Apex Van Lines, In Reviews

Apex Van Lines, In Reviews

Apex Van Lines, Inc Company Information

Apex Van Lines, Inc

Address: 2215 N. Knox Ave. Chicago IL 60639
Contact: Toll Free 877-977-7755
Alternate Number: 1-877-977-2124
Email: sales@apexvanlines.com
License U.S. DOT NO. 1974262 MC: 680486

Product Description

Apex Van Lines, In Reviews-IL Moversc

About Apex Van Lines, Inc Apex Van Lines, we have over 23 years of experience as professional movers. That means that we really know what works and what doesn’t. We know how many people it will take to move a pool table or piano and how to do so in a way that helps keep those items safe.
Moving, is an entirely new experience for anyone looking to get themselves and their belongings from here to there in the most pleasant, fun, safe and satisfying way offered this side of the Chicago. Here we are in a nutshell, so to speak:

Whenever you call or email, you won’t get any bull from us. Regardless of whether you want an in-home estimate or simply need an answer to a question, we are available for you.
Meet us. We take this very seriously in the moving industry. Let us come out for ten minutes, meet you, see your place and then we’ll give you a quote that we will neither add to or back away from.
Our movers are not temps or subs. We hired these beasts of burden. We know their mommas. We only hire folks we trust, so you can trust them too. Furthermore, when we start a job, we don’t stop until it’s over.
We drive trucks. We don’t pull trailers. As cows we are naturally disinclined to the very idea of trailers, and who knows who’s hauling it? We pack our trucks and we drive our trucks, so your stuff is always in the same set of hooves from start to finish.

Apex Van Lines, Inc

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