Beefcake Moving & Storage Inc Reviews

Beefcake Moving & Storage Inc Reviews

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Beefcake Moving & Storage, Inc
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Beefcake Moving & Storage, Inc
9950 Canoga Ave Suite A6,Chatsworth California 91311.
Contact: Toll Free (855) 679-1705
Alternate Number: (855) 679-1705
License US DOT# 1827326,ICC MC# 662904

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Beefcake Moving & Storage Inc
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Beefcake Moving & Storage Inc
Regardless of whether you need your office moved out of state to any of the other states in US or need to pack all your belongings and move homes, our committed and comprehensive moving services along with excellent customer service would be the right choice anytime. Considered to be one of the top-notch California based moving companies, we have helped hundreds of families move across US and globally over the years.

Providing nation-wide moving services, Beefcake Movers is well-known for maintaining professional staff, timely deliveries and affordable prices. The combination of excellent customer service, safe and secure deliveries and cost effective prices have ensured us the top position as a relocation company in California.

We fulfill your long-distance relocation requirements with unparalleled service raging from loading securely and delivering at the new commercial or residential destination. As a fully licensed, bonded and insured service, we are accredited by Better Business Bureau which provides our customers the assurance of dealing with a professional service.

Beefcake Moving & Storage Inc

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4 reviews for Beefcake Moving & Storage Inc Reviews

  1. Sam

    There are so many better moving companies out there than Beefcake moving & storage. I hired them in a rush without doing any research. That was a big stupidity because these movers were terrible. I knew the move would be expensive given how last minute it was. But they kept adding extra costs for the most ridiculous reasons like it was an early morning shift or they provided a newer car. I would have tolerated all that if my belongings were safely delivered. But they were careless and inefficient to the core. Every time I tried giving them directions, I was ditched by the movers very rudely. My properties have been damaged beyond any repairs. I truly hope everyone gets alarmed by my experience and avoid this company.

  2. Fred

    The movers sent from Beefcake moving & storage were really difficult to deal with. They didn’t speak much English and it seemed like they were new at this! I kept telling the foreman to space the items properly inside the van but he didn’t listen to me. As expected, many of my furniture suffered some serious damage on the way. It was an absolute mess when they opened the back of the van at the new address. The boxes weren’t taped properly and things flew everywhere. On top of all these issues, they kept asking me for more money. This is just ridiculous! Stay away from this company.

  3. Eric Roberts

    Relocation is a part of my job and in most cases the moving company is provided from my workplace. During my last move, our usual movers were unavailable and so Beefcake moving & storage was hired instead. My boss swore never to hire them again given how terrible their services were. First of all, they employ really inexperienced movers. The three guys who came to my old house were in their teens and I didn’t think they were working legally. They arrived two hours late and created a huge mess with scrapped packing materials. It took us hours to clean up after they left. There were considerable amount of damage caused to my belongings but the company never offered any kind of insurance. If they can treat their corporate customers in this way, I can only imagine how they treat their regular customers.

  4. Kevin R.

    I’d rather move one thing at a time on my shoulders and take forever to complete a move than to hire Beefcake moving & storage. These guys are absolutely pathetic! They were so nice to me when I called them for a quote. Their quote seemed quite high but they kept telling me all the value added services they would provide me like free boxes and tapes. On the moving day, the movers simply told me they didn’t bring any boxes. I could either send them back and they would come back with the boxes the next day or I can pay them 50 dollars and they can fetch boxes from a nearby shop. I knew right then I was trapped! By the end of the move I was robbed of 100s of extra dollars by these movers. They know that everyone has to move on the moving day and they take advantage of their clients. That’s a ridiculous business model! I truly hope the police takes action against thieves like Beefcake moving & storage.

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