Binding Price Moving Reviews

Binding Price Moving Reviews

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Binding Price Moving Address: 182-17 69th Ave Fresh Meadows,NY 11365
Contact: Toll Free 800-611-1179
Alternate Number: 212-221-1577
License USDOT#1078433 ICC MC#439618 NYDOT#32397

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About Binding Price Moving
Welcome to Binding Price Moving.We are dedicated to providing high quality moves and relocation services. Whether you want to move across New York City or across the country, you can trust our experienced crew to guarantee you a timely move and on budget.

At Binding Price Moving, we know too well that moving can at times be a very stressful event. This means that you have no option than to only the best moving company in your locale to make the move successful and stress free. The skills of our team and the care they extend to your belongings are what have made our company highly successful for the more than two decades we have been helping people move.

When you request a free quote from us, we will send you a simple form where you will fill in your details and items to be moved. Based on this information, we will work out a quote and notify you of the total cost for the move. Our quotes are always all inclusive with no hidden costs. Provided we have accurate information, you can rest assured that the final price will exactly be what has been quoted. This is always guaranteed and we are always keen to keep our promises.

Binding Price Moving provide top notch long distance moving solutions whether you want to move to or from New York Metro Area. Our company is fully licensed and insured, designed to offer special transportation services for interstate and long distance moves. Our expertise in planning long distance moves and managing transport logistics makes it possible for us to support clients easily when moving anywhere within the country.

We offer you complete long distance inventory moving services. Each move offered is tailored in a way that it meets the specific needs of our esteemed clientele. We have a team of specialists who will come up with a comprehensive plan which meets all your moving requirements while still guaranteeing you highly competitive prices. We pick up your valuables on time as agreed upon and have a specific time frame when you can expect the delivery at your new destination. Binding Price Moving will carry all the necessary insurance policies that include cargo insurance, full value replacement insurance and liability insurance. Our long distance moving prices are not just reasonable but highly competitive as well. With us, the last thing that you can expect is hidden costs and surprises as our all inclusive rates are very clear in every aspect. If you are moving to some of the most popular destinations like Chicago, San Francisco or Los Angeles, you can expect to pay even a much cheaper price as we have a weekly shuttle that moves to such destinations.

You just need to call us and reserve your space in the shuttle and you will surely save a lot.In most cases, we recommend long distance moves to be done in shared trucks as this is much easier for us and highly affordable for you as our customer. On the en route, the trucks will make several stops and the goods will be delivered right at your door step. If you want a much faster long distance moving service, then we will provide it for you albeit at a slightly higher price. However, you can always talk to us and let us know the kind of services you need. With Binding Price Moving, there is no generalizing of services but we tailor make the move just for you.

Long distance moving can be a very cumbersome process that involves a lot. As such, it must be handled tactfully as any omissions or negligence can soil the entire process. Our team is highly trained on how to undertake the entire process and ensure that customer expectations are fully met. Our dedicated team will also issue you a well detailed moving plan with the price of the move indicated. With an inclusive price being quoted on the plan, you can expect that we won’t be asking you other charges. Besides, we do the packing and unpacking very carefully as we must guarantee the safety of your belongings. You can rest assured that we take very good care of your belongings to guarantee you a successful move. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today and request a free quote online. Let’s show you why our long distance moving expertise is next to none in this industry.

Binding Price Moving

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