Divine Vanlines Reviews

Divine Vanlines Reviews

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Divine Vanlines Address: 8740 Remmet Ave,Canoga Park CA 91304
Contact: Toll Free 866-993-4846
Alternate Number: 0
Email: info@divine-vanlines.com
License USDOT#1635290 ICC MC#602863

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Divine Vanlines Reviews-CA Movers

About Divine Vanlines
Like any other business, we started small. With one truck, a small crew and a dream to be Los Angeles’ first choice in moving, we went to work. We knew with the flow of traffic here how important a good, honest and solid moving company is to this area.
10 years later, we have grown to a full service moving and storage company. Our business model was founded on great customer service. By word of mouth, this great customer service built our client base; and before we knew it, our business had expanded beyond our wildest dreams.We are now a top choice and still today are proving we put our customers first. We even stretched our moving distance outside Los Angeles and now can help our customers move across the U.S. and beyond!
Because we are so good at what we do, we have repeat customers. Whether you have a residential move or a commercial move, we have the resources to assist. We have helped numerous companies move from one space to another as their business grew. Now our once small company has expanded into a fleet of quality moving trucks and our staff has expanded; employing only the most experienced movers.
Because our customers demand quality, so does Divine Van Lines when staffing. From our employees, to our materials, Divine Van Lines Inc. is fully equipped and ready to be YOUR moving company. Moving out of state? No problem. Divine Van Lines make the long journey stress free. Here are just some of the benefits when using Divine Van Lines.You get full assessment of your moving needs and a fully accurate quote.There is Complete detailed inventory and accounting of every item transported.Careful and respectful packing of all your personal belongings and household items by trained professionals.Having your belongings handled solely by Divine Van Lines and no other companies.We are fully licensed, bonded and trained drivers handling and delivering your items On time delivery.
Because of our vast experience with moving, we can get you anywhere you need to be. Feel confident moving to the far ends of our country like Alaska or Maine or even across the Pacific to Hawaii and beyond. We can even move you internationally. With quality offerings like ours, you can feel confident knowing your world will be where you want it to be.

Divine Vanlines

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