Discovery Moving Group Inc Reviews

Discovery Moving Group Inc Reviews

Discovery Moving Group Inc Company Information

Discovery Moving Group Inc Address: 484 NE 191 Street, Miami, FL 33179
Contact: Toll Free 866-945-6466
Alternate Number: 305-655-1773
License USDOT#1424728 ICC MC #538667

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Discovery Moving Group Inc Reviews-FL Movers

About Discovery Moving Group Inc
We believe that every good move starts with very professional and accurate information on what you can expect to find when shopping for a moving company. For many people having to move can be a stressful and uncomfortable experience. As moving day approaches the anxiety can take a toll on you, your family, or business associates. After contacting many companies it is easy to become confused and not know what is realistic to expect. Choosing the right mover can be a daunting task, but selecting the right company is about finding professionals you can count on. Our web site offers valuable information about our company and how it can provide for your needs. We address issues on what types of relocations we offer, how to plan your move, what to expect in a bid, packing needs and much more. When it’s time for you to move, contact our friendly and professional staff for a free estimate or to schedule a moving date.

Our Mission at Discovery Moving Group, is to set the industry standard for professional, courteous service; knowledgeable, problem solving staff; and efficient, careful moving professionals. We will provide timely, reliable service and will stand behind every service commitment. Discovery Moving Group’s strives to anticipate all of our customers’ needs and to exceed all of their expectations in order to provide the highest quality, most worry-free move in the industry.

Helping a family or a business relocate is a big responsibility, requiring a team effort of continuous quality improvement, knowledge, efficiency, experience and a caring attitude. Discovery Moving Group takes this responsibility very seriously, skillfully handling every step of the moving process to ensure customer satisfaction. Our dedication to excellence begins with our staff of highly trained personnel, from our certified moving consultants to our driving professionals.

Whether your needs are to relocate your family or move an entire company, we offer a professional service every time. We provide quality equipment and the best staff to ensure your satisfaction with every move from start to finish. Years of experience gives us the expertise you need in a mover.DISCOVERY MOVING GROUP INC. is able to provide low rates because of our “consolidated shipping” service. We do not send a moving van across the country with ONLY your shipment on board. Instead, we consolidate your shipment with other customer shipments. This method of shipping allows you to receive a greatly reduced rate. In order to determine the approximate cubic feet of your shipment and thus, your total poundage, you will need the assistance of one of our relocation specialists. By discussing what items you are relocating and where your final destination will be, an EXACT cost will be provided to you.

Discovery Moving Group Inc

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