistics management
Every contract includes loading and unloading of the truck, basic furniture protection, and simple furniture assembly or disassembly. The contract also includes protection for up to $10,000 in damages with the option to upgrade to more comprehensive coverage.

Add-On Services

As a full-service mover, you can truly personalize your contract. International Van Lines offers the following extras at an additional cost:
  • Packing
  • Unpacking
  • Storage
  • Crating
  • Debris removal
  • Auto transport
  • Piano transport
  • Fragile and heirloom items
  • Additional insurance
  • Ocean freight
  • Air freight
  • Moving guidance
  • Motorcycle transport
  • Crane service
  • Door-to-door or port-to-port services
The IVL website also offers moving kits for sale. These include supplies like boxes, tape, wrapping materials and other common supplies.

Storage Add-Ons

International Van Lines helps customers manage storage options between moves. Their storage-in-transit option (SIT) provides access to their warehouse for short periods of time. Fees for the initial move and eventual delivery apply as well.
For more long-term solutions, IVL will store items close to the place of origin and can ship the items when its customers are ready.

IVL’s Best Features: Long-Distance and Coordination

Above all else, IVL has an abundance of resources for long-distance moves that make it stand above its competitors.
As we noted above, for example, the company offers flexible storage options, both for short and long-term stays. It also has ample experience coordinating with border control, air and ocean freight, and unique insurance options for shipping abroad.
Across its website, IVL highlights its unique coordination services. Customers receive at least two coordinators, as opposed to just one.

IVL Reputation

According to its website, International Van Lines handles over 10,000 moves a year. This a huge leap from where it began in 2000, when they started off managing the logistics of global relocations.
In 2012, INC500 recognized IVL as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US. In recent years, some of its top awards include:
  • Newsweek’s Best Moving Company of 2021
  • Angie’s List 2018 Super Service Award
  • ProMover Certification from the American Moving and Storage Association
Overall, the company is well respected in the industry and often makes top lists across the board. Its time and experience in the industry make it a good pick for complicated relocations.

Review for International Van Lines

Perhaps most importantly, what are customers saying about their experience working with IVL? The small details from personal experiences are often the key to knowing if the company is right for you.

Overall Rating

Like all moving companies, International Van Lines receives its fair share of both positive and negative reviews. As of April 2021, its headquarters in Coral Springs, Florida received:
  • 4.2 stars on Google
  • 3.38 stars on Better Business Bureau
  • 2.5 stars on Yelp
The most common compliments include:
  • Efficient and speedy
  • Communicative and supportive
  • Fairly priced
  • Highly organized
On the other hand, the most common complaints address:
  • Unprofessionalism
  • Complications with brokered third parties
  • Confusion and delays during transit
Let’s break down specific examples of how customers felt about their experience in each major category.

Customer Support

IVL receives some of its best reviews for customer service. According to customer accounts, clients work with a team throughout the moving process. The company is responsive to questions and while solving logistics issues.
Cassidy reported on BBB, “The International Van Lines had texted me the day before to confirm and then a half-hour before arriving. I had chosen the option for them to pack everything, and they did a beautiful job. They took care of everything and were so professional. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.”


According to industry standards, IVL prices are on par, but can be a bit steep compared to self-pack companies. Many of the negative reviews on Yelp and Google complain about:
  • Higher tips worked into the contract
  • Unexpected costs at drop-off
  • Higher quotes compared to competitors


Reviews are split when it comes to speed and efficiency. Customers applaud the speed of loading and unloading the truck, for example. When it comes to long-distance and international moves, the process has taken longer than expected.
Mateo D. on Google noted, “The 5-star rating is well deserved. From beginning to end, the service was outstanding. The guys who moved me were efficient, fast, and worked really well together. They only took 4 hours for the entire job”

Care of Items

While the vast majority of customers are pleased with the attentive and careful service, a few negative reviews complained of damaged items in transit. In some cases, the damage occurred with a third-party company brokered by IVL, but in other cases occurred with the company’s own fleet.
For example, Liana E. on Yelp reported, “And while our belongings did arrive quickly cross-country, several pieces of expensive furniture were significantly damaged and required major repair.”


Despite some hiccups with timing issues and damage during moves, past clients often report that IVL remains true to their word. The vast majority of Google reviews received five stars, a large portion of which noted their communication skills, timeliness, and stress-free coordination.

International Van Lines FAQs

Still have questions about IVL and whether they’re the best bet for you? Here are some of the most common questions we may not have covered in this guide.

How Long Do IVL Moves Take to Deliver?

International Van Lines estimates that long-distance moves — those over 300 miles — can take up to three weeks. However, this completely depends on distance, the location, and whether you move in peak season.
Transporting items by sea can take several weeks longer depending on the distance, but can be expedited by upgrading to air freight.

Can You Make Changes to Your Contract?

Yes, the IVL moving coordinators can help you make any last-minute changes such as moving date, inventory, or location details.

How Far Ahead of My Move Should I Book International Van Lines?

The IVL website recommends booking your long-distance move between two and four weeks ahead of time, depending on the busyness of the season. However, the company works with customers to manage last-minute moves as well.

Is International Van Lines Expensive?

Comparatively, International Van Lines is in line with similar full-service moving companies. Moves range anywhere between $1,500 and $11,000. Their ample coordination services can also help customers cut costs with complex long-distance and international moves.
International Van Lines is a solid option if you’re taking on a complex move. However, we always recommend comparing at least three moving companies to get the best quotes and service. Narrow down your search by comparing IVL with today’s top full-service movers and what you can expect on the big day.

102 reviews for International Van Lines Reviews

  1. Akhil K

    All in all, we had a good experience with International Van Lines. They were on time and did what they said they would do. I was pleased with everything, minus a small lack of communication. I would use them again if needed though.

  2. mover

    Used IVL for the second time. Move went well overall. A couple of minor issues, but all in all we’re pleased.

  3. Nick

    I had an overall good experience with IVL. The only gripe I have is that the movers showed up an hour late. The movers did a good job tho. They get 4 stars from me and I would use them again.

  4. James D

    I would use IVL again. The move was fine. No damage and no hidden charges. I would use again.

  5. Frank K

    Great experience with IVL. I rec’d quotes from the other companies listed on Pro Mover and was very happy with my choice. The movers showed up on time and did a great job packing. The movers were easy to work with. Everything showed up with no damages.

  6. Vera Anthony

    Not only did you guys do a great job but you did it without destroying the place. You’re definitely at the top of my list the next time I move.

  7. Stella Ladra

    I wanted to have my move completed by 6:00 pm and you made it happen. You came with an excellent crew,
    I’m definitely going to use You guys again

  8. Michelle White

    I just wanted to drop you a line to pass on our gratitude to him and the team following our move on Friday. It was a long day with a few challenges! They were friendly, professional, worked hard and worked well together. Should anyone we asking we will definitely recommend IVL.

  9. Sally Clark

    They did such a fantastic job! We are all so very happy. It couldn’t have gone smoother and they put up with us changing a few bits and pieces throughout the move as well. You have a fantastic team!

  10. Scott Loucks

    They worked straight through until the job was complete, and handled any follow-ups that were needed. Also, the price was reasonable. Thanks, IVL, for making our move smooth and easy.

  11. Todd Gravelle

    I had to switch my move date at literally the last minute and accommodated me! My move went so smooth. No surprises at all. Estimate was beyond fair. Their no problem attitude is beyond!! It was raining and they covered the carpet. They are not the average moving people. I would highly recommend them.

  12. Marisol Rueda

    The movers arrived on time, carefully handled the items to their truck and our truck with minimal supervision. The young movers were courteous and helpful. IVL sent me a follow up email the same day and informed me of the credit they are going to give me. I will use IVL again when I move next time.

  13. Melissa Llanes

    Would give them 6 stars if I could! The movers were on time, very friendly and polite, took excellent care of all our belongings and worked VERY quickly and efficiently. They even finished the move in 45 minutes less than we had been quoted. I could not be happier with the experience and would never consider using someone else if I had another move to make.

  14. Dorothy Baird

    All of their staff, from the office to the movers, were extremely helpful, professional, and thorough… And if that wasn’t enough, they had the best prices of the 10 companies I called! Highly recommend them to anyone and everyone! Helped make one of the worst activities in NYC quite smooth and easy!!

  15. Mary Crum

    Amazing movers, I don’t have one single complain about IVL. They were on time, took very good care of my stuff, nothing got damaged. Plus the mover was amazing, he was super fast and efficient, and he even gave me some nice tips on how I should dispose my furniture!

  16. Phyllis Riggs

    We really appreciated the speed and care given by him and his team. I have been moved several times by different movers in the past and won’t hesitate to call IVL for any future moves. They have been excellent to work with. Very professional.

  17. Marco Criswell

    This was easily the most painless moving experience I’ve ever had! For minimally more than doing it all ourselves, we avoided any heavy lifting and driving a giant truck across the state. The guys asked about anything they were unsure of, and padded every item that wasn’t in a box or bin and could potentially be damaged. They were prompt in arriving and stayed until each item was placed where we wanted it. We could not have asked for a more professional and stress-free move. Thanks!

  18. Juan Hollander

    My experience with IVL was an excellent one, all my furniture was wrapped and protected, my movers worked hard and the office staff was helpful In setting up my move date and finishing payment, it was an all around great experience. I would recommend them to anyone looking to move.

  19. Antonia Morales

    The movers were courteous, professional and friendly. They even went to extreme lengths just to help me with my move. I have tipped them well and even bought pizza for them but I really wished I could have given them more. Never have imagined having such wonderful service given to me. Thank you IVL.

  20. Diana Galakham

    The services were exceptional. I am so proud to have engaged the experts. The relocation experts did what they knew best. The services were so extraordinary and amazing. In the end, I relocated in a swift and captivating way. I cannot help but appreciate the wonderful services.

  21. Pasquale Richardson

    IVL was fantastic and I am very glad I chose to hire them. They were professional and helpful in scheduling and providing packing material prior to the move. On moving day, the crew arrived on time and were very professional as well. They worked hard and fast and I was continually amazed at their strength, stamina, and ingenuity.

  22. Lenora Smith

    The move could not have gone any swifter. The men were polite, professional and courteous. They actually finished ahead of schedule. I highly Recommend them.

  23. Alejandro L

    Based on my sister’s recommendation, I reserved my move with this company back in November. The guy who they sent for the on site estimate, (I think his name was Jordan) quoted $5500 for our 4 bedroom/3.5 bath house which also included 1 garage. Being a single family home, we didn’t have too many items and hence we did the packing by ourselves. On the moving day the pick up went smoothly though it took a little longer than I expected. I had asked for the weight ticket which they sent promtly. They gave me a 15 day delivery window and was also told that there might be some delay due to the holidays in between. This prior information helped me prepare my travel plans better, especially with 2 kids it wouldn’t have been easy to get holed up in an empty house. Thanks to Kelly from the warehouse who was in constant touch with me before and after pick up. She worked really hard to get our stuff to us before new year. Delivery was professional and I only had to pay the remaining balance as per contact. No EXTRA charges. This is a good moving company which values customer satisfaction and feedback. So here are my 5 stars to everyone at International Van Lines Inc.”

  24. Darren Conover

    I used International Van Lines to move to the Bay Area and couldn’t have been happier. The movers were on time and all our stuff came without damage, save a few nicks. The customer service people were helpful, and it was by far the cheapest company I could find.

  25. William Gonzalez

    Every person I dealt with, from the agent on the phone to the delivery men who physically placed my furniture, was pleasant and professional. I appreciate that IVL assigns one agent to the customer so that communication is personal and efficient. I liked the fact that I was able to get a quote online by filling in basic information. It helped me to get the process going easily and quickly. Thank you International Van Lines!

  26. Alan Ng

    Not only were they professional, but they were friendly and enthusiastic. Anytime someone tells me they are moving, I highly recommend they use IVL. They made my moving experience a breeze! I would use them again in the area.

  27. Mary Nguyen

    They were friendly, professional and efficient, and we feel incredibly fortunate to have booked such a great removal team. Moving is always stressful, but made a lot less-so with IVL. We highly recommend them!

  28. Charlene Talbert

    I have used IVL on several occasions. They are truly professionals! No one is sitting around. They don’t cut corners and they are honest with their billing policies. I would use them again.

  29. Phillip Gallegos

    Please know that they did an excellent job today moving our furniture. They provided us with several innovative solutions to make our packing easier and they worked as hard to pack our items carefully and securely..

  30. Ashley Murphy

    Excellent service from start to finish. My Relocation Specialist Allan was great and as well as my Account Rep they answered all my questions and put my mind at ease. We had some minor scratches to our items and were helped as soon as we called by Steve in the claims department. From the office staff to the movers themselves everything was wonderful and we look forward to using International Van Line again if we need to in the future.

  31. Debby Shaw

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to IVL for a great job today. They worked tirelessly and without a break for nearly 10 hours to move my girlfriends stuff from her house to my place. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they were quick, careful and always in good humour. Cheers guys and I will certainly recommend you in the future.

  32. Martin Walker

    IVL made my move as seamless and affordable as possible. Not only did they arrive early, but they were very quick and very careful. They were also extremely helpful and helped us load a new heavy delivery to our apartment that my fiance and I couldn’t lift.

  33. Emily Davis

    The moving team worked their butts off, we have a lot of stuff. They were very efficient, and delicate with out belongings. I could not have been more pleased with how the entire move was handled!

  34. Eric Nyberg

    Bait and Switch Pricing: Original salesman did his job in casting the bait to me, stating that Intl Van Lines is not like other companies who will tack on extra fees. IVL still tacked on 20% to my original quote. I ended up paying over $10K for an international overseas move that was quoted just over $8K. They knew my origination address when quoted price, yet charged me $1440 in unquoted extra fees for distance, travel, surcharges, rental fees etc. that were only due to the fact that they misjudged the distance from our house to port. They did not have a trailer available on the original day and as a result wanted to reschedule at the last minute. I could not because of hiring loading help plus personal departure schedule. As a result they were 6 hours late to our origination location and then had the nerve to charge me because it took more than the alloted 2 hours to load. I could not charge them for the extra fee I had to pay the 2 men I hired!

  35. Douglas Bradford

    I was very impressed with your courteous, professional, very prompt service! Please feel free to use my name as a referral. It’s always nerve wracking having strangers come into my home, you put me at ease immediately! Thank you!

  36. Joseph Nowak

    Awesome program! All you have to do is pack your boxes and the movers take care of the rest. I was very impressed with the service and highly recommend it to anyone living on campus that doesn’t want to haul all their stuff home for the summer.

  37. Debra Hale

    You sent an exceptional crew and I really appreciate it. I will refer you all to everyone I know who is moving! And the movers definitely deserved my tip! Thanks to your staff.

  38. Heriberto Frazier

    My wife and I decided to move in a bigger apartment after she gave birth. We don’t have enough time to look for movers so we took our friend’s referral and that was this company, International Van Lines. Luckily, they are so professional in working. I don’t know how to thank them, they took their time wrapping the furniture to avoid damages. The crew was very helpful and I know they gave extra care on some of our things. Thank you so much. Regards to all.

  39. Gregory Bruss

    I just wanted to express to you how much we appreciate you and your team. Not one single thing was broken or damaged. He and his guys did an excellent job. Moving is stressful enough and you folks made it so much more bearable. Thank you…Thank you…Thank you!

  40. Peter Walker

    I rang IVL to get a quote. Spoke to Nico. He gave me a quote and talked me though the moving process. It was like I had a friend helping me. This gave me the confidence that IVL was the company to help me moving from USA to UK. I was right, they did a great job. Nico was a superstar!

  41. Christy Hartman

    IVL have helped me, as a professional home stager and organizer, complete a very difficult project of moving out, downsizing, and relocating a client with many needs. From the first moment of connecting with owner, I knew that my client would be treated with the utmost respect and kindness. This company is the one to go to when facing moves of any kind. Sensitivity, translating to great customer service, is what sets them apart from any other mover, in my book!

  42. Sarah Wingfield

    Mike and his team of movers were awesome each time I have used them. They take wonderful care of your items and work efficiently. Pricing is very reasonable and competitive. It’s really cool to work with locals that are so great at what they do!

  43. Robert Reyes

    Thank you so much for all your work in our move last week. You guys were awesome.

  44. Donna Crabtree

    I just wanted to express to you how much we appreciate you and your team. Not one single thing was broken or damaged. Mike and his guys did an excellent job. Moving is stressful enough and you folks made it so much more bearable. Thank you…Thank you…Thank you!

  45. Rebecca Holliman

    I didn’t get a chance to email you after our move but wanted to again say thanks for everything. I received a review in the mail and of course gave u guys a high 5. I referred a friend of mine, Donna Ross to you also. Mike and the guys made our stressful move a little less stressful. Many thx!

  46. Lenora Smith

    Our relocation experience with International Van Lines was outstanding! They could not be a more professional and accommodating organization! We were treated like family! From our dealings with Mike, his staff, and the great movers, it was a great experience from start to finish!

  47. Mary Winkler

    My family and I would like to recommend our moving team on a job very well done! Everyone was careful, prompt, and courteous. Our experience went as smoothly as possible. Thank you!

  48. Daryl Vandiver

    I moved from NJ to NY and International Van Lines made it so easy! I hired 3 movers and they showed up right on time. Right away they began moving and wrapping up furniture, very quickly and carefully.

  49. Jackeline Lawson

    We would like to thank you for a great moving experience. Your moving staff arrived promptly, worked efficiently, were courteous and cheerful. We would highly recommend your company and their services to anyone in the future.

  50. Jared Jackson

    International Van Lines services helped to make an emotionally difficult time bearable. Your care and professionalism were very much appreciated.

  51. Helen Cruz

    I would definitely recommend International van lines for your move. These guys worked hard! I can’t say enough good things. The move was flawless. Can’t recommend them enough! Worth every penny.

  52. Garry Malm

    We were very pleased with International Van Lines. You were efficient and cautious with our belongings. Your timeliness was greatly appreciated!

  53. Peggy Thomas

    The packers worked hard and fast as we ended up with a tighter deadline but your team pulled it off and worked together great. Thank you so much for a great moving experience. Make sure you let everyone know how much we appreciate a job well done. We will be in touch if we move again soon and will recommend you to others.

  54. Josephine Shanks

    Our move went FLAWLESSLY! They were super professional and had tons of experience. They were quick and accommodating. I would absolutely move with IVL again.

  55. Jeffery Albert

    My movers were quick, efficient, and very hard workers. I had a great moving experience! This is the fourth time that IVL has moved me in the last 2 years. It was a perfect move.

  56. Julie Selzer

    He and the guys at International Van Lines were great to work with, they had lots of great advice and really seemed to know their stuff, highly recommended!!!

  57. Elijah Trujillo

    A great company, fair prices and employees that care. I highly recommend International van lines for anyone who is looking for a stress free experience. Their customer service is on point!

  58. Stacy

    I wish I can give them less than one star

  59. spencer

    Worse, please stay away from them

  60. Peter Shackelford

    Throughout the exhausting move all of the team members remained polite and friendly. I’m actually sad I won’t see them until I move again.

  61. Gary Martin

    International Van Lines are great. We’ve used them 3 times now for across the country moving. They make the process very easy and hassle free. They’re good at working with my schedule and keeping in constant contact. The guys that pick up and deliver are great too. They are quick and very careful with all of our things. We will always use International Van Lines for our moving needs!!

  62. Preston Rich

    Had my hands full because it was a last minute move, I needed to relocate quickly for my new job. International Van Lines got my items picked up and delivered on time and everything went smooth. I was ready for my new job on time and with a nice new place! Great work guys, especially owner, he was very knowledgeable and informative.

  63. Jeanne Holley

    They were awesome! They were timely, careful, professional and friendly. They worked hard and were mindful they were being paid for the time they were here and didn’t waste a minute. They offered to move anything and everything and were very careful with our things. They wrapped the furniture and took special care with any items we marked fragile. They were training a new employee and were very thorough to explain procedures, tips and encourage strong work skills. We would use them again! (hoping not another move any time soon though!)

  64. Mariah Felder

    They were our two movers. We were very happy with their work. They arrived when they said they would and worked hard and fast. Very careful with our boxes and furniture. Went above and beyond in my opinion. I love it when we get movers that don’t look like they might murder you and your family. I have no doubt we will be calling them again when we need to move in the future. Thanks guys.

  65. Manish Shrestha

    DO NOT TRUST ON POSITIVE REVIEW FOR THIS BUSINESS. This is one of the most DISHONEST and UNCARING company i have ever dealt with. I’m shocked that such business practice exists and is legal. After they charged me my money they basically did not answer my phone (no matter how many times i called) or reply to my email at all. Believe me, they are prompt and courteous until they get your money. Do not fall for the trick and the ratings they have. It is all a SCAM.
    I talked to Mike Jacobs about my move. He estimated $2025 for my move based on approx weight including the complete packing/unpacking service. Upon confirming multiple times, he said IVL had their own trucks that would come to pick up and the estimate was based on weight. However, they had contracted the move to Air1 Moving & Storage. The day of move, I have three movers from Air1 come to move and two of them does not speak english. They also said they did not care what IVL had contracted with me and would charge me by volume. So, they randomly predicted the volume of my move and said i was more that 100 cubic ft over than what was estimated. The movers did not look and work like professional movers at all. So they charged me $550 extra for the move. So they made me pay the remaining half of the total and said that i would have to pay $900 remaining when my stuff arrives. 5 days from when they picked up my stuff they still haven’t moved it from my warehouse. IVL would not answer my phone or reply to email. I had to call Air1Moving to get the status.
    Now the delivery itself was also contracted by Air1Moving to a different company called Moving Experts, Inc. So, 10 days afTer the move, they call me tells me my remaining total is $950 and is not $900. Either pay the $50 more or they would not deliver my stuff. I had to agree to their THUG request since i was already sleeping on floor. Now, the day of delivery this Moving Expert Truck driver picked up two non english speaking Mexicans from home depot or somewhere to deliver my stuff. They did not understand a word i said. The truck was packed very poorly with other people stuff over my stuff. They broke my bicycle, vacuum, crib, bed, lamps. So, they basically charged me for full packing service and sent two unknown Mexicans to deliver my stuff. The Mexicans were afraid that the truck driver (ninja moving) would not pay them and were making sure that he does not run away. While moving my crib, they dropped it and dented it badly as well. Fragile boxes were put upside down in truck as well as in my room. My TV was put flat on the truck with some other peoples stuff on top. I had to instruct the Mexicans who did not speak english on how to assemble my furniture. They almost broke my TV when trying to assemble. I let them go and assembled on my own. I had to stay outside with the truck driver to tell what stuff was mine and what was not. Oh man.. I’m boiling up even when i think about it now. They also did not assemble my crib back and lost all the screws for it. So, my child is right now sleeping with me on my bed. The truck driver again charged me $75 extra saying that it was a long carry when he had not even brought professional movers. The whole time, these contractors threatened me either pay more money or i would not get my stuff. I never got to speak with IVL because they would not respond to my email or return my calls. I still have not heard anything from them.

    Here is the order info:
    The person that i spoke to was : Mike Jacobs
    Pick up date: 01/20/2016
    Deliver Date: 01/31/2016

    Do not believe in the ratings they have or anything they say.

  66. Elaine

    Our furniture was delivered last week in FL. There were no breakages and the pick up and delivery were on time. We are happy to have hired IVL for our move and it was a professional approach from the team. Thank you

  67. Eddie

    IVL was recommended to us by our daughter who lives in Las Vegas. This company had moved their office a couple of years ago. We were going to relocate after 15 years and had really lost touch of the whole process. We had a consultant from the company visit our home and calculate the estimate. The price was well within our budget and the move happened last week. We are happy to have hired IVL and team and would recommend this company to anyone.

  68. Irina

    We moved to Florida with International Van Lines last week. It was a decent move. The price was a little on the higher side but it was a professional service. Movers were on time and our items were delivered without any damage. There was only a 2 day delay in delivery but we were informed by the customer service before hand.

  69. Glenn

    We will recommend IVL to anyone, worth every dollar. Wish to thank the Mike and team for giving us an effortless and quick move. We were also given the best price as compared to the 6 quotes we received

  70. Sonali Singh

    I have worked with many moving companies in the past. Every time something or the other have gone wrong which upset me. This time with IVL there were no over charges, estimate was reasonable and accurate, pick up and delivery was on time, no items were broken or damaged. I am very happy that I used IVL this time and shall only be availing their services in future.

  71. Chetan Kundra

    I am not the kind of person who writes reviews generally but the service I received from this company made me share my experience. We had an emergency move and were looking for a company to pick up our furniture within the next 2 days. We contacted quite a few movers in our neighborhood. Only 2 movers said that they could move us on such a short notice. One quote was very expensive and the other from IVL was reasonable and within our budget. The pick up took a little longer than what I expected and that’s when I realized that I had much more stuff than what I thought. I had given the inventory by phone and the sales team had informed me that there would be a 300ls leverage but if it exceeds then my price would change. It did increase to $600 but I was fine with it. What was commendable was the way how they did the disassembling and loading. Truly professional these guys were. Since I did the packing myself, there were a few carton boxes which weren’t packed properly. The crew obliged to repack the same even though it was it was not included in the price quote. This is a very highly recommendable moving company that I came across in the past few years. Thank you

  72. Paul Collins

    “I’ve worked with a number of movers during the past 5 years and I must say that none had given us the satisfaction that IVL gave. I think all the credit goes to the system of work these people do. Professionalism at the best. Our move happened on 15th September morning. All our items were loaded onto the truck within an hour. Since we did not have our house ready for delivery, we opted for the free storage they offered. The customer support was constantly in touch with us for the delivery dates. This ensured that we did not have to wait for our belongings at our new home. Co ordination was fantastic. Look forward to working with you guys again.”

  73. Daniel

    They recently moved us from Detroit to Las Vegas. It took 10 days for us to get out things here. Overall it was a good experience. I would definitely recommend them.

  74. John Shulke

    I used International Van Lines to move my apartment from LA to NY. I liked their involvement in packing and moving including wrapping techniques. These guys were pretty awesome. Better packing and careful handling made sure nothing was broken. Thanks to the foreman for organizing everything without any trouble. They were able to get our big settee through the narrow hallway to enter our apartment. I would certainly recommend International Van Lines to my friends and family for their awesome effort.

  75. Rachel

    This is the first time we are engaging International Van Lines. They’ve moved my cousin last year following a recommendation and were so glad we choose them. It didn’t cost much and took a lot of the hassle out of what could have been a very stressful time. They are by far the most reliable and helpful among all our previous movers we’ve had for the past 17 years. They made the whole process very simple. They even helped us in arranging our new house. Thank You.

  76. Robert Goodwin

    Sacramento to Jacksonville
    “Thanks for the good work last week when we had to move from Sacramento to Jacksonville. Your team was extremely helpful and efficient in setting up my move. I am really grateful to my friend who recommended your company. I personally had given a few references too and my neighbor Kevin has already booked his move for next week with your company. PS: Giving 4 stars as there was some issue with the truck and we got our items only yesterday.”

  77. Shiela

    We got our items 3 days late…was told by Steve in dispatch that the truck broke down. Until delivery everything went on so well. Your sales team and customer service did a good job top pacify me. Lets just blame it on the driver this time 🙂

  78. Anita Hardy

    These guys helped my husband and I move last Saturday, and they were pretty awesome. 3 guys showed up, introduced themselves and got right down to business. They did an amazing job. They even got our giant couch through the tight hallway to enter our apt, a feat that the cruddy movers we used when we moved in wouldn’t even attempt. I was really stressed about it, but they made it look easy! The unpacking portion was quick, and they even re-assembled our bed, something my husband greatly appreciated. Overall I really can’t say anything bad about these guys and I’d recommend International van lines in an instant to anyone!

  79. Linda Wilson

    This summer we had to move to Los Angeles CA from Jacksonville FL. My neighbor, a good friend of mine suggested with International Van Lines. These movers had moved them here last year from NY and said that they did not have any issues with the move. We had a person from International Van Lines come over to give the estimate. We had like 8000lbs to move. The next day the furniture was picked up on time. They dealt with the delicate and breakable stuffs with extra care. We also had some heavy furniture which was moved through our small door without damage. Overall it was a very professional effort and I doubt if any other company could provide such an excellent service at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended.

  80. Hubert

    I used International van lines to move my flat from Miami, FL to Austin, TX. Their foreman and his brilliant crews were highly skilled and the move was very well-organized. They provided me a clear-cut quote after a perfect estimation and no hidden charges. The service was prompt and professional. Due to their effort, the whole move went smoothly without any incidence. Thanks to the foreman for organizing everything without any trouble. I was really impressed with the whole team. I would recommend International van lines to my friends and family.

  81. Sharon Wilderman

    $6450 – Perfect Deal
    “We were moving our 2 bedroom apartment from FL to TX. We requested for a moving quote online and were contacted by 6-7 movers in our area. We had a bad experience last time when we moved here since the estimate was not done properly and we had to pay $1500 extra at the time of delivery. So this time we had the movers come over and give us an in home estimate. Finally we narrowed down to 2 companies – IVL and another Van lines. We decided to go ahead with IVL ( even though they quoted $200 more). After the final negotiations we signed a binding estimate for $6450 including packing materials. Our pick up was scheduled to be on 08.05.2015 and delivery window was between 15th – 16th August. We were done packing on the 8th and had decided to drive down to TX once the pick up was done. Initially we were anxious of the pick up date as we had all our items packed and if the truck was delayed then we would have to unpack and stay for another day. However nothing of that sort happened and our furniture was picked up as per schedule and we also got them delivered on 16th evening in good condition. We didn’t have to pay anything extra and the moving company was punctual in every way right from the start till the end. Overall it has been a very comfortable move for us after a very long time. We shall certainly recommend IVL to our friends and family.”

  82. Daniel Moss

    I was in a rush for the peripherals of my job transfer completely forgetting the mover issue. The last minute run made me crazy for that. International van lines moved my stuffs once previously, but this time the scenario was different. I was surprised to see that they can cope with any situation. They took immediate action and the next day was the day for moving. The team of four members reached on the spot right on time and they started their finest work. I fell in love of their smooth service. They made it done by the time we were planning to have lunch. It was a long journey and at the end the final delivery. I received every item safe and uninjured, paid what was quoted and did not have to deal with unwanted surprises.

  83. Sindney

    Got our items 5 days late. I understand its the peak season but we had to wait without our furniture in our empty new home. Gladly no items were damaged. If it weren’t for the delay would have rated 5. Sorry Mike. I know its not your fault and you did your best.

  84. Osborne

    International van lines and its people were truly amazing. The crews were a great support for my relocation. They did everything this relocation demanded. I call them – the superhero of moving. They didn’t let anything get a scratch or a spot. I found everything double wrapped when I received. Good thing is – it was on time. So, whenever I saw them, they were on track. That was the best part. Cannot thank them enough.

  85. Paul Robinson

    They moved us to Newark, NJ from Tampa, FL within 24 hours notice and somehow managed to deliver all our stuffs in one piece including the grand piano, pool table, glass and crystal ware and the delicate art works. It was nothing less than a surprise to receive everything without any damage. I never thought getting such quality service but they made it possible. I noticed them working as a unit and also kept a very cool head on the shoulders. These guys managed the odds with great efficiency and never let the pressure of the work telling on them. I am very happy with the price and service of International van lines.

  86. Marcos Bates

    I am also a person from service industry. I know the basic criteria of good service. You have to be sincere, punctual and definitely have to solve the problem completely of a client. International van lines on that basis was more than perfect during my last move. While their rep was talking to me I was getting a good vibe. They offered me a pretty viable quotation. The helpers along with the foreman managed to make it perfect. They handled with mother care and the result is a flawless, damage free execution. On time everything and the new house was decorated by their expert hand again. Just perfect.

  87. Arman Singh

    Overall a fair move. Price was not the cheapest but did not have much trouble with the move.

  88. Ben

    “I was looking for a moving company when I wanted to move to Tampa FL from Newark NJ. International van lines was recommended by three of my friends at work. They had moved my colleague’s goods 2 weeks ago. Since they were happy, I decided to go ahead with IVL. The team they sent reached early in the morning and started their work without any hesitation. After packing our stuffs and a final check they loaded the truck. They didn’t let me wait for my goods in my new place –. I received everything without any damage – such quality service.”

  89. Tim Sherman

    I am making a habit of moving because of the nature of my job but the problem is finding a good company to move with. I tried several companies but no one was able to deliver a decent moving service. However finally it was International van lines that was able to satisfy me. Their price was moderate and the services were up to the mark. These guys are punctual, professional, committed and seasoned campaigners. They have managed the fragile and delicate stuffs with ease and also dealt the piano like true pros. I do recommend this company for the service I got.

  90. Ray Erickso

    I was looking for a moving company which I can rely upon and International van lines was just the match. They met all the benchmark that needs to be a perfect mover. I took them for moving to MO from FL. They managed to deal with all my fragile stuffs very cautiously. During the journey nothing was broken or lost. They helped us to reassemble my furniture in my new house and to set them up. They showed that the ownership always gives an extra mileage. And that’s it. I got my best experience with the most reliable mover.

  91. William

    When we had to move from CA to ML last week my neighbour suggested with International Van Lines. We opted for this mover because he had a lot to tell us about this mover’s perfect professional service otherwise we were planning to call our regular mover. Now I understand we made the right choice to listen to our neighbour. Thank you Mike, my dear friend we will not forget you and IVL for the best service. The charges were very reasonable and were extremely helpful and punctual in setting up my move, they really work hard and they can handle any circumstances. I am very happy with the price and service of International van lines

  92. Franklin

    I was quite confident on International van lines this time. The reason behind it was quite simple. They moved my colleague’s goods 2 weeks ago. According to my colleague it was quite a flawless one. And he is a kind of person who never exaggerates things. International van lines didn’t let me down as well. I hired them to move from FL to DE. The team they sent reached early in the morning and initiated the relocation without any uncertainty. It continued till to the end of the final thing loading into their van. No pause in between. The driver and the van were pretty faster and reached just in time. I discovered all my stuffs protected. Don’t need any more things from a mover.

  93. Solomon

    Thanks for the good work, Great Job guys! I would highly recommend IVL to handle your relocation. They made the whole process very simple and worked so hard to help us in arranging my new house. Dismantle and reassembly skills of the team are also notable as they will not be deterred by the trickiest item of furniture. All in all they proved to be a great moving company.

  94. Shaun

    We had to plan our move on a short notice. We were faced with the problem of finding a mvoving company within a stipulated time. After getting estimates from 7-10 movers in Jacksonville, my wife and I decided to go ahead with IVL. The main reason was the level of comfort extended to us from the very begenning. These guys are true professionals and completed the move without any hardships. I would suggest them to any of my friend without hesitation as they are really good at what they do.

  95. Micheal Nelson

    The foreman and his assistants from International van lines worked quickly and efficiently. Taking care of furniture and delicate items, also ensuring carpets were protected before they start. After packing our stuffs and a final check that everything was secured, they returned to their premises. The next morning they turned up early and loaded the truck before midday. They worked tirelessly and systematically. All our furniture arrived in excellent condition and we found no breakages or scratch on anything. They did an excellent job and I already passed their info to my friends looking for a good professional mover.

  96. Daniel

    I’ve moved many times in my life, Moving sucks and it’s a lot of work so you need people who just get the job done without complaint. I called them because their prices were very affordable. I doubt no other company could provide such an excellent service in a very reasonable price. And even though they were very efficient and speedy movers we didn’t have any damaged items. I was really impressed with the whole team. I am very happy with the price and service of International van lines.

  97. Jacob

    My friend’s recommendation to move with International van lines was quite a flawless one. International van lines didn’t let me down as well. I hired them to move from CA to NY. The Sales reps were very helpful and prompt in scheduling my move. Their foreman & his team mates were very supportive and really worked hard. After packing our stuffs they made a final check that everything was secured. The next morning they turned up before time and loaded the truck before midday. They helped us to reassemble my furniture in my new house and to set them up. Now I can recommend them confidently.

  98. Alex

    he difference between a bad mover and a bad one is on their service. Before confirming a mover while I was moving to from FL to NH, I threw some criteria in my brief based on the last experience. International van lines won the confirmation through their negotiation and quotation. It was just as I expected along with a perfect schedule. They were exceptionally skilled on dealing with variety of stuffs. Nothing found broken although the process and bill was just next to the quotation. On top of that, an unexpected discount popped up. What else do you need to get happy by a mover?

  99. Lucas

    When you can rely on the service completely, that’s the best achievement for that service provider. I think International van lines has already achieved that service level. In my last relocation I hired them and they were fabulous. They know to prioritize tasks and execute accordingly. I mentioned at the very beginning that my measure of the service will be a dent-free moving. So, along with the punctuality factor they managed it with top priority. I was quite happy with their graceful serving. Very reliable, very trustworthy.

  100. Neil Adkins

    The best movers EVER!! I have used International van lines for quite a long period for all of my moves, personal and business. They are complete professionals. They go above and beyond to make sure everything runs smoothly. They treat my stuff better than I do! And they make the entire process stress-free, affordable and fun. International van lines is the best!!

  101. Collins

    I booked my move with International van lines because of my friend’s recommendation. I knew this is not the cheapest in business but I still hired them because I liked the way I was treated by them. The sales reps were very helpful and prompt in scheduling my move and working out the best possible deal. Their foreman and his team mates not only worked really hard, they also took care of my pets which was great. I was worried for my antique collection but everything was nicely wrapped and boxed and very carefully loaded on the truck. It was great to receive everything without any harm and before the scheduled time. And most importantly the final price stayed within my reach.

  102. Mark Dickenson

    We hired IVL to handle our Long Distance Move from CA to NY. They started off by offering an in-home survey to asses the overall weight/volume and gave us a binding rate. All in all we’re very please with their services. The movers showed up on time and did a wonderful job the whole way through. i would highly recommend them.

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